Rough and Tumble

Well, this hasn't exactly been my ideal morning. Not that any morning is my ideal morning, because if we were talking idealism, I would be able to skip every morning....


I actually tried to blog earlier. Like when I was first awoken at 5:15 this morning. But at that point, there was no inspiration.

In fact, when I walked away from the computer, giving up on life all together, I also had decided to give up on the blog completely, and possibly never touch the computer again.

That's right, even my dream to become a writer was thrown in the trash.

Thank God for coffee.

And mid-morning quiet. Meaning, Stryker is down for a nap. And the girls have been banished to their bedrooms under the pretense of cleaning it, although let's be clear, we all know nobody is picking up anything in that room!

We were out late last night, well.... late for the girls, at the Dance Christmas Party. And we had such a lovely time that of course means today is so much less than lovely, I can't even explain it to you.

Well, if you have kids and have ever kept them out past their bedtime before than you know what less than lovely means.

So now. My house is picked up. And I wrapped one present so far today. And the only thing that's left to do is watch for the mailman who should be arriving with like a hundred packages from Amazon today for me to wrap and hide before Zach gets home.

Ugh. Which, Zach is finished. Finished!!! Hip hip hooray. And I think the kids are too.

Now I just have to shop for every single other person on my list.

That's only like ten people. Don't worry about it. Oh and I have Friday to get it all done.... Dang it.

Next year, I might become a Black Friday Believer after all..... And not even care what I get people. I'll just grab doorbusters and then assign them appropriately at Christmas time. Here Mom, I know you always wanted this four dollar socket wrench I got at Sears. And here Zach, here's the complete blu-ray set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, it was only fifteen dollars.

Oh, that sounds so much better than this whole mess I've gotten myself into this year....

Well. This blog is taking me hours to write. And we're not really getting anywhere. Not to mention I put my kids down for a nap today at 11:30. And now I'm going to curl up with my space heater, spotify and a box of lindt lindor truffles and get some writing done! Woot.

So. All that to say... Which was really saying nothing at all....

Fearless Magic is now available for the Nook!!!!!!! That is just so exciting for me, I can't even tell you.

And mostly, because I released it in October....

But Nook Users, enjoy!!! :)


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