My Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

I am so excited for today, I can just hardly stand it! I even turned on Christmas music this morning whilst I made our traditional Biscuits And Gravy and drank our traditional Mimosas.

And usually, I ban all kinds of Christmas until tomorrow. But this morning needed something festive, and unfortunately there isn't a Pandora Station with only Thanksgiving Music on it.

Is there even Thanksgiving Music at all?

I don't think so.

But I could be wrong.

And can I just say there are a couple Christmas songs that I don't like. That grate my nerves and make me crack my neck out of irritation. But no song is worse, and I might get some criticism from this...., but believe me, there is no more terrible song than the Charlie Brown Christmas Song. Seriously, just thinking about it makes me bristle. And it's not because it's a bad song. I'm a piano player, it clearly sounds like music. Like excruciatingly blase(that should have an accent over the "e")music. But music all the same. And I think here is my main issue with the song. I like my music that asks me to move, that demands that I feel something, that forces an emotion so directly tied to the song that I can't define it's origins or stop myself from feeling inspired. And that song is just nothing. It feels mediocre and apathetic and it drives me crazy!!!! That one, and Silver and Gold. Which Zach likes to sing ALL year round.

Anyway, I am so ready for snow. Like so much so, that I hardly believe I'm me. I just can't wait for it. But today, without snow and a crisp fall air, some colorful leaves still clinging to barren branches, the ground a quilted tapestry of fall colors and the sun shining brilliantly in the sky, it honestly feels like the perfect Thanksgiving Day.

So we've made it to this Thanksgiving. Whew. Sometimes I wasn't quite sure if we would. You know, with the end of the world looming over us and all. Or is that just me?

But here we are. Another Holiday Season.

Zach wants to start a new tradition this year, where we go around the table saying what we are thankful for very sarcastically. Such as, "I'm super thankful for this cold that I somehow managed to get last night, and the running nose I now have that drips constantly and has me half way through a new box of kleenex in the four hours I've been awake today and has my voice sounding deeper than Zach's and my head a bit fuzzy."

But I think that might be sending the kidlets the wrong message.


So, instead, in the grand tradition of Thanksgiving, I'm going to offer my thanks, family-table-style, in a speech that I would never be brave enough, or taken seriously enough... to give in public.


Sorry, this might get sappy.

I have never felt life to be this full before. As empty as our bank account is, our life is full. Brimming even. There is so much happiness, and love that I can't help but well up with tears thinking about what saturates this home and I am so thankful that through the toughest year of our lives, Zach and I have been able to find each other through the mess and still hold on to that love. I am thankful for a man, that puts me first and his children second and keeps this family together. For his work ethic and his common sense that some days is the reason only reason I know we will be ok. He is the best kind of man, and I am so blessed to have him by my side, encouraging me to be a better mother, a better wife, a better writer and a better person.

I am so thankful for Stella, my little star. I am thankful for her sensitive spirit, and that she feels everything, good and bad. She loves with all that she is. She is afraid of everything, but when she finds something she wants to do, she stands up strong and puts her fears aside and finds courage, like on stage. She loves sleep. She loves people and experience and when she hurts, she really hurts, but when she loves it's all of her. She is her mother's daughter.

I am thankful for my Scarlett, my wildflower. For her tenacity and unflinching resolve. The world needs to watch out for this one, not the other way around. She has a flip that switches to furious as easily as it flips to pure joy. She is smart, scary smart. And is not afraid of anything. She is the one I don't have to worry about future success(Although I do). She was born to be successful, to leave her mark on this world and there will be no stopping her. She is a spit-fire, a little pistol and the rest of us just better buckle up.

I am thankful for Stryker, my little man. For his laid-back, easy going personality that has made having three kids possible. I am so thankful that everything makes him happy. Everything. He is the sweetest little boy, full of affection and always ready with a belly laugh. I am thankful for his curiosity, and the only word that seems to describe him lately: Rambunctious. He is un-phased by anything and everything until that is, until he wants something. And then, he will stop at nothing to get it. And I hope he carries that through with him for the rest of his life.

I am so thankful for my Mother, who has supported me through everything. Who is my biggest fan and strongest prayer warrior. I wouldn't have made it this last year without her. In more ways than one. My children adore her. And I'm pretty sure would leave me for her without once looking back to say goodbye. She is the strongest woman I know. And that's that. Thank you Mom.

I am so thankful for my In-Laws who make my life easier. Who support us, and love us unconditionally. They are the sweetest family and my closest friends and I am so blessed to have married into their family. My life is enriched because of them.

I am thankful for my brothers. Really, they are the funniest people I know. I can credit my strong pain tolerance to them.... And some of easy-going-ness(Although, my dad gets most of that creit). They however, get all the credit for my ability to laugh at crude jokes and stay unbothered by boys who carry on ridiculous conversations. And I can thank God for working in each and everyone of their lives, sometimes slower than I think is necessary, but He's there all the same. They are the best brothers. And they better get married soon, and start popping out cousins for my children. Just saying....

I am so very thankful for my dearest friends. Even if we don't get to see each other very often and survive by text messaging and Facebook messages in the in between times. Or see each other three times a week, in the craziness that is dance. Or once a month with play-dates. Or once every six months when we can't take the separation any more. I am thankful that they know me, and understand the language of crazy I speak. That they adore my children and that I can trust them with everything. They are exactly the kind of friends every girl should have.

I am thankful for the Graciousness of Others. It seems lately, we are surviving on it. When I look back, even over my whole life, I have made it this far, I have become who I am today, because of the influence and generosity of others in my life. And recently, without the miraculous giving spirit of others, I know our lives would be lived in less quality. It has been one of the biggest testimonies and blessings of my life to watch other people in words spoken, prayers prayed and gifts given bless my life with their sacrifice. One day soon, I am going to write a blog on Poverty. I know there are a lot of people out there that are the givers, but I know too that there are a lot, a lot a lot, of people out there that are struggling through it now and I have some words for that situation. But now I want to thank those that have the means to make those situations not only tolerable but thriving.

Actually, I have a lot of words on that subject. But when don't I????

I am thankful for Dance Moms that aren't crazy. That would be rejected by Reality TV because even though we're hilarious, we definitely get along. They make my life SO much easier. In fact, that whole studio does.

I am thankful for health. For the universal health of this family.

I am thankful for this Country and the men and women who have fought to keep it free, for those freedoms that I enjoy with every breath I take and the innate sense that I was born with, the state of mind that reminds me that every man and woman and child is entitled to freedom, to liberty and to justice. That I was born into a society that believes every single person has the right to pursue their dreams and the capability to become whatever we want to be. And that not only me, but everyone has the right to worship freely.

I am thankful for the school I send my children to.

And a house, and a car, and clothes, however bag-lady-ish at least they cover me.

I am most thankful for so many blessings that this blog has turned sappy and boring. This has been a rough year. I'm moving forward, hoping that things go up from here. But I can know for certainty that it won't be my last hard year. It won't be the last time I am forced to struggle and lean on others and a God who loves me unconditionally, for life-support. And when that time comes, my prayer is that I remember these blessings, and I remember the joy that can be found through the pain and tough times and continue to offer thanks to the God who makes it all possible.


So Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. I hope you have a truly blessed day and that your list of Blessings is even longer than mine.


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  1. The Christmas song that makes me want to stick a pencil in my ear, however heartless it is, is: Christmas Shoes. I've only heard it 20 times already...