All Clear

Ok, we were in the clear last night. Our area didn't even get the threat of one tornado.

Which is incredibly good news and terribly disappointing at the same time.

But Omaha stayed nice and cool yesterday morning, and cloudy, which prevented the surface temperature from rising to the appropriate levels to induce major storms.

Or something like that.

But we are all safe.

Save for the sleepless night I endured because of the lightning and thunder pounding the house.

Well, save for my children who are scared of the lightning and thunder.

Personally, there is no better way for me to sleep than with the windows open and a storm shaking the earth outside my window. I find it very relaxing.

Stella on the other hand does not....

There are supposed to be more storms this afternoon, but I don't think there's a threat of more tornadoes. The rest of Nebraska and Iowa did get pummeled with storm damage, but as of five minutes ago, I couldn't find any news coverage on people that were hurt. So hooray for that!!!!!!

I don't know about any of the other states, like Oklahoma, because I haven't actually watched the news, just skimmed today's headlines.

And checked the weather.

We have a birthday party later today, and I need to be mentally prepared. You know, just in case I'm driving down the Expressway and an F4 pops up behind me.... If I'm already spotting good places to drive into the ditch and duck and cover, it will make my survival plan go that much smoother.


Ok. I have got to get to work today! Like serious work.... I've been putting off this novel to edit my other four, so I can get them into print like ASAP, but now it's time to work.... Plus, all these Indie Authors keep announcing that they're actually finished with their novels and I'm feeling somewhat like a slacker.... Yikes.

Apparently, they have more mental clarity than I do.

A lot more mental clarity than I do.

I need to so not be pregnant anymore.... This baby is zapping all my creative energy.

Actually, its more like zapping every one of my coherent thoughts....

And I Have to say "it" or "baby" because we definitely decided not to find out what we're having this time around! This is more than likely our last pregnancy and we thought we'd make it exciting! :)

And we have both sexes in the fam already, so it's not like we're hoping one way or the other.

We get to be as surprised as the doctor when he announces "It's a....." Whatever it is!

And since I don't travel in neutral colors (Green still seems like a boy color and yellow still seems like a girl color...) I'll just take one of each outfit to the hospital and relax.

Except with names...

But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Which is usually after the baby is born and the nurses are hovering over us saying something like, "Ok... we really, really need to know the name now!!!!"

Now excuse me, I have a bag of jelly beans and half a cup of coffee and only like 80,000 more words to write before the end of April.


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  1. This post does not make me happy, Rachel!!!!!!!! Can you please put me on the phone with the doctor.... because I need to know before you!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Hi rachel, I'm glad you are okay, i was just wondering when endless magic is going to be available for the nook?