Just the Worst

I need to make two updates. The first is that yesterdays title is "Save Fifteen Minutes With...." And I meant that to be like a Geiko reference. So, I think it should say "Save Fifteen Percent with...." Or something along those lines.

Also. When I blogged about all my friends, I said that our youth pastors name was Ty Pennington. It's not. That is the guy from that show we watched during high school.... What's the name of that show.... Um. Shoot.


Trading Spaces.

He's on one now too isn't he? But ok, obviously, Ty Pennington was NOT our high school youth pastor. That was like a Freudian Slip. Lol.

Our youth pastor's name was Ty Thomas.

That makes a little bit more sense!!

So. Sorry! I get confused sometimes. Especially when I'm trying to blog early in the morning. Like today. There is no hope of making much sense!

Today, is not first of all, going to go like I planned it to. My idea of today, was lugging all of our billions of pounds of laundry to my mothers, and working on it all day, and then leaving the kidlets with her at the end of the day so Zach and I could go on the rather elusive date night.

But. My poor, dear mother, got the flu in the middle of the night. So. Not only is date night out, laundry is as well, whilst my poor, sickly mother suffers.

The flu has definitely been making it's way through everyone we know! But now I have a very personal vendetta against that mofo, now that it's taken away date night.

Yes, I did say Mofo.

Although, it's better if she gets it now and can recover by Thanksgiving, I suppose....

I wonder if she thinks of it like that! Probably not!!!!!! :)

I guess that means, I'm going to have to tuck my Buy One Entree, Get The Second One Free Coupon away, and save it for another day.

Well, and let me tell you, we weren't even just using a coupon, we were going during Happy Hour Prices and still going to use a coupon!!!!!!

Dinner was literally going to be like $5.99.

Once on the radio, they were having a discussion about men and women using coupons and they were saying Most Men prefer to pay full price over using a coupon because they find it embarrassing to use discounts.

Obviously, they have never met Zach.


In that same discussion, they were asking women, if a man pulled out like a groupon on your first date, would you think he was cheap and lose interest.

And most women were saying Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I was like, are you kidding me????? If a man pulls out a groupon on your first date to save money, girl you better snatch that boy up and take him to the alter that very day!!!!

Sure, it's fun to date the extravagant spender, but honey you want to marry the tight-ass. That way, even if he gives you a hard time about what you spend, AT LEAST there's money to spend!

Unless, of course, you found yourself a man that can afford both your shopping habit and his no-coupon habit.

So, I guess I'll have to turn our household into date night tonight instead. La Casa De Higginson will have to do.

It might be better anyway though. Because today, I am definitely recovering from a headache. Like, it's not gone all the way yet and I'm still afraid of it.

I don't know if you get headaches, but sometimes they are so bad that the day after, I just live in fear that they will come back with a vengeance. Like, they're mad at me for curing them with Tylenol.

Ugh. I get headaches. I'm one of those people. And I get them frequently. And from everything. Like, a strong smelling lotion, or Walmart lights, or if I wear a hooded sweatshirt too long because the hood is too heavy on my neck, or if I don't drink caffeine, or stress, or tension, or emotions in general, if I laugh too much, if I sleep funny, if the weather changes drastically, if the weather goes from hot to cold to hot to cold several days in a row, from allergies, from sinuses, from back pain, from my children, basically, if anything in this world touches my head or makes a sound, boom. I have a headache.

And they come in differing degrees. I can have a small headache that camps out in my temples and the back of my neck that lasts for whole weeks at a time, or I can have a migraine that has me confined to the bed and vomiting.

Yesterday, was somewhere in between. It was a bad headache, but I didn't classify it as a migraine, but now I'm sore from it so who knows. Like my brain is sore as if it lifted weights yesterday. They have their own version of a sliding scale.

My diagnosis of this one came from working too much over the weekend, AKA sitting at the computer, working on my posture (I have terrible posture, and a diet coke hump, I'm so trying to prevent my future as a humpback.), and then watching Horrible Bosses, because that movie makes me laugh WAY too much.

But then again, it could be the weather. So who knows. All I know, is I got a lot to get done today, so I can't be bothered with a headache.

Zach blames it on what he calls an Addiction To Texting. :)He says the screen is bad for my eyes! Lol, he's funny.

Either way, I was out by 10PM last night. Complete comatose! We were catching up on the DVR and the next thing I knew he was telling me to go to bed.

But that could have been the Codeine Pill he gave me. I'm not one for taking medicine. I have this super weird phobia/I Am Legand scenario playing over and over and over in my head so I just don't like taking medication. I would personally rather suffer through whatever is bothering me just so I can see how my body is handling it. Obviously this is not practical and I will break down and take a few Tylenol every once in a while, with some serious convincing from Zach. Oh, and I ALWAYS take my AZO. That is a must when needed.

