Well I've upgraded in life.

I've gone from horribly miserable to absolutely disgusting.

I mean, if you can call that an upgrade.

I don't feel nearly as terrible as I did yesterday, but my whole head is just kind of.... leaking.

Like snot. And sweat. And phlegm.... Seriously, I am not the most attractive of God's creatures walking around today.

Last night was the worst. Fever, miserable night, coughing, aching, sneezing. I was basically a commercial for cold medicine except since I'm pregnant I don't get that luxury.

And sometime in the night the fever broke and I broke out into a disgusting, gross, repulsive version of myself....

Let's not even talk about my nose right now.

Nope. On second thought, lets talk about it. Although, I'll spare you the saga on my post nasal drip, or my trash cans full of used kleenex and skip right to the red, raw part.

Generally, when I look in the mirror I can come away satisfied with what I see. Granted I'm not Adriana Lima, but I'm confident enough not to fret over the reflection staring back at me. Gray hairs and all.

But. My nose.

Oh my nose.

We all have those areas of our body that just jump out at us, right? Like did you ever have those conversations with your girl friends, "If you could change one thing about you, what would it be???"

And some girls said their ears, or their hips, or their.... I don't know, receding hair line. Or whatever.

Mine is ALWAYS my nose.

Which I've actually been complimented on my nose more than once. But.... it's an internal problem, because every time I look in the mirror all I see is some bulbous malformation in the middle of my face.

Yep, true story.

I actually HATE my Twitter picture. All I see is nose. No joke. But I keep it because Zach said I look really pretty and I am trying to trust his judgement. Even if I mentally decided to take "Author" pictures the next time we go in for Family ones!!!

Anyway, throw some raw, red skin under the big schnoz and I have a train wreck in the middle of my face that not even the most poised of people can look away from....

Plus it kind of hurts... If I'm going to be a baby about it!

And then there is the hacking. Which is just never reassuring to listen to.

There you are, sitting or standing, perfectly satisfied with your good health and then I walk in hacking up a lung and sending you running for a bomb shelter to escape my germs. It's awful.

But that's not all!!! Today for whatever reason, for whatever stage of this sickness we have entered I can now add profuse sweating into the list of symptoms.

I don't know why. But seriously, it's like I've walked into my own sauna and then decided to carry it around with me.... It's so gross. And I just can't stop!!!!

I apologize to everyone who meets me today in advance.... Which would be my dance mamas and my 4:30 piano lesson... Yikes!!!


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