Oh my goodness. Saturday afternoon. Here we are. Whew.

And really, there is nothing else planned for the rest of the day. Nothing! Maybe a movie night with the kidlets. Maybe a movie night with Zach. Maybe, I just start writing from now until my fingers bleed....

The beauty of today is that nothing is planned. Nothing.

Except I do work on this book.

And write this blog.

Yes, writing this blog is absolutely essential to the rest of today because it happens to be about two in the afternoon, and I don't know if you watch TV or not... but if you do, you will know from commercials that we are approaching the 5-Hour Energy Drink Hour.

And do you know what happens at 2:30??

People, all across the world, become unable to work or function correctly without natural performance enhancing drinks!

It's an epidemic.


It's on TV.

They would never lie to us.

And whilst I will never myself partake of those tiny, little, overpriced bottles (Something in my Hippy-Paranoid-Nature forbids me from believing they actually do what they're supposed to and if in fact they do give you energy, it cannot be healthy to drink that many vitamins out of an aluminum bottle. It's neither rational nor sensical. But yet, those are my beliefs....) I do feel groggy right around 2:30.

Maybe even a little earlier, since I just yawned for like a minute straight....

Don't worry, it's nothing a little Iced Tea and Chocolate can't cure. Right?


Oh and this blog. I don't think it would be very wise to just jump into writing something today. I better make sure I can formulate sentences and think an entire thought through.

Probably though... don't judge my writing here though.....


I meant to blog every day last week. Every. Day.

And how did that work out for me??? Not so much...

But I had ALL kinds of blog ideas! All kinds. One morning, I took pictures of all the cakes we had lying around our house to post on here and confess what kind of cake prison we are living in....

One day I cleaned out our refrigerator and totally planned to turn that into a blog.

And One day I was going to blog about my experience checking out from Bakers Supermarket, when the cashier said coyly to me while running my vegetables over the scanner, "Oh, I see you couldn't pass up this asparagus....." And I swear if I would have looked up at him in that moment he would have winked at me... Yikes! Instead, I replied, "Uh, yeah, it's 99 cents, I'd be crazy to pass it up!!" Hello, any Asparagus-Loving-Person out there knows that 99 cents for a bunch is an incredible deal! I then went on to swap recipes with the bagger, who became my alli. Because at the end, when he gave me my total, instead of telling me the dollar amount he whistled and then exclaimed, "What did you buy?!?!?!"

Um. What??

You're the cashier! You literally just picked up every single thing I bought and ran it over the scanner. You tell me what I bought!!!

I was very confused.

Until the bagger goes, "Uh, Diapers, duh!" Thank you Bagger. I appreciate your knowledge of the fact that buying diapers will bleed your bank account dry!

Not to mention I somehow have to feed a family of five here.... But the total was only like $100. So, I didn't even feel like I was over spending, since my meal plan covered the next two weeks! But I think his whole point was that it didn't seem like I bought all that much for the total amount spent.

So in the end, I settled with a sarcastic, "And a t-shirt. Obviously..." and saved my "Have you seen the price of groceries lately??????" argument for a different day and a different audience.

Oh, and to answer the question swirling around inside your head to why I bought a t-shirt at the grocery store. That would be because during the month of March, our Kroger supermarkets sell Nebraska logo-ed t-shirts that are green. And Zach loves them. I don't actually tell them they're from Bakers, but would it matter if I did???

My dad used to buy t-shirts from Wal-greens. And I thought it was a perfectly reasonable place to sell and buy apparel.

Anyway, so instead of blogging this week, I did.... Well, I'm not exactly sure what I did! I read a couple books. Tried to start my next one. Cleaned my house. Got back into Housewife mode, which meant, picking up the house daily, cooking meals nightly and it feels like there was definitely some shopping in there too!

Grocery Shopping. The kind I can actually handle.

Oh, no wait, there was a trip to Target mixed in there where I found some dance stuff on sale! Don't judge me, M. We can't all go the custom route!!!!

Which, reminds me. Our first competition is this coming Saturday. So a week from today. And by we, I definitely mean Stella. But Oh, my word. I am SO excited!!!!

This is the opposite of what I felt last year. I think it was something more like nervousness on the verge of puking... But. I survived last year. And hopefully I will survive this year AND be more prepared.

Wouldn't that be amazing...????


