So I have a few minutes before dinner and thought I would say a few things that have been on my mind.

First of all, let's all just take a moment to reflect upon the fact that I have dinner simmering on the stove, my kitchen is clean and my children (For this very brief moment) are all happy and occupied with educational activities.


Nevermind that thirty minutes ago, I'm pretty sure I didn't think I would ever pull us together and get them all happy.... Ever. Again.

Anyway, these thoughts are so random, I don't even know how to explain myself, other than each one of them has potentially been a blog idea, but I have hit the wall as far as my lucidness and this pregnancy go and so here we are: Ten thoughts in Ten Sentences.

Or Sentences-ish. I'm not very good at being concise.

1. It is not correct to say "Partied it up." This may be a given to the rest of the English speaking world, but I thought it a completely appropriate usage of the verb. It's not. You learn ALL kinds of interesting things after writing four books and having them edited. And I don't just mean the difference between then/than, and fiance/fiancee. Both of which have been made perfectly clear to me. Believe me. But other words that are not actual words like anyways(It apparently should be "anyway") and darkerly have been quite the surprise! Just kidding, I have always known Darkerly is not a word... Yet it still slipped passed me in Fearless....

2. Never and I mean never.... let your 14 month old son lick a line of salt. (Yes line, like the cocaine line because that is exactly what it looked like.) Especially after dinner. Especially if you don't want to spend the next twenty minutes cleaning up thrown up dinner all over your kitchen floor.

3. On the same note, always, always, always listen to your three year old when she is screaming, "THERE'S A DEAD RAT IN YOUR SHOE!!!!" Even if you're in an important conversation. Even if it's not actually a rat, but a dead mouse. Once the rodent has hit the postmortem stage, they are all equally as gross, terrifying and traumatic to deal with.

4. When formatting to smashwords, everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Sorry Nook users who are still waiting on Endless.

5. It's time to get a daily planner, start waking up before my children and thinking seriously about getting a house cleaner. Pretending to still be 21 has been super fun, but I'm too tired for this lifestyle now. I need organization, structure and all around togetherness in my life! Speaking of.... I need to start organizing my kids' rooms. Any advice for organizational tools that you like and work??? I like the idea of those book cases with the baskets and what not, but stuff like barbies and polly pockets need to be kept child-proofed still for the little ones... Any thoughts???

6. I LOVE all kinds of reviews. This is actually true. I value the one star review as much as the five star review. I don't like it nearly as much... and it usually leaves me in pathetic tears. But still, I have learned just so so so much from negative reviews. Still, I have to defend myself in one area. And it's not even about the editor!! It's about... Foot stomping. Lately, and I don't know why lately more so than before, but lately people, even in good reviews, have had this issue. And I get a lot of, "Who stomps their foot when they're made?" Or "She acts like a five-year-old." Be that last one as it may.... I do. I stomp my foot. When I get angry, it's the first reaction I have. Granted, Eden gets mad WAY more often than I do.... But if something really pisses me off or frustrates me, I slam my foot down. Immature? Yes. Most definitely. Still. I do it. And Eden is this bizarro version of me... So, that's why SHE does it. I'm not explaining it away. Just offering you the reason why my main character throws temper tantrums. Because I am 28 and my husband, children and brothers will surely testify that I most definitely still throw temper tantrums. :)

7. Being a grown up is expensive. Having a higher income is expensive. The more money you have, the more money you end up NEEDING to spend. I don't get it, I kind of hate it, and I have no idea how people live feeling good about themselves knowing how much everything in this world costs. And I don't even mean the Van we have to buy during the summer when our numbers go from 5 to 6. I mean education. Gas. Groceries. Insurances.... All of it! I think the purpose of this world is to take every last penny from me for some necessary cause!!! Doesn't the world know that I prefer no debt, $50/week meal plans and wearing hand-me-downs????? Ugh.


8. I am SO SO SO excited to offer my books in print, I just can't even tell you!!!!!! Seriously, I am getting so excited. And it's happening so fast. Like they will be for sale ridiculously soon!!!! Yay!!!!! It's just really exciting. But in the same breath, No, I am not actually published. This is a self-publishing option I am choosing to go with. And I am so happy with it, I can hardly stand it and it hasn't even happened yet!!! But hooray!!!

9. Even though I said I would learn to garden this year. Even though it was my New Years Resolution.... Even though I want to believe that I WANT to garden... I AM SO HAPPY ZACH IS TAKING THIS OVER!!!!!!!! He has thrown himself into our garden as his new project, and I don't think I've ever felt more of a sense of relief!!! He has this whole set up of things he has to start inside and he works outside daily... And I don't have to do any of it. I don't have to touch any of it. And hallelujah, praise the Lord for that one!!! My black thumb was really looking forward to killing a lot of plants this year though.... So there is that.....

And. My most random thought of all....

10. It's impossible to get an entire blog written before dinner. Since to testify, I'm finishing number ten after bedtime, in between threatening my children who can't seem to stay there and discussing ghost pepper seeds with the hubs... But it was a nice try, right?? :)


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  1. Try the cube book shelves. I have a three cube bench and its great. My one year old loves playing with them. Plus you can color code and customize them. I love your books. I have to look but i ended up downloading kindle for endless.
    I hope a new one will be out soon.

  2. A an actress I end up portraying a lot of teenage girls. Don't ask me why, I guess I just look young. But I cannot tell you how often these characters stomp their foot in anger. It really is a very natural reaction. Who ever is saying this obviously doesn't remember what its like to be a teenager lol