Spring Fling

Oh my word, it is gorgeous outside!!! I am just loving it.

We even got to keep the windows open all night.

Or well, some of them.

Personally, I think windows-open is the PERFECT way to live. I make Zach keep them open well until we are sweating our faces off just sitting around and then again until we are entirely bundled up and freezing.

But I like to be connected to the outdoors.

Even inside.

My kids were nervous though, this morning when I dressed them in dresses and/or skirts and sent them outside first thing in the morning without a coat on. Scarlett kept asking, "Mommy, are you sure I don't need anything on my legs??? Are you sure......?

Yes, Scarlett, I'm sure. Hopefully we have seen the last of winter and it's skirts and tank tops from here on out!!!

Woot woot.

Except for poor little Stryker.... He is unfortunately on the slim side of spring clothing.

I knew all of my kids need new clothes. They have all hit new sizes just suddenly and even Scarlett, who usually has a surplus of hand me downs is facing slim pickings because of how hard Stella was on her clothes at three.

Anyway, the girls do have enough to get by.

But not Stryker. He has one pair of shorts. One pair of sweat pants capris, which are like my most favorite thing he owns!! I just love a man in capris.

Manpris. As I like to call them.

And like four short sleeve shirts.

Yep. But he is the first boy, so we're in the "Buy as we go" stage.

So thank the Lord the spring consignment sales are coming up!!!!! I am just so excited. I can't even tell you.

In Omaha, like I'm guessing most cities, we have huge consignment sales twice a year. One in the fall and one in the spring. And we have like four or five venues to choose from.

Kimbra and I have been going since our first borns were babies. Let me tell you, I have always, always found AMAZING stuff there.

I think they get a bad image too. Or if you haven't been you might either be afraid of the size and clutter or of buying second hand. But let me tell you, this is not the goodwill. This is nice stuff without stains or tears or holes or rips or whatever.

Honestly, most of what I buy either looks brand new or has a price tag still on it.

Anyway, there's a little plug for it. AND this year I've decided to hire a babysitter!!!! And so I'm even MORE excited for that!!!!

Every year I swear to myself that I will get one. And every year has come and gone with me dragging my children along, yelling at them for hours, and staying on pins and needles afraid they are going to break something expensive that we neither need nor want.

Plus, let's get honest. They hate it!

So this year, I will get a sitter. Maybe even some lunch. A whole bunch of clothes. And then probably give myself a victory pat on the back. :)

This is my spring activity. Shopping. And it's kind of the only time I like shopping. I certainly hate shopping for myself.... I'm just not very good at it!! And I swear I go into every store, vowing, swearing, making oaths that I will buy grown-up-non-hippy-non-bag-lady clothes. And every single time I come out looking like I belong in a reggae band.

I mean. I love Reggae. But. I'm also a mom of four. At some point I should look like one, right???

Do you know what else I put off and put off??? Pictures.

And it is SO time for us to get pictures done again... The last time we did pictures was last summer.

Poor Stryker isn't going to have any shots of when he was a baby.... And just because I don't like to get them done!

How bad is that???

Part of it is that they are a lot of work. The outfits. The children. Scheduling around nap time. Making sure everyone is fed and not thirsty and happy.... (Including Zach....)

And the other part is I just haven't found a photographer that I am super super in love with.

The girl that did Stella's three year/Scarlett's one year was really good, but she's a mom and does it out of her house so there is not a lot of extra stuff... Like color work, and such. And the girl that did it over the summer got a bunch of really cute pictures especially for how crabby my children were that day, but I think my children actually terrified her and she will never want to work with us again!!!!

And don't forget, I'm cheap. Super, super cheap. So I want a good deal!

I have a friend who gets absolutely gorgeous pictures done. I mean, they are like magazine worthy pictures. But the girl she goes to is outrageous when it comes to pricing!!! The kind that makes me cheer for capitalism at the same time I'm wondering how she makes a living and finds people to pay that!! :)

And another friend of mine's mother in law is actually a really great photographer, she does photography blogs for the pioneer woman. So she gets it done for free and always has THE best pictures.

I think that's my goal today. To find a photographer for this spring.

Any suggestions???

Otherwise I'll take the family to JC Penny. They did good once.... When Stella was a baby and it was free! :)

This will probably take me the next three months to decide by the way. Yep. I'm super good at making decisions.

So here we go.


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  1. why aren't we best friends yet? HUH? i am now on your third book and if i don't slow down i'm going to cry when i finish them all. so i've stopped reading and am editing my own damn book. lol and you're never on your facebook pages, so i can't stalk you there. lol :)

    i'm a photographer too- but i live too far. YOU SHOULD - look for photographers on facebook that are in your area (or find a photographer on facebook and look at their "likes" many people like photos from all over- or do a search online and then go to their facebook pages. So many amazingly talented people out there now that are just doing it on the side, or in addition to other things, so they are more affordable. :) good luck!

  2. I no longer live in the Omaha area, but have many FB friends there. Several,including my cousins, have had their pictures taken by http://www.sophiajohnsenphotography.com/. Check her out...she does a great job. Logan is just northeast of Mo. Valley. :-)

  3. There is a woman at my church who takes great photos, her prices are great too. Her name is Eve Thrasher. She did Pippa's newborn photos, which you can see on my Facebook page. And I love consignment sales too. I buy all of Norah's birthday presents at the spring sales, and all of her Christmas presents at the fall sales.

  4. Jen... We've already talked about this. And you've basically turned me into a stalker!!! :)

    Anonymous, thank you. I will check her out!!!

    Arliss, I will definitely look at your facebook pictures again... because I'm sure I've looked at every single picture of Pippa since she was born! :) And there is no way I could clothe all three of these children without consignment sales!!!!! They would basically be naked all the time otherwise.