But still amazing.

I only need to pick up one more thing for the big day too, and that would be the Tights! Last year, it seemed during the week leading up to the big day, I was running around town like a crazy person trying to find everything I needed!

This year, it's just tights.

Even though, I already picked UP the tights when I got her the proper shoes, they just happened to be the wrong ones. Of course.

Isn't that how it always goes?

But at least that's an easy trip. They even have a play area in the back of the store where the kids can hang out! Plus, it never hurts to look at the sales rack while I'm in there, right...????

And today they got to do their dance with their costumes on and they are like the cutest little bubble-gum-pink-explosions you have EVER seen!!!!

So, be ready for lots of fun stories from next weekends, because if you've ever seen Dance Moms on TLC, that is exactly what I am walking into. Only, with maternity jeans, hippy-hair and facial piercings. I'm pretty sure the dance world has NO idea what to do with me!!

At least Stella fits in.

And my dance moms accept me!

Those are the most important things.

Ok, better wrap this up.

From time to time I'll post five things I'm currently obsessed with. Usually, after I've accumulated Five New Things. Well, today I reached number five and so I thought I would share. Noticeably absent on this list however is Pinterest. I don't get it. I haven't used it. And if somebody would like to explain it to me that would be great, thanks! :)

Top Five Obsessions.

1. Words With Friends. I just love it. I have always loved scrabble, but lets be honest I wasn't very good at it. I would always put down really big words without using the money squares (You know triple letter or triple word), so I would never accumulate points. But now, I think I got the hang of it! Some days I'm amazing. Some days I suck. Still. Obsessed.

2. V8 Fusion! Unlike V8 splash, that is only 10% juice.... Fusion is 100% fruit and vegetable. And it doesn't taste like tomato death. Instead, it is absolutely delicious!! I love it.

3. Top Gear. Oh my word! I may not be all that brilliant when it comes to looking under the hood of a car, but that show is witty, hilarious and absolutely entertaining! Plus. I get to spend time with Zach watching something he doesn't just tolerate!! He can hardly stand any TV shows. Barely any. And we always get into shows together and then I start my internal count down clock for when he checks out and throws his hands in the air with a "That's it! I can't watch this anymore!!" But a show like Top Gear, never gets old to him. Plus, for some reason it is on every hour of the day, I swear.

4. Indie Books. Which, this should be an obvious one. But when I'm writing, usually I don't get that much time to read. Also, when I read, I become this crazy person that can't put the book down no matter what the story is about, so my family frowns upon me opening a book.... So, during this little hiatus I took in between Endless and Starbright, I have been reading and reading and reading and reading and reading. And I have found some of the best books. So entertaining!!! There are so many fantastic voices out there, and so many interesting story lines, it's incredible! I am loving it. Someday soon here I'll post like my top ten Indie Books of the moment.

5. And finally. Zulilly. Love it!!! I have always browsed it, made wish lists, dreamed about purchases. But always before that's where my obsession stayed.... In the Realm of Make-Believe! Today, I made my first, ever purchase!!! Yep. I whipped out the credit card and filled a shopping cart and even made it ALL the way till the Confirm Button. Not that my purchases were all that expensive. But I found the CUTEST swimsuits for Stella and Scarlett!! At an incredible price. Like cheaper than Target cheap!!!! And I can't wait to go back. Just can't wait. Does this also fall into a category of also being obsessed with Groupons??? Because if so, then I guess I am obsessed with those too. Zach and I actually don't even go anywhere now without a stinking Groupon. Or Daily Deal. Or Living Social whatever.... Our lives revolve around everything being 50% off. Not even kidding. On Thursday we went on a double date and the first restaurant we went to wouldn't let both couples use the Groupon, so we left that restaurant and whipped out a different Groupon and went to that one! I know we're crazy. Trust me. But don't even think that in my five year plan when I say I'm going somewhere warm with Zach that I won't be shopping Groupons for that Vacay! Because absolutely, I will!


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  1. I just LOVED #4, because that is how I am about books. I pick it up, and it's doubtful I'll put it down. I was grounded from books as a kid (My parents felt HORRIBLE), and my husband rolls his eyes every time I pull out my Kindle...*sigh* Lately, I'm blaming you and your series for the last two weeks of this LOL I read it twice, and I love it. Thanks for the good read!