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Ok. This might be the last time I post about my writing for a while...

Lol, mainly because sometimes I just get sick of myself. And since I have been obsessing over Endless for what seems like an endless amount of time. I can definitely, definitely say I'm sick of myself.


First. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has bought it. Read it. And enjoyed it. Heck, thanks anyway, even if you hated it! I can't tell you how blessed I feel just that people are purchasing something that I've written, not to mention the amazing, sweet and unfathomable words I've received in return. I am speechless about it. Humbled. And truly grateful.

I keep hearing "Thank you" over and over. "Thank you for writing." Or "Thank you for sharing your story." And not to seem ungracious, but it's not even a compliment I can accept. Honestly, there is no amount of vanity inside my head that allows me to answer with a "You're Welcome."

Thank You for reading. Thank you for sticking with me through the whole series. Thank you for responding with honest feedback.

Simply said, I don't deserve your gratitude. But thank you for giving it to me anyway.

That this story is finished seems impossible to me. I haven't been emotional about it. I haven't even felt sad that it's over. Really, truthfully, it just feels surreal.

When I write, it's not something I do only when I'm at my computer. In general, I have a very, very hard time shutting my brain off and so most of the time when I'm not opening my mouth with words tumbling out of it, I'm thinking.... Writing the next chapter, or sequence, scene or whatever, inside my head. I'm rarely still when I'm silent. It feels like my brain has gears and they are constantly churning out the next story, the next day dream.

And so you can imagine how much mental activity was spent over the last three years with Eden. We got to know each other very well.

This book was hard for me to finish just simply because of that. Because I was afraid of the future, of letting go of Eden's story and saying goodbye forever.

I'm not one to embrace change. Even if I know the future holds something very exciting. I cling to the familiar. And these imaginary friends of mine became very familiar ground.

So, when finally the last words of Endless were written I expected more.... feelings. I expected to be more.... upset. But I'm not.

I spent an evening with my sister-in-law last night. We have a tradition called Panic Parties, whether I'm releasing a new book or she is having the every day drama that seems to plague single girls in their young twenties, we get together, drink an obscene amount of fountain pop and gorge on chocolate and all things dessert.

Usually this revolves around the Vampire Diaries and we simultaneously pick out our favorite bad boy while confessing our greatest fears in-between mouthfuls of Russel Stovers.

It's blissful.

And we come to great conclusions about each others lives.

Anyway, last night she asked me if I find myself still writing the story, if there are parts that continue to go on in my head.

And I answered her honestly.... No. There aren't. Eden's story is finished. I said everything in the book that I set out to say. And even after it was written, while I waited painstakingly for the cover art, I obsessed over the phantom piece of storyline I was convinced I was missing, I was convinced I would remember as soon as the book was published.

But it isn't there. It remains a mystery.

Because honestly I believe it's not there.

Whew. I still exhale every time I come to this conclusion!

This was an amazing series to write. And sometimes I am pretty sure it wrote itself and all I did was type the words. It's surreal that it's over. But it is over.

I am doing a blog interview next month and one of the questions is "What do you want people to take away from this series?"

This is something I thought about long before I finished Reckless, long before the entire story was even cemented in my mind.

This is the most important reason I sat down to write, because I really wanted the reader to TAKE away something from my books. And I know that's different for everybody. Even my intention doesn't always translate to every reader, depending on opinion and experience.

But that's the most important thing. I didn't just want this series to be a story. I wanted it to be an Experience.

Which is easy for somebody to want, meanwhile I'm writing the thing wondering if any of the words on this page make sense!!! And half the time I was convinced they didn't.

More than half the time.

I wanted a strong female heroine. That is important to me. When I read I prefer a strong lead. And so when I write it becomes even more important.

I need a girl that can see beyond love. Find priorities other than romance. And live her life without a boy and outside of depression.

Granted. Don't get me wrong, Eden definitely has her faults. I think "Oblivious" is her most used adjective.

Poor girl! :)

Although, when I write it is from a very honest, personal experience. Nobody had to tell me she was oblivious, or fickle. I knew those things long before I published Reckless. Because in essence, Eden is oblivious because I am oblivious. Eden is stubborn because I am stubborn. Eden is unsure, doubtful, constantly-wavering.... because I am those things.

I wanted a genuine heroine. Someone that was real and raw. And I hope that's what came across.

