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Oh, my, good grief. I have so much to talk about today!!!! I am seriously, a fountain of chatter, so I'm warning you now!

First of all, I am so excited for Thanksgiving, I could just die!!!! This week we have one thing. And that is preschool today. And then. The holiday!!! Can I just tell you how excited I am for no dance, no more school, no... anything!!!!!

Let me be honest, and say that I do MUCH better with busy. I mean, when I have ample free time I just kind of waste it all doing... nothing...? I don't even know what I do.

But when I'm super busy, running like crazy all over town or dropping off, picking up a thousand times a day, or have a deadline, that's when I thrive.

Oh yes, I completely enjoy the chaos more. But are we surprised???? If you are, you should just take a sneak peak at my purse! It is what I would like to call a.... Black Hole of Garbage. Yep. Currently, you could find anything from old receipts, to my little pony's, to sweat pants(Not mine, definitely Stella's just in case she is cold for some silly reason after dance now that it's winter, although over the weekend there were definitely a pair of my dress pants in there from when I changed at work, I mean, my old job..., before Breaking Dawn.) :), to left over vampire teeth from Halloween, a few odd snacks, just in case, oh some diapers, more trash...., random pieces of jewelry, and my favorite the extra scarf, just in case I feel like a color change up during the day.

It's a mess. And I know that doesn't even scratch the surface.

And they say, as in expert psychologists, that what your purse looks like is a reflection of your life.

Well, Psssht. We all know that I am as good of a licensed professional psychologist as anyone with an actual degree and master's training.




Also, in this case, they would be so right. Dang it.

Anyway, so this week I have nothing on the agenda except fun stuff. Like, the kids having a sleepover at my mother's so Zach and I can go on a date. And baking. And cooking. And more baking. And lots and lots and lots of cooking. Which is my FAVORITE thing ever. So, I'm very, very excited. Later in the week, I'm going to do a blog about my Thanksgiving Menu, because making the menu is kind of my favorite thing to do ever.

And every once in a while, you just need Nothing in your life!!! And I am so excited for mine!!!

So, last night. I had my first ever girls night with drinks!!!!! It was very exciting!!!! Although, I'm not going to lie, I definitely thought there would be more drinking involved. But. I'm going to chalk that notion up to the fact that usually when we go out, it's mostly guys we hang out with and I have never in my life, seen them just order one drink.

Not. Ever.

But ladies, are obviously different.

And a lot of fun!

So much fun!!!!

Ok, so it was all the dance moms from Stella's competition team, and we were celebrating one of the mom's birthday. So, we planned the perfect night of exactly what I thought women do on their night's out.

And that is Sushi and Martinis. Oh, it so felt Sex and The City. Right?

Well, I felt fancy at least.

But. I have to tell you that I might be a bit of a social FREAK. I mean, I have always, always known I have Social Anxiety. Like severely. In fact, I think it's out of control!!!! Maybe a Xanax is in order...? Please....??

I don't know what it is about me. I am definitely a walking contradiction. And I know I've blogged about that before, but those things were more like... metaphysical. Here are some tangible contradictions. I am an extrovert. A highly outgoing extravert, I get energized from people, I LOVE public speaking, I relish in the awkward conversation, yet I nearly vomit before any social situation. I get nervous just hanging out with my high school friends.

And if I get nervous hanging out with girls I've known since before I wore eye liner and knew that my hair was curly... which is a nightmare in itself.... just imagine what I was like last night!!!!!!

I made Zach pick out my outfit. Yes, I did. And that was after I sent Lindsay an emergency text asking her what she was wearing!!!!!

And then I was on the phone texting Miriah, getting talked off the ledge!

Which, she might have sent me my favorite text back ever. I said something about how I was super nervous and terrified and thought I was crazy and blah, blah, blah.

And she texts back, "Why????? You are Awesome."

I kind of died laughing at the simplicity of it. And then. I was like. She's right. I am awesome. Let's do this!

No, that's not what I did. First, I freaked out more, and then I started leaking nervously out of one boob, which was SO weird because I haven't leaked, leaked in like 8 months, and then, I freaked out some more. Sent, some more crazy texts. Shared my fears with Zach, who is such a guy and says something like, "Well, if it's that big of a deal, then don't go."

And I'm like! That's not the point!!!!

And then, I pulled it together. Did something with my hair. And gave myself the "Why???? You are awesome." pep talk in the mirror.

