I promise I'm not trying to make blogging a one week affair. I've just been a little internet-declined lately. Mostly because spring has turned into the busiest time of my life. And in those off moments when I'm not running around crazy or trying to scoot my children out the door, I'm too exhausted to move.

I blame pregnancy.

That's what it's there for right???

Last night, FINALLY, I got to sit down at my computer uninterrupted.

Well, and by uninterrupted I really mean, I sat down in my office and realized my desk was over run with ants and so I did the only logical thing. I stood up calmly but quickly, grabbed my computer and got the hell out of dodge.

I escaped to the dining room table, set up camp, sent Zach in to deal with the ants and then proceeded to try to write in the middle of a Championship Game party. (We were cheering for Kansas by the way....)

Needless to say, it wasn't as productive of a night as I would have liked. Although I did answer the billion emails waiting for me and I wrote a guest blog that has been clawing at the back of my To Do list for some time now. So... In those ways I was productive.

But every time I would start clicking away on the keys of this computer, the boys (Because our championship party only included the single guys we know...) would find an excuse to come into the kitchen and then wander over to the computer and say, "Are you writing your book right now????" Like it was the most fascinating thing they'd ever seen before .

And I would respond, "Nope, just replying to an email." And they would kind of hang their heads and walk away.

I found this extremely ironic because as soon as they would ask what the book was about and I would start to explain it, their eyes would sort of gloss over and they would mumble something like, "Huh.. sounds a little girly for me." And scurry from the room.

Boys. What can you do with them???

Anyway. Here I sit, still at the kitchen table because I cannot make myself go back into the office and work, even if all the ants are gone!!!

I'm pathetic when it comes to being bothered by bugs. And it seems at every turn they find me out here in the country!!! I have never seen anything like this infestation we have going on here.... And believe me, we have taken steps to rid our lives of the little curse-word pests.

Zach sprays.

Like, every week.

Still, they come. It's like they're immune. And there are bugs I'm positive only exist out here in the country, like grotesque mutations of normal city bugs, these ones come at you bigger, stronger and unafraid.

I go through this every spring/summer. But it does not get easier, let me tell you. Especially with two little girls just as afraid as me!!!!!!!! We are pretty pathetic out here.

I told Zach to pack up the house last night and that we were moving into the city immediately. But... I don't think he took me seriously, since I woke up in the same house and still seem to be here.... surrounded by insects.

Anyway. The good news. Nay. GREAT news!! Is that I sent of dear old Reckless Magic to the editor last night!!!!!!!! Oh my word, I am soooo excited.

During the first round of releases, my editor graciously stepped in to help me out. She did it gratuitously and trust me, she did a phenomenal job with what she had to work with. Meaning... my grammar is relatively awful. Not that I purposed to write badly, but I generally write quickly enough to where things just happen. Such as, I know the difference between their/they're/there but when I write it might come out incorrectly and when I read over the manuscript my brain automatically corrects the mistakes so that I can't see them.

It's not an excuse. Just the facts of writing. That's why editors are so important.

Anyway, I love my old editor and in a period of my life when hiring a professional was COMPLETELY out of the question and budget, she was a Godsend.

Really, a miracle.

And a miracle worker. Really, she is brilliant.

But, the decision to offer the series in print required the efforts of a professional.. and so here we are today! Reckless is off to be marked deeply with red and then very soon, I will make the announcement that you can buy your very own copy!!!

It's kind of like having a baby at this point. Like this is the pregnancy and I just cannot wait to hold that precious little darling in my very own hands. To put it on my bookshelf.


Anyway, enough about me!

I feel like I should have an actual point to this blog... But I'm struggling, lets be honest. I had this whole idea for a topic, like perception vs. reality, but right now I can't remember any of my points or stories. Is it too much to blame pregnancy for my faults two times in twenty paragraphs??


Ok, let's blame the early morning hour. Yep, of ten o'clock....

My babysitter is coming over today... for a whole four hours!!!! That means I have four whole hours to write. But I also need to go shopping.... I have to return a dress that turned out to be a terrible, awful, horrible decision AND I have to buy Stryker an Easter Outfit. Plus. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday...

I so do not know how to spend my time. It would be so much easier without kids. But. Then my writing time would be wasted. What to do? What to do!!!???

This is awful.

I better go shopping.... It's what I need to do. Ugh. Yes, I am that girl that needs to be pushed into shopping. I hate it. Obviously I'm terrible at it, by evidence of the dress from Hades I bought over the weekend that gave me one giant boob and somehow managed to be unflattering in every single curve of my body....


That also means I should probably go shower. I can't very well try on dresses and hope to like them if my hair is the size of a basketball and I smell bad... Shoot.

Wish me luck.


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  1. Hi I am the worst speller in the world. But I have time for improvement. :) I absolute LOVE your work I read the entire star cross Seares in 2months. I would be in my room fore hours reading. I toled all of my frends about your books. One of my frends bout aloof the books like I dId :) I am looking forward to your new books;) and I love reading your blogs. Ho and I am 12 and have the same name as you ex. Last name and maby middle .

  2. i ment to say all of:)

  3. Hi! I am so glad that I found your series. I have finished the first 3 books in 2 days and I completly love them. I finished the 3rd book today and when I go to the 4 is not there. Any ideas? Than kyou for writing an amazing story!