I love Tia and Tamera Mowry.

And I love those Disney Movies.

Mainly because those are about as scary as I can handle. Not even kidding...

Except when it comes to Zombies.

Usually I struggle separating Fiction from Reality. Like in movies. It's all very much too real for me.

But Zombies. I'm like, really?

Not that I don't get scared. I totally do. I get scared of EVERYTHING. But zombies are a Fear Factor I can handle.

Ok. So. For Halloween. Which, by the way, thank you everyone for the great suggestions!! I took one and kind of ran with it.

Jail Birds was a suggestion and I was thinking, like how easy would that be!

And then Miriah was all you should totally go as a Pimp and a Hooker.

So this is what we did.

I went as a hooker/baby-mama/trailer-trash. And Zach went as my baby-daddy/convict/boyfriend.

And together. We were. A Conjugal Visit!!!!!!

Yes. We were.

Well, I thought it was hilarious. WAYYYY better than vampires, which was our fall-back plan since we had these teeth from several years ago that we never used.

Zach went, and was way more comfortable in an orange jumpsuit than was probably appropriate. Just kidding. But he didn't think it was as funny as I did. I kept like delivering it to him, like a punch line, and he was all, yep, I get it, whatever!!

Although, sometimes he does that to be a brat. Like, pretends I'm not as funny as I am. We both know I'm hilarious. He was probably giggling about it the whole night whenever my back was turned.


So. Here is a picture.

I also was chewing bubble gum and had a purse full of.... Um, how do I say this tactfully.... Um, a purse full of protection. Haha!

Well, it was a super fun night! And we got to spend it with some lovely people!!

Here's my one issue with the night.

And I should be flattered... I suppose.... But people kept coming up to me and telling me how pretty I was!!! This is very disturbing.

Here's a close up of my blue eyeshadow and teased hair.

What is disturbing is that I don't think they meant "pretty" as in like a general opinion basing it on the whole of humanity.

Oh, no I am pretty sure they meant that I looked pretty for me.... Which means, that "pretty" for me is over the top makeup and giant hair. I look better as trailer trash then usual.

Oh boy.

One of my dear friends was the first to compliment me and she walks over and says, "Oh, my gosh you look so pretty!!" And I thought she was joking so I said, "Yeah, pretty like a hooker."

And she gasped, and exclaimed, very offended by the way, "Who said that?????"

And I'm like Me! That's what I'm supposed to be!!!

I mean, really, I am not one to turn down a compliment ever. It's just a little bit um.... worrying!

Oh well. We had a fantastic time. And now we are ready to celebrate with the kidlets tonight. I have a Tigger, a Pooh Bear and a Christopher Robin. Or as Scarlett likes to say a Christmaspher Robin.

So precious!

We went out last night to a Trunk or Treat at one of the churches here in town. And it was fun. Everything was free, they had all these interactive trunks where there was games to play before the kids could get their candy, and free family pictures, and free nachos and drinks. The kids loved it.

Although, they refused to participate in any of the games. And at one station, they children had to climb into the back of a van to get to the candy and both of my girls were like, are you kidding me??? No candy is worth getting in to some strangers van!!!

And I was like, Thank the Lord!!! I have done something right!!!!!


That seriously makes a parent feel so good!

Anyways, here are my little characters.

Scar-baby. Stella wouldn't even pose for me!

It was definitely chilly out!! So Stryker looks more like FDR in this picture than Christopher Robin... Which is unfortunate since he is my LEAST favorite president.

This was actually BEFORE Trunk or Treat. Yep, they fell asleep on the way to the festivities. But aren't they precious????

So anyways, I hope everyone has a very safe and fun Halloween!!!!


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