Sugar Coma

Oh my gosh. I think I'm getting sick. Somebody please come slap me in the face and remind me that I do not have time to get sick!!!!!

Does anyone ever have time to get sick though????

No. It's the worst.

And I haven't really been ill for a long, long time.

I think last year at Thanksgiving I got a 48 hour flu bug. But it's been smooth sailing since then.

Unless you count UTI's and Hives. But those happen too frequently for me to consider actually "Being Sick." Those illnesses are just part of me being me, as awful as they are.

I don't think this is the flu. I think this is a nasty cold.

Kylee is super sick with this thing. And we hung out over the weekend. And I'm pretty sure, accidentally switched a drink. And now....

Now this.

I don't have any symptoms to really go on, other than I'm pretty sure I've never been more tired in my whole life, there feels like an actual weight is pressing down on my shoulders and my head is fuzzy.


Hopefully this turns into a total Snot-fest, where I can't hear anything properly, I constantly cough and have to worry about peeing my pants (I have had three children.....) and my voice becomes that of a man's.

Wouldn't that just be lovely??

Please hear the sarcasm.

Maybe it's nothing though. Maybe I should stop preempting this possible sickness with complaining and self-fulfilling-prophesy..... Oy.

Here's the main issue. I can't get sick, and not because I have to write, although I do need to... But more importantly this house needs special love and attention.


Last week, I got half of my house cleaned in one day. Which wasn't a fantastic accomplishment, but since I had to stop in the middle of the day and shower and get ready for work, I was rather satisfied with my progress. Plus, it happened early in the week, so I felt that I had the entire rest of the week to finish.


WRONG. (Charlie Murphy Style.)

Not only, did I never get to the rest of the house, but somehow it's gotten worse!!! I now am surrounded by utter disaster and I don't even know where to begin!

It's one of those situations where picking up alone is going to be a mountain to climb, let alone giving our dwelling a good old fashioned scrubbing.

And I want to organize. And sort through things. And throw things away!!!!!

But here I am instead. Exhausted from simply clearing the table of our morning dishes. Ugh..........

On the other hand, we had a big weekend. I could just be tired from that.... Right...?????? Right.

Ok. Whew.

Cleaning was never going to happen anyways today. The girls have a play-date this morning, whilst I catch up with one of the ladies from my Bible Study who is also an aspiring writer. And then this evening I have a banquet to attend.

Do I sound grown up and fancy right now?????

Don't let me fool you!

But I do have to say.... This is the first play date, in all of my almost five years of parenting that is not with one of my close friends.

Holy Smokes, I'm nervous.

I shouldn't be. It's more for the kids anyways. Ok, that's not true. It's for us. Which. Yikes.

I'm sure it will be fine. I mean, I know it will be. Just because it doesn't happen to be one of my close friends doesn't mean I need to be nervous.

Although, they expect me to be late. And they will help watch my children while I run after Scarlett, or take her potty for the hundreth time in one hour. And they equally believe in packing lunches. And it's not so humiliating if one of my children were to, oh I don't know, dare I say... be rude, or act out at one of their children.

Or hit them in the face with a make-shift sword.

Not that that would ever happen.

Oh, wait, it literally just did. Poor Stella just got her first black eye...

Ok. Now we're calmly coloring. Geesh.

And the banquet tonight, that kind of is fancy??? It's for Stella's school, although I've been going to them since I was in school. And there is the three course meal, and the before dinner reception that I get to go to because of my mother, and the important speaker, and the silent auction that I will not be bidding on, and the dressing up and Miss America will be there.

She is from Nebraska after-all.

You're welcome America.

:) Just kidding!

So. I am very excited for that!

But first I need to conquer this exhaustion and find the courage to tackle this play-date. And yes, if you're wondering, I do have an abnormal amount of social anxiety!!!!!!!

On a positive note, Halloween was absolutely lovely last night. The girls had so much fun, and got just the right amount of candy and then looked up at me and said, "Mommy, we have enough candy, let's go back to Granny's."

Where we played games, and watched Scooby Doo and ate lots of yummy food.

I did learn these few gems of life-experience however.

Buckets are wayyyy more practical than bags for candy. They don't have to struggle to open buckets, they don't feel the need to fill the buckets until they can no longer lift them and they don't get drug on the ground, tearing big holes in them and leaving a trail of candy behind them.

Halloween makes me want to live in a neighborhood, with real neighbors. Until I get home, go to bed and wake up to the sunrise across the farmland.

And most importantly. It doesn't matter if you have amazing costumes, that also happen to be hand-me-downs and so are free, and extremely warm and super, super, super cute. And the BEST part about it is that they are also very easy to get on and off, with no extra accessories. You should know that your girls are going to want to be princesses no matter what and then even though the costumes are easy to get on, each time you have to put them on will be a nightmare because their is no way to make either Tigger or Pooh into a princess!!!!!!!!

And then, when they are dressed like princesses there will be no gender confusion whilst tricker-or-treating.

I don't even want to admit how many times I had to explain that I did not have THREE boys!!!!!


Still. We had a fantastic time and we are so excited for Thanksgiving now I can hardly stand it!!!!!


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