And finally, from the very beginning, I wanted this story to be more than that. More than a story. I wanted it to be a journey.

At the core of these books is a love-story. I mean, yes I threw in a world with problems, a Resistance, an intriguing family, but at the very root is a Love Story. It's Eden's journey and that is what I wanted the reader to experience.

I wanted you to be unsure about Kiran. I wanted you to hate him. Fall in love with Jericho when she did. And then in the end come full circle again and fall in love with Kiran, recognizing who he really is right along with Eden.

Lofty goals. And I don't know if they came through.... But that was what I set out to do.

Kiran was never intended to be perfect or to have your trust from the beginning. I don't believe in perfect men. They don't exist.

But I do believe in Great Men.

And that's who I wanted Eden to be with. A Great Man.

So anyway, I just wanted to explain a little where I went with the story and why I went there!

Ok, so there have been a lot of questions about my upcoming projects so I thought I would just lay them out for ya!

The next series I intend to write is called Starbright, like I said in the back of Endless. It's the story about a Star and it has a much bigger whole-world focus than the Star-Crossed Series. I'm actually really nervous to start it, just because I really have no idea where it's going to go.... :)

And I'm having trouble deciding between a first person narrator or a third person one.... Any thoughts??? What do you prefer???

I LOVE first person. That's what I prefer to read. Just because it feels more intimate, more.... moving. But at the same time I became really frustrated with Eden's perspective by the end of Endless. There was so much more I wanted to show you, so much more that was going on that I wanted to reveal. And couldn't.

Especially with Avalon. I so wanted to show you all the workings of the Resistance. And Kiran sneaking off in the middle of the night to free prisoners and meet up with Avalon.

I wanted to show their friendship from the beginning. How they came to forgive each other and develop respect for each other. I wanted to show you slowly, methodically, so that it became part of the adventure....

Even with Amory there was so much I couldn't reveal to you!

It got really frustrating. And I forced myself to stay loyal to Eden's limited vantage point.

But at the same time, I'm not sure third person lends itself to the cacophony of emotions that first person does. And that worries me....

So we will see.

I mean. I cried through the entire Deathly Hollows book. All the way through. But I don't know Harry like I do Bella and Edward.

Even if I never shed one tear for them.

Ok, maybe except at the wedding when I realized Jacob seriously had no more chance with her!

:) (I will give my opinion on that in the future, I promise!!!)

But it has something to do with my love for bad boys. I don't want you to have to convince me you're a monster. I want to be convinced that you're not a monster.

In fiction only. I married the best man alive.

So I don't know what to do about this next story. And I can't tell you more about it because.... even if I have an idea right now about what the story is going to be about, truthfully, until I start writing, I don't even know myself! How horrible is that????

Like I said before, Reckless was supposed to be about Vampires....

So. I better just keep the rest of the story to myself!

After the Starbright Series I plan, plan is the key word here and you should know from the get go I am a TERRIBLE planner.... But I plan to write Delia and Justice's story. They've got a pretty juicy one, so I am anxious to write it. It's going to be a trilogy though. I do know that.

Don't ask me how I know.

I just do.

Oh, I have no idea how many books will be in Starbright. In my head it could go on for more than four, but maybe when I sit down to write it.... Who knows what will happen at this point.

Lol, if you're a little worried about the book and whether or not it will get done or not, I don't blame you... But just so you know, I had no idea what was going to happen in Fearless, or Endless either until I started writing them....

Maybe I should go back to school for a Creative Writing Degree or something...

Ok, and then, I know so many of you have asked for it... But I have also, toyed around with the idea of writing a follow-up book for Avalon.

I kept Avalon and Jericho single for a reason. Partly because I didn't think there was enough room in Endless to give them the kind of love story either of them deserved and I definitely did not want either of those love stories to be told from Eden's perspective. But also because Jericho isn't ready for love yet... And Avalon, oh Avalon... Well, he isn't exactly the settling down type of guy.... Yet.

But what makes me hesitate to write a book about them, is that they're guys.

And I'm a girl.

And I'm not kidding you, reading my books is basically like an open diary into exactly who I am. Granted I don't cross my arms and stomp my foot, but honestly I don't know how to write from a guys' perspective.

It scares me.

