So here's a question.

Did you read my blog from yesterday and then sit back and wonder what the crap I was talking about????

Because I definitely did NOT intend to publish that little gem until I had A.) Proofread it(albeit briefly... but still) and B.) FINISHED IT!!!!

I'm actually afraid to go back and look at it, because I definitely feel like it might end in the exact middle of a thought.

I was sick.

Delirious even.

Clearly my feverish, or I should say, post-feverish brain was not up to par, not thinking clearly and acting separately from my fingers which pushed the darn publish button.

So anyway. All that to say, that if you DID happen to read yesterdays blog.... Hopefully you are reading today's blog as well and I make up for my crazy talk by discussing something not so.... crazy.

Hopefully, although I have two things to talk about today and they are so contradictory I don't even know how to explain myself.

The first is Hair Care.

This is like my recurring guest on this blog, yeah??? I doubt a weak goes by that I don't talk about my hair!!! And I promise I'm not obsessed, it's just like this.... all-consuming issue constantly plaguing my life.

But here is the thing. A few weeks ago I bragged about how great my hair was looking. Which is a pretty big deal for me. I'm serious. For me to have several good hair days in a row, is a serious accomplishment for me. My mother even noticed! And I chalked it ALL up to the expensive hair care products I got for my birthday.

I even went so far as to put it into my five year plan.... I said I would start spending more money no hair care.

It's in my list of goals people, that's how serious I was.

But then.

But then, those beautiful, fancy, costly... hair care products ran out.... And it was time for me to purchase some of my own.

And I back slid people.... I regressed.

I got to the store, and went to the fancy hair care section (Mind you, I'm still buying hair care products from the grocery store, so that SHOULD tell you something!) and I just could NOT make myself buy anything over ten dollars. I COULDN't. Who spends that kind of money on hair care???? Please, somebody tell me who?????


So I did what I do best, and bargained shopped. I found a brand new Dove product for only $4.00 and thought I've shown the world. Dove is about the only product I can put on my skin without breaking out into full body allergic reactions, surely I will have the same luck with Hair Care.

It's like an addiction.... Me and buying cheaply. Ok, a Smoker doesn't wake up one morning, decide to quit and then never pick up another cigarette again. If it were that easy.... It's not that easy! That's the point.

Well, I am here to tell you, that My name is Rachel and I am an addict. I am addicted to being a cheapskate.

Because I TOTALLY Paid for buying cheaper hair products.

Not only does the cheap stuff I bought simply NOT work. But it has turned me into a frizzy-haired-big-poof-monster.


It's scary looking.

Throw the look of death from this sickness onto my face and I'm Night of the Living Dead coming straight for you!!! People Run! Hide you're children!!!!

Seriously yesterday, I half expected people to sit down at a table and wait for me to pull out my crystal ball and tell them their future. I was C-Razzzzy Looking.

And I blame it ALL on the hair care.

Here I was, with a perfectly good thing going, I was actually HAPPY with the way my hair looked. Me. Happy! I didn't even know I could feel that way!!!! And then I go and mess a good thing up just because I'm afraid of anything over $5.

So, yesterday, I decided that it was time for a change.


I gave myself a pep talk in the mirror (Oh, I so wish I was being sarcastic right now) and when I took the kidlets to the store to grab a couple things for our weekend getaway, I stopped by the Hair Care Aisle and found myself a new bottle of Mousse.

Only, it wasn't quite that easy....

It took me a half hour in the same aisle, walking back and forth between the cheap stuff and the good stuff trying to convince myself that I really did want the expensive kind.... And that I've been through it with the cheap-o's and it's time to move on in life.

I said, "Rachel, you are almost thirty years old, it's time to grow up, be an adult and spend $20 on a bottle of mousse!!"

Then I fainted.

The paramedics were called in to revive me.

Social Services stepped into take care of my children whilst I was out of it and then I spent the rest of the day trying to convince the social work that I am in fact a FIT mother.

Just kidding.

That whole fainting/social services thing didn't actually happen.

But, the scenario DID play out in my head over and over and over and over and over and over. Until I just decided on a product, sucked up my fears and threw it in the cart.

Then I yelled something like, "OK KIDS LETS GET THE H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!)


But I stuck with my purchase. That's the good news. A lot of times, or at least recently, I've just walked around the store with the expensive stuff, only to discard it in a random bread basket the closer I get to the checkout lane.

This time I actually purchased it. All $19 of Big Curly Hair. (It's a line of Big Sexy Hair... A brand I actually recognized somewhat, and that's what made it the winner winner chicken dinner....)

I just don't understand how companies can get away with that!!

We're suing the movie theaters for goodness sakes for the 400% markup on popcorn and that's a splurge I actually feel good about making!!

This is just ridiculous.

And the sad part is, I can't even stand by that argument. I'm a capitalist. If they can make the money.... Good for them... :(

Anyway, I have yet to use it. I probably SHOULD use it before Bible Study this morning if you know what I mean... (I mean I need a shower.... Lol.) But I don't have time for that!

So anyway. Just so we're all clear, I DID spend money on a product. And if I like it, next time I'm calling my dearest friend Brooke, who's sister works at a salon and begging her to give me her sisters discount and ship it from half way across the country which I will pay for everything, even her gas to go in to town because I am POSITIVE it will be cheaper than what I just spent at the store.


But on the bright side, I am on my way to completing my five year plan!!!

Yay for goals!


Anyway, the other, more important, more-like-me thing I have to talk about is that today I am going to the biggest, best, most exciting event of my Spring!!!!!


Ok, it's not the biggest, but it is the best.

And I've gone their ever since Stella was a little baby girl, and it's basically how I clothe my children from year to year.

That's right, it's Consignment Sale Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know how many items of kids clothes I can buy at this sale for what I just spent on hair products???

Like, at least five.

And this one I'm going to later today is my absolute Fave!!!!

Plus, I'm hiring a sitter.

Yep, I'm going solo this year!!! Which, I can't even tell you how excited I am for that!!! Believe me!!!!! Usually I just drag the kids along with me, bu tit's too crazy and hectic and they get into everything and I'm a frazzled, hot mess by the time I leave.

So this year I'm going alone and I plan on conquering the ENTIRE warehouse.

Actually it's an indoor soccer field, but that's besides the point.

I've never hired a sitter before, because well, basically, it felt very counter productive. You know, spending money to save money.

I could save the thirty bucks and apply it to my Sale Budget and really get some quality stuff. But there comes a point in your life when you just have too many kids for that kind of thing.

And that's where I'm at.

If I want to clothe them for the summer, I better figure out a way to shop for them whilst they play at home far away from my greying hair.....

Anyway, it's like the most exciting thing in April for me. And it happens today!!!!!

And if I've just given you whip lash, talking about how I spent $18 on hair care, and then that I refuse to pay over $5 for a single outfit at this sale and if you are a consignor selling Gymboree you are out of your mind for what you think I will pay second hand for it, then I apologize.

You should trying living in my head for a while. It's pure cheap-skate-craziness, I assure you!!!!!!

Never mind the exorbitant fee I pay my babysitter all under some ridiculous principal that because I used to Nanny I feel her pain.....

Oh good lord.

I need therapy.


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  1. I feel your pain. I too have frizzy, crazy, curly hair. Then, my hair met the brazilian blow-out. Have you heard of it? If not, you must find someone near you to do it. It's pricey but so worth it. Frizz is gone. My hair is work-able. Plus I don't even have to flat iron it now! If you lived in AZ I'd give you a hook up. Good luck to you and your hair!