Vitamin C

Ok, so here I am. In the middle of this gorgeous vacation. Working away. Working so hard that everything is planned out. I only have a couple more chapters to write, everything is falling into place and..... BOOM. I get the flu!!!

Can you believe it?

Because I can't.

Here's my theory. I left the farm. My island of solitude. Got exposed to the rest of the diseased world. And now, the flu.

Well, here's the good news. Yesterday, it was the flu. The puking, the temperature, the body aching-ness. This morning it seems to be more like a terrible head cold. So... Hopefully we stay right there. Or just continue to get better.

Also. I'm pumping my cold remedy into my system as if it were some kind of competition I have to win because the fate of the world depends on me. And I think it's helping.

My cold remedy is very simply. Drown the sickness in Vitamin C. Drown it I tell ya! And I take this very seriously.

My dad had this concoction that he passed on to me, and it's both good for you and delicious. He did half a glass of orange juice and half a glass of 7up. And man is it tasty!!!

Well, because I was nauseous too, I opted for Ginger Ale because the ginger is supposed to help. (Ginger Ale is also my go to pregnancy sickness cure...) And because the price of groceries here are so ridiculously inflated that I want to write the only grocery store in town a nasty letter starting with "Shame on you!!!" I opted for Sunny D instead of pure orange juice.

Don't judge me!! It does say on the jug, 100% Vitamin C and that's all I was looking for!!!

But seriously, a jug of Tropicana, not even the big jug, just the normal carton size was $6.59!!!!!!!

Holy Smokes, right??

I'm used to finding it on sale, and the most I pay for it is $3.00.

They also had purely, fresh, hand squeezed orange juice for $10. Which, obviously, you're never going to get me to pay that for a beverage unless it contains some alcohol, but the idea of hand-squeezed sounds awfully alluring doesn't it??

And I could do that at home, but this was an ENTIRE jug of it. I feel like it would take simply forever to squeeze that many oranges and my hands would be raw by the end of it.

So either way, it doesn't look like I'll be getting it. Oh well, I'll just wait until heaven. Surely fresh squeezed orange juice will be on the menu daily. :)

Anyway, I don't think my writing schedule will get too interrupted here, even with the sickness. Although, my head is a bit fuzzy so it takes me a little longer to think of words.... I'm all, what is that word I'm trying to think of...????? Oh yeah, "the."

Well, maybe it's not that bad, but my thesaurus is more handicap than usual.

Anyway, happy Sunday everyone! My breakfast is here. Yep, the hubs braved the cold to bring me back a raspberry muffin and a coffee. I just love him.

Let's hope I don't throw it up in ten minutes....


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  1. Hopefully you are doing much better & enjoying your trip! :)
    I deal with nausea & sickness often. Gingerale helps, clear pop. But not really ginger :( Crystalized Ginger Candy in the health food section & also mint candy helps :)


  2. oh dear...
    get well soon ,,..
    eagerly waiting for the book to come. m madly in love with the series..)..


  3. When does endless magic come out?