And I don't want it to come out in a disappointing way in which you wonder why you just wasted your time on a book about two feminine guys who cry all the time! :)

So. It's in my head. I'll be thinking about it for at least a year before I start writing it and then we will see. I gave myself the option, it's just if I'm brave enough to tackle the project.

I did however, grow up with three brothers. So maybe I have more insight than I give myself credit for.

Except if I wrote a trilogy where all the guys did was make disgusting jokes and fart all the time, you might leave the books feeling confused.

I've got time to grow. So we'll see! :)

Ok, and then the final project in the works so far is a trilogy I'm co-writing with my sister in law about three teenage girls. It's paranormal of course. We have some of it written, but were recently discussing changing the storyline a little bit so that's all I can tell you. right now But my sister is an incredibly, incredibly talented writer and it's been a fun project of ours for a while. Right now our biggest issue is finding time together and for me to find brain power to process two stories at the same time. But the groundwork is laid and the first few chapters written (Which in my opinion is the hardest part...), so we will see!

That's all the irons I have in the fire right now. But my goal, long before Reckless was written, is to write a series for every one of my children. Like a dedication in their name.

Starbright is dedicated, or will be dedicated to my Stella. Who's name means Star.

And so after all those previously mentioned books, I will of course be coming up with something for Scarlett, and Stryker and the new bun in the oven.

Oh, have I told you that I'm pregnant???

Because I so am.

It was almost the death of Endless. Zach kept walking into to our office and exclaiming, "Did you fall asleep on the computer again!!!!!!!!"

And I would be like, Huh? What?

And then puke.

It was awesome. :)

Anyway. So those are my future projects.

If you are a Nook user. So far, no word yet on how soon. Smashwords is still approving Endless for their Premium Catalog, but I'm hoping for no other issues and as soon as I've been accepted and assigned an ISBN # then it still takes a couple more weeks to show up on the B&N site.

I apologize!

Ok, well I'm off to get some housework done, so when I pick up City of Ashes tonight I can sit without guilt and read to my little heart's content.

Which, I'm just now delving into the Mortal Instrument Series and I was kind of blown away by the ending to the first book! So did not see that coming!

But a great story so far!!!


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  1. I must say I was disappointed not because of the book it was GREAT!!!!! But I wanted to keep reading I didn't want it to end. I wanted to know all about their happily ever after. What was the wedding like? Do they have children? what happened to everyone else? Especialy Kiran's mother? This series was truly something special I loved every moment it. I look foward to your future projects and can't wait read them. I like the idea of having the boys have their own stories to tell it should be fun. I definetly like reading first person you feel more connected to the characters that way but it is true that you don't get to see everyones point of view. Congrats on the new little one on the way the are always a blessing :) Also the Mortal Instrument Series is fantastic I love this series and I am waiting for the new book to come out inpatiently lol. Thanks for giving us such an amazing series I will be reading it again and again and again.

  2. CONGRATS on the new baby and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love the series. I cannot wait for the next series either. Thank you so much .

  3. Aha congrats, and I agree, possibly the only thing I wanted to know about after Endless was if Kiran and Eden only have a boy, or if they have twins, or a girl, like break the curse properly?

  4. Congratulations! I was actually wondering if you were hehehe. So excited to see what you write in the future!

  5. Congratulations!! I loved Endless, there are a few things I would like to know about their future, but I have a feeling you will get around to it somehow. I am a fan for life, and I sincerely can't wait to share this story with my girls when they are old enough to appreciate it. We are still working on Dr Suess, so it may be a little while =] I did honestly share Eden's journey. I was 100% team Jericho when Fearless ended, but I slowly fell in love with Kiran all over again. I am an avid reader, but I have never commented on an author's facebook/blog/etc before. I think it is because you seem so unassuming, and humble. You have a gift, I am excited for future series!

  6. Congratulations on the pregnancy! Again, thanks for writing the series it was truly amazing. I read mortal instruments and I liked the books, but I've gotta say I love star-crossed so much more. I don't know if it would have worked but I would have loved to see endless written from both Eden and Kirans points of view. To see how he came to be friends with Avalon and how he became part of the resistance. To see what he was truly thinking the entire time he pretended to hate Eden. I just loved him and loved your books I just could not get enough of it. I would also love to know what happened next with everyone from Avalon to Jericho to Talbott and Lilly. So anyways, I definitely like first person bit you can always do it from two or more peoples points of view. Oh and does sabastianamd Seraphina get married? So many questions...

