One Star

Tuesdays are my absolutely favorite day of the week.

Ok, wait. I take that back. I'm a huge advocate for the weekends and the hubs being home so I can sleep in.... And get some serious work done....

Basically, I'm just using him.

Oh, wait. Also. I love to spend time with him, so fine, Saturday and Sunday are my fave days.

But during the week, I absolutely LOVE a good Tuesday.

And this is why. We have absolutely nothing going on. Not from morning till night. And I get to stay in my pajamas as long as I want. Breakfast doesn't happen until after nine. And there is no rushing out the door.


Tuesday is just the day to relax. And catch up from the weekend and the business of Monday.

I mean, Thursdays are kind of like that too, except I have Bible Study, which I LOVE. But we can never, ever, ever, ever get anywhere on time, so the morning of Bible Study I'm usually at my Mommy-Worst trying to get everyone ready and out the door.

Preschool days are actually better because the only one that has to be ready is Stella!

What? You guys don't drop off at school in your pajamas?????

Dang it!

Some day I will have it all together.

Ok, probably not....

So, the only thing clouding this perfect day of nothing is.... I have to work tonight. Which is so strange in itself! I cannot even tell you.

I mean seriously, my schedule is 6-9... It's not difficult. Most likely there will not even be a customer in the store. And I'm not going to even pretend I don't like the downtime to drive somewhere by myself with Britney blasting in the speakers and the three hours of talking to other grownups.

I won't pretend.

But. Let's get real here, I'm not really the working-force kind of individual.

I'm... Hmm.... How should I say this.... I am the biggest ditz I know! And on top of that, I am a step-by-step learner. So if I don't have specific instructions, we could be in trouble!

Oh, I'm definitely not afraid to own up to the fact that I'm a huge airhead. I don't know... I did really well in the academic world. Like tests are my thing. Writing papers??? Um, kind of make me extremely happy!! I will sign up for lectures even now and hope there is a pop quiz thrown somewhere in the mix.

I just LOVE school.

Ok. Now put me in the real world. And... It's almost laughable.

The first time I ever checked the oil on this old van we used to have, that needed to be filled with oil like every week.... Yep. I mean, I filled it! Zach was on the other end of the phone telling me what to do and I was trying to explain to him what was going on. I said, it's empty and the engine is clicking. He said, get some oil and fill it to the line. Well, he did not say the line on the dipstick thing that I still can't even find...!!!! And so. I hung up the phone and poured the entire quart of oil in and I looked down, inspected and still couldn't see anything, so I went back into the gas station, got another bottle of oil and poured that one in too. I called Zach and said, Ok, I can see the oil, I think we're good. He was like. YOU CAN SEE THE OIL, WHAT DO YOU MEAN?????

And I was like, I filled it to the line, like you said? Isn't the line at the very top???

And he was like, Um. No.

And I was like, well then, you should have given me more specific directions. :)

And that is how I translate into every day life. God gave me this very creative brain but... not a whole lot of common sense. And I'm hear to say that loud and proud. (It's National Coming Out Day anyways, so this is me coming out....)

I'm an airhead.

Which is why I married the man I did. He is the most common-sensical person I have ever met. And if Common Sense could rule the world (And it probably should....) he would have my vote! :)

And I'm getting old on top of it. (PS maybe my hair is not turning gray... Maybe it's turning blonde!!!!! That would so happen to me... Also, turning gray would so happen to me and is SO happening to me so.... Shoot.)

What I mean is, apparently I'm not the quick learner that I used to be because that darn register still makes no sense. I feel like I have the pricing gun thing down somewhat, but even then I'm not so sure....

I got this job because before Reckless went free, I wasn't really bringing in a whole lot of income from the books. And two things are important enough for me to work for. I mean, besides my family's well-being.

Private School. (Not because I'm a snob... at least I don't think so.... but it's where my husband and I went to school our whole lives and I am just in love with the education system there and I know exactly the education my kids will get, I love the small school atmosphere and also, my mom still works there....)

And. Dance. (And not just Dance specifically, but the extracurriculars my kids are passionate about. So, for my girlies that is dance and will stay dance probably until they get a college scholarship out of it. (Oh, double parenthesis... If we're doing this whole dance thing then there WILL be a college scholarship out of it... :)) But for Stryker, whatever he wants to pursue. If it's dance, well... then he'll have to take that up with his father. But like, soccer or football.... or I don't know, even what's that thing called where people dress up as medieval characters and have battles and stuff??? Shoot... I can't think of it. But if that's what he wants to do then so be it, I want to be able to afford it.)

Anyway... A job was necessary at the time. So I applied for a friend, got a job in a little retail shop that she runs, then started making a little bit of money with books, and now here we are. I kind of feel like I will be working two jobs. But that's ok! For now, I'm ok with it.

I haven't had a real job in a seriously laughable amount of time. One where you clock in and clock out.... It's been a while. Like, since 2004!

Can you believe that???

I've had jobs. Nannying. In-Home Daycare. Jewelry Consultant. Saladmaster Sales. Those kind of things, but they were never the type of job where I had to clock in and clock out.

So this is a little bit newer to me. But so far I like it. Although.... I may have already called in once and I officially started last week! But, in my defense, over the weekend I got this TERRIBLE UTI and all day Sunday I was completely incapacitated with it.

And here is my thoughts on that. I am a girl. That adores caffeine. And I've had a couple of kids. So. Naturally, my Urinary Tract officially hates me.

Anyway, the further into this morning we go, the more excited for those precious three hours away from the house I get.

No, that's not really true. It's just that Scarlett was up at Five this morning.... And. Well. She's acting like it!

So anyways, if you have any maternity needs... I'm your girl! I'm probably not your girl for checking you out correctly and making sure you get all of your sale prices, but I LOVE to dress up pregnant girls and tell them what I think looks good on them! :)

Writer by Day. Preggo Stylist by night!

Whew... This blog has literally taken me four hours to write... If you couldn't tell by how disjointed I am today! This is why the 6AM ones are SO much better (ironically...).

And I didn't even get talk about my One Star Review from yesterday.... That's right. My first one. And, ok. It's kind of taking everything out of me not to throw a pity party. I keep reminding myself that I appreciate every review, no matter the stars or numbers, I just always love feedback, good or bad. And that really is the truth... But still... I can't help but want to write them a sweet little email and say, let's get to the bottom of this, how can I make your life better? :)


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  1. I just finished Hopeless Magic and stumbled upon your blog...which made me laugh lots, which is nice because work has been stressful today. So, thanks! :) (Also I went and checked out your 1 star review, you can't please everyone and that review was pretty pitiful itself...and did you see the comment on it? Also made me laugh...) Anyhow, just wanted to say, love your books and can't wait for the next one! :)

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I have now completed both of your books in the Star-Crossed series and can't wait for Fearless Magic to come out! Loved, loved, loved them! And since I don't believe my age (cough, cough) is in the intended audience, that means something! You've created a story that defies the expected "age-limits" and is enjoyable to many different groups! I also read your 1-star review - don't sweat it. I've read a lot of books in this genre and a lot of these stories share somewhat similar themes. The difference is that your stories approach these themes from a different angle and make the characters come alive! Once again, I loved them - and judging by all the five star reviews, so did many others!

  3. I wouldn't worry about the one star. I don't even know how you were given it. Your books are amazing and I can not wait until Fearless magic comes out!! honestly... I have read four books since finishing Hopeless magic and all I can think about is your books. I really can't wait. Thank you for writing a book that takes me away from my stressful day.

  4. Don't worry about your one star review. Not everyone has good taste in reading material.