Write Away

It feels like a Monday morning.

Which, ok, that's never good.

And I think even my kids were hit with the Wall that is Wake Up After The Weekend and Generally Hate Everyone and Everything.

Or is that just my family?

And to make Monday even more special, we have laundry to do today. Can I just remind everyone how much I LOATHE laundry. Loathe it. To the bottom of my soul. And now, for some reason I cannot emotionally get into right now, I have to leave my house to do it. Which that part doesn't really bother me. I kind of like getting out of the house, going to a place where the kids are distracted and getting some half hours in at a time to write. What bothers me is lugging the laundry back and forth. I'm not equipped for it like I was back in college. I've got my car packed to the ceiling with baskets of dirty clothes, turning my visibility into like zero!!

Last week, I took my laundry with me for after Bible Study and when we got back to the car after two hours, my entire car smelled like dirty socks. Scarlett wouldn't even get in the car because of the smell. Which might say a little too much about our dirty laundry....

So then, that makes me wonder if I also smelled like dirty socks.

Because that would have been awesome.

Or the opposite of awesome....

Anyways, even though it's Monday. And EVEN though it's laundry day.... We had an amazing weekend!

Friday, the whole day I was just so exited to stay home the whole weekend. Sometimes I need to get out of the house, like HAVE to have a night on the town. But most of the time, if I never need to leave my isolated, little, country house, that's when I'm most happy.

I know? I like, drank the koolaid out here or something!

It is well water.....

But anyways, Friday was especially fun because Zach took the girls camping for the first time ever in the back yard. Oh yes, they worked on the tent as soon as he got home from work, he built a fire pit in the field behind our house, they roasted hotdogs and made smores and read books by the light of a.... I'm not kidding you here.... Darth Vader Light-Saber. (Turns out we don't own a flashlight! Apparently, the need for one has NEVER come up in six whole years of marriage!)

The girls were in heaven. They could camp every day of their little lives, even though I explained to them that when you start camping every day... that's like actually being homeless.

Although... They did rough it a little bit better than Zach who had to wake everyone up at 2AM and drag them, kicking and screaming, inside the house because his head was numb it was so cold outside.

The girls had each other to cuddle with so they were completely fine.

So while Zach and the girl's had their wildlife adventure. I wrote. And. Wrote. And Wrote. And Wrote.

Which was AMAZING.

I've always dreamed of Lake House getaways by myself. I think I could write entire books in just weekends if I had a house to myself, inspired by nature and nothing but a computer. No internet. No phone. No meals to make. Or kids to drive around. Just me and solitude and words. Beautiful words.

Like I could pound whole books in that amount of time with that kind of focused environment!

Let's get real here though, I would dream about that scenario even if I wasn't a writer!!! I know the mom's know what I'm talking about!!! Haha!

Not like extended time away from my family. Just short weekends of focused time for me. Two days of thinking about me!

Well, maybe in the future!

Or maybe not. Maybe I'll learn how to perfectly balance everything.

And I think we all know, that as I would get out there, I would just obsess about the kidlets and Zach, worrying that everyone was alright and that they didn't miss me too much, while I desperately missed them!

But either way, it helps to have an amazing man by my side, who not only takes his girl's camping for the night, but also wakes up to bring me a, ice-cold cherry pepsi and chocolate when I'm writing way into the early morning hours.

How sweet is he????


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