But yesterday, Tylenol didn't do anything. Not one thing. So, Zach convinced me to take something stronger. And it knocked me out.

On the upside, I got a really, really good night's sleep.

My plan was to clean the house tomorrow, but I will be flip-flopping the days, I guess and work on laundry tomorrow.

Ok, this blog was kind of.... what's the word.... Boring.

So IF you've made it this far, let's do something fun! I remembered my Pet Peeves! Hip hip hooray! Unfortunately I remembered them, the HARD way, in that they happened to me and I was like, what the heck!!! Oh, yeah, that's good stuff for the el bloggo!

Haha. This all came out by the way because of a conversation with Zach the other night. I finally figured out his number one WORST pet peeve, it only took me like twenty years, but here we are! His makes me laugh, because I watch it happen So many times and I kind of just let it happen, whilst I enjoy his discomfort! No. That's not true.... But it's happening more and more to him at work and so his stories are getting more and more ridiculous and I kind of love it. Because where I will huff and puff with mine but stay completely silent about what's bothering me, he does the opposite and almost goads it on out of spite. He's a hilarious man. Let me just say that.

Ok, so his worst, is like when people have a story they really, really want to tell you, but they won't just come out with it and say it. Which, personally I've never run into this, girls usually just come right out and say, oh hey, I have a story, so maybe this is a guy thing. But what bothers him, is like when they won't just tell you, they sit around hinting at something because they want YOU to be the one to ask about it. It drives Zach bananas. So he will purposefully do anything in his power NOT to ask about it. He's like, if you have something to say JUST say it! But usually they keep hinting, and Zach keeps ignoring all of their attempts to provoke him to ask! I should say, he doesn't mind hearing the stories, he would so gladly listen should these people jump right into their tale and get on with it. He doesn't like the game of being the one who has to beg for them to bring it up! And I just love it. :)

So. A Top Five List of My WORST Pet Peeves. (Starting from least annoying and going to the worst.)

1. When men call a woman "Insane" or "Crazy" or any kind of words describing their mental state. Ok, it's ok for girls to call other girls crazy. And it's ok, for us to tell boys that those girls are crazy. It's even ok, for me to call myself crazy! But don't you as a man, tell me how insane I am, or how Bat Sh** your girlfriend is. It's rude. And I kind of hate it! We know we're crazy. Trust me! We get it. We don't need men agreeing with us.

2. This happens a lot with me, because I am so indecisive. Most people assume that when you say something like "I don't care, we can do whatever," that you actually have an opinion you just are too afraid to share it. They assume that because they are usually asking the question out of politeness, with their own agenda already in mind. And then the debate goes on, and I say "No, really, I don't care." And because they think you are just being more polite, they counter with, "Well, it doesn't matter to me!" And then it gets worse because I get frustrated, wishing I could just think of something... really, anything!!! But I can't because my brain NEVER works like that and I finally end up just begging the other person, NO PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!!!!!!!!! or where you want to eat, or whatever the case may be. This one shows up in my marriage a lot!!! :) Zach always thinks I'm tricking him. He's always, I'm not falling for that one! Oh goodness!

3. Ok, this one happens a lot too! Because we live in the country and the Interstate is so very convenient in Omaha. Do you know when you're merging on to the Interstate and the cars will not get over into the far lane, so you either have to gun it to get in front of them and then cut them off or slow way down to like 30 and merge into fast traffic while you're stuck driving the pace of a snail???? Yep. I kind of hate that!! Just get over and let me in for crying out loud!!!!

4. I cannot stand to be shushed. Oh, my goodness. Talk about the hairs standing instantly up on the back of my neck and my eyes narrowing into a glare immediately. Do not shush me. Do not turn around in a movie theater, do not pump your hands downward in a quieting motion in a restaurant. You could ask me, nicely, to quiet down and I would gladly oblige, but shushing will get you nowhere. In fact, if anything, I will probably get louder just to spite you.

5. And finally, this one kind of goes along with my last one, but it has to be the WORST thing in the world to me. I cannot stand it when people tell me I'm being loud. Or say, so every condescendingly, "Why are you being so loud right now?" Ugh! It drives me crazy!! Trust me, I know I'm loud! I know I get really, really loud when I'm telling a story, I am an expressive story teller. I like to make my points loudly. If I argue, I'm going to go all out! I have one volume and that is loud. I know this. But it's who I am. I don't mind me being loud. I certainly don't mind you being loud. So let me scream until my voice goes hoarse and then you won't have to worry about it anymore! Oh. Nothing makes me bristle more, or flip my Gorga Switch faster!!!

And there you have it. Now that its all written out, I feel like I'm inviting trouble.... :)


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