Tuesday is not treating me very nicely.

And I was so excited for today because we have absolutely nothing to do except clean one room of my house. Granted, it is a bit of an undertaking... But still. How bad can One Room be??

Well, since it's 10 and I'm just now sitting down to the el bloggo, things have obviously gone differently than I wanted them to go today.

In fact, the only reason why I get any blogging time at all right now is because the little man is down for his morning nap and the girls are on the couch for some Emergency TV time.

Oh that's right. It was an emergency.

They are being such.... such.... Girls today!!! And they're driving me bonkers. I'm like, a broken pop tart is no reason for sobbing, hysterical tears. You're going to eat it anyways!! That means its going to be chewed up in your mouth and then sent to your stomach where it will be broken up further.


Scarlett if you say one of the two "S" words for the fiftieth time this morning I WILL be sending you to Reform Pre-School.

And if it doesn't exist. I will create it. There has got to be a giant need for it. I could be the next millionaire entrepreneur!!!!

Oh, and the two "S" words are Shut-Up and Stupid. And they are constant. So constant that we are to the point where she says this sentence in like a very rushed, mumbled, almost whispery way... Ahem... "Shut up, you're stupid, I'm sorry, I forgive you, go to time out." Oh yeah, she says that to herself.

Just like that.

And I don't even want to talk about Stella's attitude. She doesn't use the bad words. I can at least say that.... But she does stomp her foot, clench her little fists and grunt exasperatedly. Her tantrums sound more like "UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And then a flip of her hair.

I have no idea where she gets it from.

None at all.

And if you are making the correlation between Eden and the same temper-tantrum than don't. It's not worth your time....


Yes, I am 27.

Why do you ask?


So, in order to curb this Belated-Monday-Effect I put them in the tub. Because that's what I do whenever we have time and things are going sour. I soak them until they are all prune-y and wrinkly and happy.

Most importantly until they're happy.

But it didn't work today.

And so, we resort to Plan B which is, "Hey guys, how about a movie????"

And I retreat into the computer room where I will be setting up a Prayer Vigil as soon as this blog is over.

Or making a second pot of coffee.

Or both.

Anyway, that is so not where I was going today.

Even though Halloween is over, I think it's time we had a discussion on ghosts.


A little heart to heart if you will!

This subject is brought to you by the wonderful mothers at dance last night. But now that I think about it, I don't even know how it got brought up.....

Oh, I remember. We were talking about this couple one of the moms know and the husband was seeing ghosts everywhere and to the point where he thought he was going actually certifiably crazy. So him and his wife went to a psychic here in town that told him.... (Oh I should say, he had been seeing them mostly at his house and then he worked at a hospital so they were all over the hospital! Which, I'm kind of like... Duh... I mean, if you see ghosts, then... the hospital is an obvious choice. In fact, if you are ever in a scary movie AVOID hospitals!!!!!)

Where was I?

Oh, right. So the Psychic told him that it wasn't just those places though, he actually just has this connection with the dead and they follow him everywhere.

Kind of creepy right?

He just has to live his life with the dead following him. Bruce Willis anyone?????

Hmmm.... I should also say that I DO NOT believe in ghosts or psychics or any of this stuff. Like. At all. But.... Here's the thing, I am scared easily. I'm scared of like normal things. Like, the dark. I just did a top ten list of all the things I'm abnormally terrified of and those don't even scratch the surface. In general, I am a huge Chicken.

In fact, one of Zach's most favorite things to do in life is to scare me until I'm screaming bloody murder, kicking and punching into the air and on the verge of a heart attack.

Sometimes, I don't think he loves me....

Anyways. So although logically I can talk myself out of believing in ghosts, that fear factor side of me is actually terrified of the spiritually unknown.

It's quite the internal battle.

Plus, after last nights conversation I started to realize how crazy I can be (started to realize.... ha!) and then I caught up on My Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (yes, I did say My....) and they had a seance on the episode, hence this is where the blog is coming from....

But, here's the thing. My kids see ghosts all the time. All the time! And when I'm in my right mind, I logically know that they have inherited my fears and panic attacks and that they only think they see things and then freak out and make a much bigger deal about it then it really is.

Sometimes, however, it is hard to think logically, when they are hysterical, screaming that they see a ghost and pointing behind me like whoever it is, is standing right over my shoulder!!!!!

Probably with a huge knife, just waiting for the right opportunity...

I mean, right?????

And most of the time, Scarlett will settle down and go, "Oh whew, Mommy, it's only a Frog Ghost!"

I can deal with the dead spirits of amphibians.

People are a different story.

Ok. And then Friday night. Oh geez.... Don't think I'm crazy..... Zach was camping with his brother and some friends, so it was just me in the house. And that already is an issue, because I freak myself out SO easily. It's actually ridiculous. But anyway. Zach's side of the bed had only one pillow because he had taken the others with him camping.