I am a nut. I get that. And I know I have social anxiety. I have seriously had it my whole life. When I was in elementary they ran all these tests on my stomach because I was sick all of the time and then they figured it out, it's not a disease. I just get nervous.

I like to think it's genetic too.

And last night, so should not have been nerve-racking. Especially since I see these women three times a week and one of them is a very close friend that I have known for years!

I don't get nervous at dance. And I certainly don't worry about what I'm going to wear there! Half the time it's a toss up between a Gypsy-waiting-to-read-your-fortune and A-bag-lady-that-hasn't-showered-in-three-days.

Or longer...

Just kidding.....

But part of it is the whole girl thing. And when I was texting Miriah, she's like DON'T you ever go out without Zach??????

And honestly. No. How bad is that? But I like him the best....

Gross, huh?

At least I don't go out without him for anything other than Breaking Dawn Premiers and One-On-One Coffees with those girls that I haven't seen in a while. You know what girls I'm talking about, the Oh, lets get coffee sometime!-Girls.

After High School, we all lost touch. And then in College I made good friends, but the girls I stayed friends with after college, were actually not really my friends during college, save for Melinda. And then we all got married right away, so whenever we go out with those friends its usually all couples stuff.

Ok, and then all my friends have seriously always been pregnant. College, or high school, or Lindsay.

So even then, if we're hanging out with each other it's usually with the kiddo's. And they serve as quite the buffer slash barrier from alcohol.

Whenever I've gone out, like, out out, it's usually with mostly guys. Especially when Zach and I were first married, we would always go out with his friends, because all of my friends were newlyweds like us and poor. Anyway, I was always the only girl.

And it's kind of stayed that way until recently. So a night out with the girls, is really something new to me. But it was SO fun! So, it will definitely have to be something I can just get over my irrational-panicking and have fun with.

But. I'm not going to fool myself and say I'll never get nervous again. Because those are just unrealistic expectations.

I am a mess. And you can tell me that everybody is, or that it's ok, or whatever. I'm really, I'm fine with it. I don't mind the crazy. It usually works out in the end.

Ok, there is one last thing I want to talk about. In the car this morning, I did the unthinkable! I turned on... Christmas music.

Yes, I did.

And I am so one of those people that really LOVES Thanksgiving, so I have this issue with doing anything Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving!!!! But this morning, with frost on everything and the excitement of the holiday week, I turned on my Pandora station in the car and loved every minute of it!!!!

Until, Scarlett threw this HUGE fit about wanting "girl" music. (We were on like a Michael Buble, John Legend station and it was heavenly....) Ugh. She's such a sexist!!!

So, I turned it to the radio. And on my way home, it ended up being a lot of talking between the morning show.

What were they talking about???

Divorce Insurance.

Have you heard of this before????? I hadn't. Apparently, there is some huge news story on tonight at Ten. (Like our Local News Channel)

The idea is to pay a small amount monthly, so that when you get a divorce in the end, they cut you the check to pay for it.

The same as auto-insurance.

Here are some fun statistics for you too. Things like, you need auto-insurance. Everybody will agree to that, although, believe me, being the strong capitalist that I am, I definitely don't think you should be forced to have it! Yes, it's nice, but it should be your decision.


The statistics of getting into a car accident are 1 in 4. That's SO high! Most people these days have been in one, whether it was there fault or not.

Compare that with the Divorce Rate which is 1 in 2 and if you're looking at strictly statistics, it for SURE makes sense to have Divorce Insurance, especially when you look at the high costs of lawyer fees and the whole stinking process.

But let's examine it morally. I mean, yikes. What does that say to your spouse when you're like, Oh and honey, I love you and all, but just so you know I have divorce insurance just in case.

It's not really all that reassuring.

I would probably be like, Ok, good, you can use it today. Like, right now, you filthy son of a.....

Just kidding.

I would not be like that!!!

It kind of made me sick listening to it. Not that I'm so completely opposed to divorce that I think you should stick it out no matter what. Definitely there are reasons for divorce. But, insurance, just makes it seem so.... I don't know... cheap or something.

But maybe it's necessary in today's world, where 72 days is long enough to know that you will never love someone even though he sounds like he was really willing to work through whatever issues there were and you haven't even gone to couples counseling or anything!!!!! Ahem, Kim Kardashian.


It's so fun to judge celebrities, isn't it?

What do you think about it?

Is it necessary in today's society? Or absolutely degrading to the institution of marriage??

I'll tell you one thing, I will definitely be tuning into NewsWatch 10 at 10 tonight, just to see the argument they make!!


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