  7. Congrats on being pregnant! I absolutely loved the entire Star Crossed series. I think it would be amazing for you to write a couple of novellas to round out some of our favorite characters. You left me with so many questions but I always like that at the end of the book. It allows me dream up answers to my many questions and makes the story come alive in my own head. You were asking what we thought about first or third person... I personally love first person because I feel more emotionally attached to the story than when I feel like an outsider looking in. I have found in other series that when some part of the story absolutely needs to be told from another character's point of view, some authors simply dedicate that chapter to the different character. I absolutely love it when that's done because it gives me first person from multiple perspectives. Well, good luck with all of your future writing. Oh and thanks for making it so fun converting back to Team Kiran!

  8. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Ahhhh Endless, infact the full series took my breath away! I went hook line and sinker on the very first chapter of Reckless and just needed to know more! The reason being is I'm a mum and I work and my husband and me do the normal parent/work/living routine, sometimes there just isn't enough time to go and do things as you have to get up early find a sitter and all kinds of grown up stuff. So my favourite release is to read! I devour books, get lost in people's imaginations, my sister asks why I read and to me it's like my own personal film In my head! Now the thing I love love LOVE about your writing style is I can really "watch" the film in my head with your books, I wasn't correcting spelling or grammar mistakes (as is the case with some self published authors...) I was just lost in the story, so desperately falling in love with Kiran as you wrote it!! That's why I loved it!! I'm a loser but also a hopeless romantic!! I love a good romance and star crossed is that AND SO MUCH MORE!! I actually kinda mourned the end because I knew I wouldn't see any more of how fricking fabulous Kiran is when he loves Eden! So I'm reading the series again because it makes me happy, for a few hours each night I'm not just a mum & wife with responsibilities I'm transported into another world where magic is real and I'm watching the greatest love story ever!!! So I would like to thank you for that, please don't think you don't deserve it because you do!! I cannot wait to read what else you may write but I have a feeling star crossed might be my favourite, only marginally though as I said your writing is amazing!! I look forward to your new projects and will continue to "stalk" your FB pages for release dates ect!!
    Well done and thank you from me (aka Kimberley Beale) when someone finally realises the potential in this series and turns it into a film i want tickets to the uk premier :0) lol!! X

  9. You are an AWESOME author and it's not the compliment - that's the fact!!! I don't doubt your next books will be amazing, and the idea to write about Delia and Justice is fascinating!!!!!!!! I lived Kiran and Jericho, but what I feel to them can't compare with my adoration of Avalon - he is INIMITABLE!!!!!!!! If you are not sure whether to write from the point of view of boys, then you may write the books about Avalon and Jericho from the points of view of their love interests ( though on the second thought I will be jealous about any love interest of Avalon - he is just to good for anybody :-) Congratulations on the coming baby and tell your husband, that he is married to a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!

  10. Allllllllllllll those upcoming projects sound amazing!!!! Guess I'll be following your work for a LONG while! Congrats on the little bun in the oven!!
    Sarah from CO

  11. I think you should write 1st person. That's one of the things I love about your books! Makes me feel like I'm part of the story. You are so good at that!
    I can't wait to read Avalon & Jericho's stories! I think you will do fine write from their prospective prospective! You'd only need to write one book for each of them since we know them so well from this series! :) Plus it could give us a glimpse into Eden's life and what's happening with her! :)
    I haven't finished Endless yet. Too much going on & doesn't help that it drives my husband nuts! With other books I put them down & watch a show with him or whatever. But with your series I pick it up any chance I have! Yesterday was my birthday & he took me to a movie the dinner. I of course read right till the movie started, in the car & kept picking it up at dinner. I'd also be done if I didn't keep re-reading my favorite parts! Plus I'm reading it slowly making sure I take it all in... Plus I don't want it to End! But that's ok cause I will read this again then in a few months read the whole series a third time! Lol
    I know it's hard to take compliments. I'm the same way especially with my drawings or if I do something nice to help someone out. I'm my biggest critique. But you really have brought a wonderful story into our lives that we will always love!
    I haven't finished the book but know she will be with Kiran. I did want her to be with Jericho & my eyes were wet when they broke up. But thrilled she will be with Kiran, the one she truly loved. It was wonderful to find out he is such a good guy! Not perfect but makes him more real. As the reader I forgave him earlier in the book & I think Eden has also, just won't admit it to herself. It was Lucan all along & everyone else his pawns.
    I know it is hard to absorb, but Thank You for this wonderful Series! Please understand we would not be saying these things if we didn't mean them. People tend to be overly critical yet I have not seen one negative comment about Endless. It'll likely happen eventually but that's just because some people live on negativity.