And my side was still stacked with the five pillows I need. Yes, I need five. Don't argue.

I like to burrow.

But that's a different blog.

Anyway, the bed was made nicely and we hadn't been home all day Friday, so the kids hadn't even been on the thing to jump around and move the pillows. Well, night time came and I got the kids down and then wrote for a little bit and then needed a shower. So I walked into my bedroom and I distinctly remember the pillows being where they were because I thought to myself, "Aw, I miss the guy...." when I saw his lone pillow standing pathetically next to my giant stack of comfort.

I take a shower.

I come out of the shower.


Zach's pillow is stacked on top of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not even kidding.

This is not a joke.

This really happened!!!

But what actually happened?????? Really, somebody please tell me!

Don't think I didn't freak out, grab Zach's light-saber (That's actually a story all to itself, see, Stella wanted to be Darth Tigger for Halloween and so she had a Darth Vader Mask over her Tigger costume and carried around Zach's Light-Saber, you know those real looking ones that are actually kind of expensive... Anyway, I hadn't replaced it in its special holder yet and so it was leaning against the wall in our bedroom. And it's kind of heavy..... So I thought, maybe as far as weapons go....? That story actually doesn't make sense from start to finish....)

So. I grabbed the light-saber, hoping if there was a thief they would mistake it for the real thing and run out of there before I cut off their hand and declared that I was their father....

And checked every room with my finger on the 911 speed dial.

But nothing.

There was nobody in the house.


Which only left one explanation.


Somebody was obviously trying to communicate with me from the other side.

It's the only logical reason the pillows would be stacked that way. I would never have put them all in one pile on one side of the bed. I'm two symmetrical. In fact, before my shower I was thinking how I should spread out the pillows evenly across the bed. Because I'm OCD like that.

It was terrifying.

I was afraid to get into my bed for like twenty minutes.

And then I came back to sanity. Talked myself into rational thinking. Got into bed. And fell asleep.

Here's the thing. I had this terrifying experience as a teenager with a Ouiga Board. And I'm not proud of it. And it has definitely scarred me for life.

That's a different blog though. Whew.

And then I had this enlightening experience with a therapist a couple years later. He was the husband of one of my teachers at school and we were driving to some leadership conference and there were like four of us kids in the back seat talking about ghosts and deja vu and psychic abilities and what not and this is what he said, "We have so many similar experiences throughout our life that it is impossible to remember every single thing, but because there are so many identical situations through our life, Deja Vu is the idea that we are remembering doing this before without actually remembering it. It's not that you did it before in a different life time, or knew you were going to do it or meet someone psychically before you actually did. You actually DID do something very similar to that situation and are now remembering the very unclear and muddled details."

Ok, brilliant, right? Seriously, it impacted me. Probably, changed my life. Well.... Maybe....

And I have the WORST memory ever. Good grief, sometimes I get scared I'm not going to remember my own name. So. I take his theory and I apply it to literally every fear I have.

I moved the pillow.

At some point during the night. Or my kids did when I wasn't paying attention. And I am misremembering the way the bed looked when I walked into the bedroom before my shower. Those were the memories I had earlier in the night. And then I moved the pillow. And then, I don't remember really how the bed looked before the shower. And then after the shower I got confused with the memories.

Is this making any sense???

It's like when you drive home and you have NO recollection of the drive at all. Does that happen to anyone else? It's like you are on autopilot and you get home and go, Huh, how did I get here???

They say that is a TERRIBLE way to drive by the way.

Nevermind I used to drive like that all the TIME before kids.

Now. Between the screaming and passing of snacks and singing/car-dancing together I don't really have that problem anymore.... And it's a good thing because I sure sound like a MUCH safer driver with kids, right??? Lol....

But anyways. I walked to the shower, at the end of a long day, very very tired and on Autopilot. And when I came out of the shower I pulled on the memories from earlier in the evening and moved them on my internal timeline.

It's just because my brain is muddled and tired all of the time.

Even though I've been racking my brain for half a week trying to remember moving that darn pillow and can't remember a thing. And even though, you would so not be buying this theory if you heard my Ouija Board story.....

But, lest I sound more crazy than I actually am, lets go with the logical, realistic, no-sixth-sense version of the story.

Oh good grief, I need a filter... Can anyone tell me the point of this blog????

I suppose just to share my ghost story and hope that somebody out there also has one and doesn't think I'm completely bananas???? :)


Today is the LAST day to get in your quotes if you want to be qualified for my Give-Away!!!!!!

And can I just say that I AM LOVING every post!!! It is SO fun to read everyone's favorite parts. Some I have always hoped would stay with you and some are complete surprises and I have to sit back and go, Um, are they SURE I wrote that????


Keep them coming!!!

And have a fantastic, better than mine, ghost-free Tuesday!!!


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