Snow Bunny

So. We made it to Colorado!!!!

Oh my gosh, first of all, this is the cutest darn town I have ever been in!!! I feel like I'm in a make believe world where everything is covered in snow, Main Street looks like a picture right out of a magazine and the condo we are staying at is gorgeous!!!

It's been just a fantastic trip so far.

Yesterday we drove ten hours to get here and then spent the night exploring the town. It couldn't have been a better day.

First of all, I LOVE car trips. LOVE THEM. I could seriously just drive across American, East Coast to West Coast back and forth and be the happiest girl.

And I got a chapter done in the car, thanks to our little outlet plug in thing and my new laptop. So I'm feeling pretty good about that! :)

Today, I kicked everyone out of the house and plan to spend the entire day writing.

Well, ok, that's not entirely true. Everyone did come up here to ski/snowboard. So I didn't so much kick them out of the house, as much as they already planned to leave anyways... But they're gone. And I have the entire day ahead of me to write. And sneak off to get lunch by myself, which I am really looking forward to!

I can't even say I developed this habit, or hobby, or whatever you want to call it after I had kids. But in Europe, I really developed a taste for doing things by myself. I really, genuinely love people. I'm quite the extrovert, actually. But there is something about being alone and actually getting out and doing stuff that all by myself that is really peaceful and relaxing. I love to go to movies by myself, go to dinner alone, shopping, grocery store. Really anything.

My dream vacation (Sorry Zach....) is to spend a week alone in a completely foreign place just exploring the city.

And that's kind of what I plan to do this weekend. Only, in short bursts over lunch, because the majority of my time is going to be spent writing.

Exciting, right??? Sorry if I just made you jealous.

But here's the thing. As much as I enjoy alone time, and the freedom I have on this trip since we left the kiddos at home, nothing has reinstated the fact that I AM A MOTHER more than this trip. And we've only been gone for 24 hours.

Well, a little longer than that.

But seriously. You hear older mothers, who's children have gone off to college or left home, say that they just can't stop mothering no matter what.

And I definitely find that to be true.

My inclination to this truth started Thursday night when I cleaned out my purse. Ok, and I took pictures of it just because I thought it was absolutely ridiculous!!!!! I stopped carrying a diaper bag a few years ago when I decided it was time to claim some of my youth back. So now I just throw everything into an oversized purse. And by throw, that's literally what I mean.

So, obviously it HAD to be cleaned out before we left for our trip and more importantly de-mom-ed. Because let's face it moms, our purses can get rather out of control.

Let's start with the out of control trash situation going on in there! It's no wonder I can never find anything.... I usually reach my hand down in to the dark abyss like Mary Poppins searching for a standing lamp!

Don't mind the Target receipt.....

Then of course we have the ever needed Diapers, Changing Pad and Wipes.

When you've got hair like mine, or just happen to be a girl, there are certain things that become necessities. Those things would be extra hair ties. Am I right ladies??? Apparently I grab one every time I leave the house because I have quite the collection.

Or maybe I'm just waiting for the day when someone offers to braid my hair into multiple braids, all over my head, because that would of course be awesome!! :)

Also, who doesn't have a pair of extra hoops in their purse? Hoop earrings take off ten pounds, people. Ten pounds. They are obviously a necessity when leaving the house. And better to keep an extra pair in your purse just in case you are too frazzled to remember makeup, jewelry, to do your hair, or wear a bra.... At least you have the hoops!!!

Wintery things. (Mind you this is before we even left for Colorado!!) Two pairs of gloves, obviously. One pair of extra warm mittens. The other a pair of fingerless gloves. Because it turns out you might as well not have hands at all if you wear mittens, your fingers are useless. But at least they're warm. And an extra scarf. Don't even doubt I already have one around my neck, but who knows if I'm suddenly going to need to swap out the color once I'm out and about.

Snacks. Of course. This is a given. Whether it's for the kids or for me, gotta have them. And don't even worry about the bag of M&M's I was too embarrassed about to take a picture of, but definitely feel the need to confess to now....

Now for the true Necessities. Wallet. Phone. Lip Gloss. Chapstick. Gum. Gum. And more Gum. Cough Drops. Floss. All of the most important things in my life. I would be lost without this stuff. This is the heart and soul of my purse. Even when kid stuff is removed, this is exactly what remains.

And last but definitely not least the Toys. Dun, dun, dun..... Whether they are collections taken from random outings or play things I thought would be both appropriate and entertaining, they make their home in there with the rest! What is going on???

Don't you just feel sorry for this poor purse??

Don't!!!! These are all badges of honor. That's right, this purse belongs to a mom. A mom who can't seem to forget that she is a mom even away from her kidlets.

So that leads me to this trips Top Ten List. Ten Indicators of the Only Mom on Vacation.

1. She will be the one panicking every time she walks into a bathroom and somebody left the seat open. Her littlest one could walk in at any time and start digging around! We have to keep those lids closed people.

2. This will also be the reason she continues to pick all small objects up off the floor. From loose change to random pieces of trash, they are all obvious choking hazards.

3. She will be the one counting the numbers to make sure everyone is accounted for and nobody gets lost. It won't matter if they are all adults, and everyone has their own cell phone and a vehicle to get back to the condo. She has got to make sure everyone stays together.

4. She will be the one reminding everyone to go potty before they go off and ski. It's a lot of work once you get on the mountain, so it is probably a good idea to go now. And don't even bother with the whole, "I'll just hold it" excuse. Get your lazy butt off that couch and obey the first time. :)

5. She is also the one who might make sure you ate something for breakfast before you go spend the day on the mountain. And no, people, coffee does NOT count as a balanced meal.

6. If she starts straightening up your things and loading your dishes into the dishwasher, do NOT disturb her. These are subconscious routines that she cannot break. Think waking a sleep walker. If you interrupt her chores, she might become frightened and disoriented.

7. She may also have the urge to check on everyone before they go to bed. If you stay up later than her, and she happens to get up in the middle of the night just to make sure you're tucked in tight, do not be alarmed. Although, hopefully she will fight this urge. Things could get awkward if she tries to sing you a lullaby.

8. She is the only one that not only brought her camera but also uses it. Others may cry out, "Oh, shoot my camera's still in my bag!" She will be the one demanding you all stand together, that everyone looks her direction, smiles and says cheese. Don't worry though, she will take enough of them to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to look their best.

9. She will be the one you naturally gravitate to for your lost and misplaced items. If you find yourself asking her, "Rachel, have you seen my such and such?" Stay calm, this is only your natural reaction. And most likely she will know exactly where it is. Or at the very least, the most likely place you would have left it.

10. And finally, she is a walking Walgreens. If you forgot anything, shampoo... tylenol... a scarf... mittens... a book to read. She brought two of everything. Do not hesitate to ask to borrow something, but don't be surprised if it comes with a little advice and a pat on the head.

Not that I've done any of those things. Especially not ALL of them in the last 24 hours. Just don't worry about it. :)

Now, Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to write I go!


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  1. Have a great Vacation!!!
    Love this post btw! Soooo true! I need a bigger purse but the diaper bag works lol Thanks for sharing! Don't forget to relax & enjoy!