Cookie Dough Blizzard

We can all agree, it's been a few days.... Which means I have been super hard at work and haven't had time to blog.

Or that I'm apparently 80 years old and need a week to recover from my vacation. Yep. I need to relax from relaxing....

Somebody please sign me up for water aerobics ASAP!!!!

I got a text last night from Brooke and she's like, Um, are you dead???? Lol. Kind of. (PS, Also, I fell asleep at like 10pm... So. Also, that makes me awesome....)

Anyway, I have been working too! Trying to get this book out. Trying to get the house put back together. Trying to get the laundry caught up with. Trying to take care of a sick baby boy who is kind of the most pathetic thing ever....

Notice I said "trying" to do all of these things, because it's definitely not happening. Except for the sick baby part....

The house is still a mess, I didn't even bother to take the towels with me yesterday to do laundry, although the clothes are all clean and folded, they have yet to leave their baskets piled sky high in my bedroom, and I still haven't finished my read through of the book so that the editor can have the whole copy.

Uh, yeah, I sent it to her and said, please don't read beyond page 75.... it's not ready for public viewing yet. :)

But luckily, and not so luckily, we were the victims of a late winter blizzard last night and so today the entire city is shut down and it's just me and my computer and a window with a view of two feet of snow making everything white.

It's wonderful.

Oh and a house full of kids because my hubs is off plowing the crap out of this city! Actually, he's sitting at the repair shop because his plow snapped in two.

And I said, Oh, my gosh!!!! Is it because the snow is so heavy???? (Thinking, Best. Snowstorm. Ever.)

And he's all, Uh, no, I just drive crappy equipment.

And my hopes and dreams were crushed.

I am a bit of an extreme weather junkie. I am so not satisfied with the whole 3-5 inches or light rain or whatever. I mean, I want snowstorms that are going to bury my house and leave me stranded for days (albeit with the power on please....) and thunderstorms so loud and tumultuous that the thunder makes you jump and the lightening looks like a constant fireworks show out your window. I want destruction people. Tornadoes that barrel down the middle of Dodge Street. Hail the size of baseballs. Flooding that shuts down highways.

I know. It's totally sick.

And the last thing I want is for people to be hurt, which also means that their livelihood and homes stay protected as well. But I can't help it. There's something morbidly exciting about the threat of a natural disaster.

Granted... the aftermath is awful and horrible and I still cry when I think about working in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami, or what the people of Joplin, MO are living through right now.

So maybe I'm not such an extreme weather junkie.... Although I was extremely fascinated with last summer's flooding....

Maybe I'm more like a Difficult Weather Junkie. I prefer feet of snow to inches. A tornado near the metro area, but in some remote farm land where no animals or humans are effected and possibly in a field where the farmer has not only fantastic insurance but also has been thinking about burning the field and starting over.... I prefer extreme thunderstorms but not the kind that takes out anyone's power and only if my kids are able to sleep through it.

I really don't mind extreme heat.

As long as you don't mind me dripping sweat from every pore....

And it can get as cold as it wants to, as long as I can curl up by the fire and drink some hot cocoa.

I think what we're getting down to is that I'm less of a difficult weather junkie and more of a Convenient and Comfortable Weather Junkie.

Just don't give me the pansy stuff.

Like sprinkles, and flurries and a mild windchill.

I want something I can talk about in the grocery store with the clerk, and something that will bring Zach home with a great story about some idiot kid that works for him tried to take hills on a Z to fast in hurricane like winds, and something that's going to light my kids face up like Christmas morning when they are eating their breakfast and I pull open the blinds.

Something that inspires me to write a story about it.

Speaking of.... I should get back to my own story.

I'm starting to get nervous. The kind of nervous that settles deep in the pit of my stomach and nags at my neck making me always feel like there's something I need to be doing....

Also, at this point in my life, I hate this story so much that I'm starting to wonder if English is really my first language....

Don't worry. It's a ritual I've started to accept. It doesn't make it easy to go through.... but at least I'm starting to recognize the steps I take.

It's like the seven steps of grief.

Only mine are more like the steep cliffs of panic. I climb all the way up to the top, and I'm so high up that I can't even see the ground down below, it's just all obscured by fog... and then I jump.

No. I would never jump.

Then I fall.

Free fall all the way to the bottom and prepare myself to meet my maker.

I don't know how this story ends yet because, well, I'm still in the middle of my fall, panicking, trying to convince myself I know how to fly and struggling to breathe.

But when I get there, I'll let you guys know if I die a slow, agonizing, painful death, if it just happens so quickly I close my eyes and open them to greet Saint Peter taking my name at the Pearly Gates, or if I miraculously remember how to pull my parachute and land....

Oh, final announcement! I'm saying Wednesday the 8th for the release date. This means, I'm planning on it going live before midnight on Wednesday on both Amazon and Smashwords. Central Standard Time mind you.....

Do NOT expect it first thing on Barnes and Noble, they have this whole thing where you have to be accepted into their premium catalog and blah blah blah, it takes forever!

I mean, I don't have cover art back, and my editor doesn't even have a full version to work with.... But yeah, let's say Wednesday.

It just feels right, you know???



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  1. oh rachel, its me again.. kalpisha

    i am super happy to knw that atleast v knw wen its gona come.. aproximatly!!
    endless magic has my heart under it!!
    i hope jericho's the one ...

  2. I am so excited for the book!!! I stumbled upon Reckless this past weekend whilst looking for free books for my nook. I read rhe first one in a matter of hours and was able to neglect homework long enough to finish the other two. Weekends are meant to be spent home alone, on a couch with two cats, and peace. I know it willbe a while until the nook version is out, but I cannot wait.
    Ps. I have always been and will always be Team Jericho<3

  3. Tried to find it this morning on Amazon....did it release?? Great books!!

  4. I am obssessed with your books!!!!! I am making all of my friends read them! Don't stop writing! You have a gift!

  5. Is Endless magic available now?

  6. Do you know when it is released on Amazon...wasn't there tonight :/

  7. Should be out now but Rachel tweeted that there's still some problem with cover art.

    I'll still buy the ebook without the cover art! Must have now!!! :)

  8. Ahh, where is Endless Magic! I don't see it on Amazon yet! I'm dying here!!!

  9. So excited, cannot wait to read the new book.

  10. Ive been waiting for this book for months!!! When is it going to come out?!?!?! I have been religiously checking amazons website multiple times a day!!! It was suppose to come out around the 15th of jan, then by the end of jan, then feb 8th... Where is it?!?!

  11. This is torture!!!

  12. Its a shame i never respond to these blogs so you should feel special. I just finished fearless magic and just want to say job well done. Now I am one of many awaiting endless magic. Make my valentines day and publish it today. I hope, LOL