The Road to Healing

Oh my word. I FINALLY Feel better.

I mean, I have been feeling gradually better as the week went on... But after waking up today with some energy and ability to actually breathe and not cough until I pee my pants, I can finally notice that this is what the other side of healthy feels like.

I wasn't like bed ridden or anything. I mean... Just a major head cold. Enough to where Zach was actually encouraging me to go to the doctor... Which might say something. I mean, Zach of all people!! But his whole argument was that people do not cough like I was coughing. He kept saying, "That is not a normal cough. There's something wrong with you."

And I obviously brushed him off and for good reason, because today I'm barely coughing at all!!!!! Yay!!!!

It's just funny how you don't realize that stuff... Like I was getting better so I stopped thinking that my exhaustion and crabbiness could be illness-related. Even yesterday, I wrote this completely self-deprecating blog and pretty much decided to throw my new book in the trash can. I mean, it there was some serious depression going on!

This morning... I woke up SO thankful I didn't publish the blog and realized that the book will be Ok. Everything is going to be Ok. We are going to be Ok.

I think my hubs can tell a difference too.

Which is a good thing.

Now if I could just get my brain back from the bun in the oven and stop dripping sweat like I'm doing Bikram Yoga constantly, we'd be good!!

Holy Hades, and it's hot outside today.

It's like seriously 90 degrees....

Which isn't the hottest it could be, but these hormones are making it unbearable. I didn't even know it was possible to feel temperature-wise fine, but still sweat like a maniac.

And I'm not usually the driest towel in the linen closet. Let's be honest.

The Cloyd's. My side of the family. Has been cursed with what we call Head-Sweating. It's where our heads sweat.

If it wasn't self-explanatory.

Now none of us are thin mints by any means. But in reality, I blame it on the thickness of our hair. Nobody with this amount of hair is going to feel cool, calm and collected.

Ask my brother.

And poor Stryker has TOTALLY inherited this gift from us.....

I don't think a mother has made more prayers to God that her children take after her husbands side of the family more than me.

We've got the teeth issue.

The sweating.

The thick bone structure.

The less than speedy run.

And impossibly long torsos.

My husbands side of the family are like genetic super heroes. Starting with their perfect teeth and ending with their perfectly-proportioned-body-structures.

My side does have great skin though.

And really strong nail beds.

Right at the end of our unusually large man hands....


Anyway. I don't really have anything to talk about today. I so seriously need to be working working working. But I don't really have that option on Laundry Day....

So instead I've been getting into trouble with my new online shopping obsession and taking cat naps.

But don't judge too harshly. Zulily had an amazing sale on Stella's size dance clothes. And the child NEEDS dance clothes!! And I for one do not like to pass up a good deal!

The one thing I should have bought is a new purse/diaper bag for myself... My current one is in desperate need of a trip to the trash and my arm could use an upgrade. It was once ivory and pretty.... Now it's just the depressing story of an over-sized bag that's seen too many bathroom stalls, restaurant floors and sippy cup spills....

I looked for one in Kansas City, but it turns out I'm a terrible shopper for myself!!

Just kidding. We knew that!!!!

But, I thought I could handle AT LEAST a purse.

Turns out that requires a skill set all of it's own!!!

Oh well, I'll just keep browsing the pages of the Internet until something pops out at me. At a reasonable price. That's not too bag-lady-hippy-ish. And that can hold everything I need to. Which is usually a bunch of trash. But also diapers and wipes and a changing pad and a sippy cups and changes of clothes and whatever else could possibly be part of the order of the day.....


Maybe I should just start carrying around those recyclable totes that people use in the grocery store. They seem practical.

And that's what I call a reasonable price!!!! :)


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