    I look forward to your future books & promise to read them all! You are one of two of my favorite Authors! Yes, you are an Author now, get used to it! ;)


  12. Huge congratulations on a amazing series!!!!

    All I have to say is PLEASE do a follow up series on Avalon!!!!! I LOVE him and did not get enough of his story in the Star-crossed series. Now that Eden's journey is over I would love to hear his. I want to know what special girl snags him. In my world he would be my choice. :)

    I have enjoyed this series tremendously. It took me exactly where I love to go when I read a story. I felt every emotion and fell in love with all the characters. Of course, like you stated above, there was so much more I wanted to know about Amory, Avalon, Kiran, Jericho, and the Resistance. But, that happens when you have such a great story and strong characters. Readers really never can get enough. I have to say I was sad when I got to the end. I won't get to hear anymore about all of these people I love. Its over... I often feel that way when I read great stories like Eden's. Even though I wanted to scream at her at times. I still loved every minute of her story.

    So, to say I am more then thrilled that we haven't totally heard the end to some of these characters would be severally understated. :) I can't wait to read Starbright and Delia & Justice's story. I hope you decide you have the guts to write from the guy's point of view. I have you doubt you can do it. I promise to read everyone of those books. :-)


  13. Oh Justice and Delia's story. I cannot wait!

    Congratulations on the new little one...Though being pregnant in the middle of the summer is terrible, my September babies love their end of the summer birthday parties, whereas my Scarlett was born on February 23rd and absolutely hates the fact that her birthday parties were always indoors.

    I am a third person book lover. Throughout your series, though I loved it...I wanted to know what Avalon was thinking, how Jericho felt, and though leaving Kiran's true feelings out of it, made it a wonderful surprise in Endless, I wanted to know his POV too...lol.

  14. I'm gonna have to say you should go third person omniscient, i do love being in the protagonist's mind but it feels so limiting and you only know what that one person thinks. Also, i can't wait to hear Delia and Justice's story!

    1. Thank you so much for writing the star-crossed series!!!! I am 11 years old and i read like a crazy person! I READ A LOT!!! But i love this series and the book Endless Magic!! Endless Magic is my favorite book and the Star-Crossed series is BY FAR my favorite series EVER!!! I will always be re-reading it because I loved it soooooo much!!! I have recommended it to a few of my friends and will recommend it to everyone i know!!! YOU are by far my favorite author!!! i know i'm just a kid but i read young adult books and i have never read a better book in all my life!!! I cant wait to read more of your books!!! i loved every bit of this book through all the happiness and sadness Eden went through and all her struggles but i got so much out of this book!! i learned things that will stick with me. Eden's fight to make things right and to make everything in her world and for her people better! i loved this book with every ounce of body it was so breathtaking and amazing!!! i loved it so much and again i thank you for writing a book that has taken my breath away and inspired me so much!!! thank you and i cant wait to read more of your books!!!!

  15. Wow! Turning 35 this week and i completely loved your series! Being married to the bad boy from high school who turn to be a better man than i expected, definately, gave me first hand experience on Eden's views of Kiran.
    I am looking forward to your future stories and can honestly say i believe they will be terrific. In fact, Starcrossed was far better than Twilight in my eyes.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy. Hope you aren't as sick to your stomach!

  16. I love your books...I literally read them all in two weeks if not less...you are an amazing writer and I cannot wait to read the next series you write. I found myself at the close of Endless wanting more. I seriously think you should consider writing a book on what happens next. I definatly want to know more about Lilly and Talbott and what happens to Jericho and Avalon. I also wanted to know more about Eden and Kiran's future together. I really loved your books and I really want to read Delia and Justice's story. (Although that was a terrible ending for them...so tragic..) Well any way keep on writing you really have an incredible gift!!

  17. I think you should Continue with Eden and Kiran
    It cant be the end..... Pleaseeeeee No