Ace of Cakes

Aren't Stryker and Scarlett too young to fight????

Like, wrestle???

I feel like they are... But apparently it doesn't matter what I feel like because what is happening in the next room can only be described as WWF.

Yes, WWF and not whatever new stuff they have now. I'm talking Hulk Hogan versus Jake the Snake. Only alternating between each of them hysterically crying and then hysterically giggling.

What??? I grew up with three boys. We watched a lot of wrestling.

Don't judge.

Ok, so I just ordered the girls birthday cake!!!! Oh yes, their party is this Sunday. And I ordered it right now. 10 AM on Friday. Thank the Lord, they can have it ready by then. I seriously said a little prayer before I called. I had to. God knows what a procrastinator I am!!!!

But now, I'm so excited for this birthday cake I can hardly stand it!!!!

Plus, I'm getting exactly what they want, with the icing they want, in the shape that they want and the price is so cheap, I cannot even stop myself from telling you. In fact, this blog is happening just because I'm so excited for the price.

Well, I think it's cheap anyway. Don't tell me if you know of anything cheaper. It will ruin it for me. :)

They wanted a cupcake cake. Because we are obsessed with those right now. I mean the girls are. We've had to get one for everyone's birthday this year, plus their birthday parties. Personally, I'm just sick of cake... But this is FINALLY my last one!


Anyway, and they wanted it in the shape of Tinkerbell. Well, there was some debate because Scarlett wanted Tiana. And Stella's like, Scarlett you've never even seen the Tiana movie.... Hello!

That is actually what she said to her on the way to school this morning.... Yikes, right? :)

And it has to be at least three dozen cupcakes big.

So. Earlier in the year I had bought a groupon to one of those fancy cupcake places that are so popular right now. It was like $10 for $20. And I had been planning to use it for somebodies birthday this year. But I went on to their website. After the fact... And priced a dozen cupcakes from them.

$33. For a dozen.

Yep. $33!!!!!!!!!

For just a dozen.

That means my whole Groupon is not even worth a dozen cupcakes. And I need three dozen!! Plus, to make it into a birthday cake with writing and a character and all that jazz was going to be like well over $100.

For a cake. Somehow I don't think my Groupon covers that...

I can make a cake for like $2 from the grocery store. What in the world!!!

So. I have been really nervous about exploring my other options, because even if I just go to another cake place I knew it would be expensive.

So, I dug deep for inspiration and called.... Bakers. Yep, our friendly neighborhood supermarket. They are going to do exactly what I want, a mixture of cupcake flavors, with whipped icing in the shape of Tinkerbell with three dozen cupcakes all for the very low price of.... drum roll please..... $20.


You heard me. twenty dollars!!!!!!!!

What? Honestly, with those prices I don't know how cake places stay in business.

Oh, there are other people out in this world that aren't cheap like me? Hmmmm.... that must be how....

Anyway, I just wanted to share, in case you were in the market for a birthday cake!! :) Look up your Dillions/Krogers/Bakers or whatever it is in your neck of the woods. They are budget-friendly and very helpful for last minute needs!!

So, last night I got the sweetest thing in the mail. It was a letter from a ten year old girl who had Reckless. And it's like the first fan mail I've ever gotten... Like real mail, fan mail. So I'm kind of excited about it.

Plus, it is seriously the cutest thing I have ever read!!!! She is so sweet.

I think it was like a school assignment, just because of the questions she asks and at the end she goes, Oh and I noticed a simile on page four.

So precious!!!!!

I feel kind of legitimate after that!!!!!

Well, first came Brooke. BUT we're good friends now, so I can't count her anymore!!!! :)

It's adorable and I will probably frame it. And write back. Her mom will be like, who is this crazy lady that sent you like a five page letter and has an addiction to exclamation points????? Ha!

Ok, off to pick up the giant pile of Zach's grilling wood chips Stryker somehow managed to dump out all over my rug.... Oh that boy.

Happy Friday!!!


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