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Ugh. I don't like this morning already. Not to complain.... but..... Zach is already off to work so break is officially over and I was up all night with Miss Scarly Jo.

And to top it off, I overdosed on people the last two days, so what I would really like to do today involves just sitting on the couch and staring off into space.

But let's get real. That will never happen.

I used to be nothing but an extrovert. Like, even in college there was never any reason that made me feel like I just absolutely needed alone time. I preferred to be with people ALL of the time.

And then I went to Europe and although I love those three crazy cats like they are my actual family, I learned the importance of being alone. We were never alone, for six whole months. There was never any reason for us to be apart. We had to make our own time.

It's fun in theory to believe you prefer people over solitude. But it's not practical. Or realistic. And then I got married.

And again. I learned the necessity of finding time just for myself.

But now I think I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum!!!!! Like, the tables have completely turned and now I just want to be alone all of the time!

It might have something to do with kids. And truthfully, I do enjoy people. But good grief, if I'm not with Zach, then I want to be completely alone.

Do you know what sounds fun to me lately? Going to dinner by myself. Going to a movie by myself. Going on vacation... BY. My. Self.

I pray that it's just the little kids. That I'm constantly bombarded with them and so not having to talk or think or try to make sense or sound anything but bonkers sounds like the ideal idea of time well spent. But who knows.

Maybe it's the farm. I've been isolated from real society for wayyyyyy too long....

I still love people, don't get me wrong! And I definitely love spending time with those that I care about. But this weekend wore me out. And I feel less prepared to get back into real life than ever! Not to mention that looming deadline....



Ok, enough complaining.

My little Stryker Man turns one in just over a week and I am watching him try to walk across this room by taking careful steps in between things to hold on to.

Where did this year go? Holy cow!!!

I certainly have no idea. But it felt like just yesterday, Zach and I were in the hospital after the easiest delivery day ever, holding our little man and proud parents of three! And now he is going to be one. And Zach is going to be 28!!!!!

Which means in a little over a month I'm going to be 28. With a 3 year old and a 5 year old.

Ok. I need to end this blog before I start hyperventilating. And not just because this entire family is aging at what is seemingly a super human pace.

But because I've got birthday parties to plan, and cake to order, and menus to write and I really, desperately, terribly need to get our family pictures taken. Except, I don't know who to go to. And this is always the dilemma with me!!! Grrr....

Plus, people, I still have like five Christmas presents to buy!!!!! What is wrong with me????

I need a personal assistant ASAP. One that preferably views me as a charity case and will work for free....

You will be happy to know however, that I did find us a hair stylist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is huge for me. HUGE. And I'm in the process of booking appointments for the whole fam bam. Even Stryker. Because let's get real, Zach banned me from cutting his hair.....

No, it's definitely NOT in a salon. Who do you think I am??? More importantly, people just don't change over night... I have to take baby steps here people.

But she used to work in a salon. And she used to do hair competitions and all that jazz. So she has real credentials. And then she had a baby. So not only am I getting what I want out of it, I'm supporting a stay at home mom AND an old friend.

I'm feeling pretty good about it!! :)

Until she tries to push any kind of product on me that costs over $6.... but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Oh, speaking of hair, one final thing sorry... I should definitely start keeping my mouth shut about what I feel is expensive product.

My brother-in-laws girlfriend told me over the weekend that she spends $40 on shampoo!!!!!!!!!! JUST SHAMPOO. And it's not even economy size!!!!!!!!!

After we established the fact that it's not in even a Shampoo plus Conditioner, and that she still has to buy her conditioner.

I told her that she couldn't possibly buy a shampoo that expensive because they don't make shampoo that expensive because nobody would buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I laughed after I said it, hoping to make it just sound like a joke...... Does that make it any better?

Ugh. I didn't think so....


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