All Things Target

I just finished mopping my floors.

Holy Smokes did they need it!!!!

And I used a mop.

Which usually, I prefer to hands and knees those suckers, but today felt like a mop day. Besides, it's rare that I get chores done in the morning hours, and so I wasn't going to push my luck there.

At least when I pick Stella up from school today, I will have an excuse for looking like I just rolled out of bed. I mean, sweats, messy hair and no-makeup.

And I broke my sunglasses like two weeks ago! Do you know how much you can hide behind big sunglasses??? A lot. Like a big ol' shiny face without eyeliner or foundation.

I needed new sunglasses anyways, but they broke on me at kind of an inconvenient time.

One day I'll get back to Target and buy a new pair. Good grief. I used to be in Target like at least once a week when I lived in the city and now... I can't even remember the last time I stepped inside those wonderful doors.

So. I'm saving the sunglasses for a time without kids when I can shop not just for a new pair of shades but for like tennis shoes for Stella and little boy shoes for Stryker and new winter hats, and new winter gloves for EVERYBODY in the family, and a silverware drawer thingy that I have been wanting and a new mop and it seems like there's something else on my super weird, random list of things I've been pushing until I can get to Target and buy them all at once.


New snow boots for Stella.

And then I just like to wander.

And wander.

Down every aisle and see what they have in every department.

Man, I love Target.

So that is why I've been waiting, because even though they have Amazing carts built for three children, I would prefer to browse kid-less. By myself. And mostly, alone.

Ok, and can I just say that I feel REALLY on top of things right now and that NEVER happens.

My house is mostly clean. And by that I mean I have one room left and it's tomorrow's project so it's all planned out. My laundry is mostly caught up and by that I mean, that I'm not behind yet and I have an actual day scheduled into my week to deal with it. Dinner is planned and half made for tonight (Shepherd's Pie, and I'm using left over mashed potatoes and that makes it SO easy since they're already made) and I was not only on-time dropping Stella off at school today, in all likelihood I will be on-time picking her up from school!!!

This never happens.

And as icing on the cake the fourth book is coming along!

What happened? Who am I?

That's what I want to know!

If you would have talked to me last week, I would so not have been this upbeat. I was literally drowning in laundry and the book well.... it wasn't where it is today. Let's just say that.

But we're starting this week off on a good foot.

Except poor little Stryker has a cold. And it's the kind of cold that I hate to see babies get. Like the one where you wipe their nose and then turn around and then turn back around and they have an inch wide string of snot from their nostril to their chin and it's all over their face and their hands and your carpet and your shirt and well, everywhere.

But I need to call the doctor anyways. I like stock up on diseases so I can get all the kidlets in at the same time. I'm like, Oh your ear hurts? Ok, just live with it for one more week and by then your sister and your brother will be sick, or hurt, or it will be time for their next check up or SOMETHING will have happened and I can get you all in at the same time and only make one trip.

Ok, sound good?



No. I'm just kidding, I totally take care of my kids when they are sick.

Although, the phone call I am making today kind of involves all three with three totally separate illnesses/weird things going on that need a doctors opinion.

But that's probably just a coincidence. So, don't worry about it!

It seems like there was something cohesive I was going to blog about today, but now I can't remember.


I guess I'm not so put together afterall.....

Oh, but there is only ONE more day to get your quote entered for the signed picture give-away and No Mom, you do not qualify... Although, I did love your quote!!! :)

Actually, I'm loving them all! This is so fun!

So, don't forget! And if you haven't watched Once Upon A Time yet. It's probably time you catch up with it on your computer because it is Ah-Mazing. And I'm totally obsessed with it. Although, seriously why is Cameron from House's voice so low???? What happened to her?

Does she smoke?

Somethings going on!

Anyways! Happy Monday to all!!!


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