Ok. A couple Housekeeping things first.

Fearless Magic will not be on the Nook for a couple of weeks. The process is super slow for some reason.... I don't actually publish to The Nook. I publish to a site called Smashwords that then distributes to not only B&N but every other e-reader except Kindle. So, once I publish to Smashwords, it takes forever to go live on those sites. I have to be approved into a premium catalog and then it's like even weeks after that before you can purchase directly from B&N and Sony. Blah, blah, blah....

However. You don't have to wait until it's live on B&N to buy. You can actually go straight to and buy it and then download it to your Nook!!

So. That is super exciting!!

Also. While I'm hyperlinking my book from my blog... Here's the link to Amazon!!


Ok. Next. I live in the most beautiful part of the world. It's true. And I wish that I didn't have to brag about it... But. Sorry!! And yes, I am talking about my farm in the middle of Nebraska. It is just gorgeous in the fall!!!!

I would take a picture... But... Its too early for that kind of motivation! Maybe tomorrow...

Next. An update on Colter! He is doing great! What they believe happened now, is that he was originally misdiagnosed. Which is fantastic news. They actually rushed him from the hospital where they are from to several hours away to a specialist who determined that it's not cancer, and it can be cured through an IV. Which is amazing.

The family, believes in more than a misdiagnosis though. They truly believe it was a miracle! Which, is how I tend to lean too! :) Thank you everyone that prayed!!!

And then, after a blog comment yesterday.... I feel like I should explain that No, we don't have a microwave. I mean. We had one at one point, but we are into this like natural food phase and microwaves have been linked to cancer.

Here's the thing. We still like bad food.... Like Jalapeno Poppers from the frozen foods section. And ice cream... And candy.

But. We want to give our children the best environment for success that we can. And so when we did research about microwaves, it just didn't add up. And for us. A Toaster Oven is just as convenient.

That being said. If you have/use a microwave, good for you! We know we're crazy. Believe. Me. And obviously, we're not these 100% healthy eaters that strive for veganism.

Plus, last week, I totally made a bag of microwavable popcorn at my mom's house...

And it was delicious!!!!

Stove-top is yummy.. But it just doesn't compare!

And finally.... I was totally planning on blogging about why I'm Team Jacob, so to speak.... But after some, um.., how do I say this... "Mixed" Amazon reviews this morning, I think I'm going to hold off until after the fourth book is released!

And for several reasons. That I can't even talk about. And it's driving me nuts.

Here is what I'm NOT good at: Keeping my opinions to myself.

And not just that. But like, not sharing every single detail of every single thought inside my head.

Let's be honest. I have no filter. There is no censoring between my thoughts and my mouth. In fact, sometimes I speak before I think. Like literally.... Sometimes my mouth says something and my brain hears it at the same time that everybody else does!

And I'll be like, shoot. Shouldn't have said that. Or.. I didn't know I felt that way! Or. Wow, that was really, super insightful, I'm amazing. Ok... Actually I never think that last one.

Before, nobody read my books, it didn't matter at all what I put in them, I let the story just kind of unfold. Which ok, is still what I do, I couldn't do it any other way, but now I have an ulcer because of it....

I do discuss everything with Kylee, mainly because my love language is positive reinforcement, so I don't think she would ever steer me in any one direction.. Well. Ok, she has tried. She's definitely for Jericho... :) But mainly she just sits and listens and says, "Great Idea." "Yes, go for it!" Or. "Well, just write it out and then see how you feel about it."

My personal favorite is.... "No, Rachel. You're not crazy. Just relax!"

I just need positive feedback. Basically, she's babysits me.

Anyways, there is so much about these books that I didn't plan on. I know I've said it before, but sometimes it really feels like I am just documenting a story that I had no part in creating.

Ok, obviously, that is crazy. Please don't commit me.

But, what I mean is that sometimes the story turns in a direction out of my control, or characters appear that I had no intention of creating or giving a major role.

And I so want to share everything with you. It's really hard for me not to.

Truthfully, I probably will as soon as the fourth book is out.... But until then I have to keep quiet or it will ruin it for everybody. Even my opinions on Edward and Jacob....

And that drives me CRAZY. Honestly, I would just like to give you a map of exactly where this story is headed. Even if it wouldn't take you all the way to the end yet, because I am still sorting through the ending.... Ahem.....

Especially after this last book. Like, with the first two books, negative reviews mainly centered around grammatical issues, which I TOTALLY get. And will be fixing very soon. Or there were a few that talk about how the plot is overdone in the genre or want to compare it to Twilight. Which, really, and all seriousness, I love any and all feedback and criticism. Just because I enjoy the perspective. Every person is different and unique and if you think about that as opinions and how just even one person has thousands of their own opinions and then times that by humanity. I mean it's huge!

Ok, but now the negative opinions are people literally mad at the story line. And that is.... yikes. I don't know. I just want to sit down and talk them through things.. But. Um, obviously I can't....

So. Sorry?

All that being said, I have never been more excited to write anything more in my life than the conclusion of this series! Like, seriously, I can hardly keep the ideas together and cohesive and I cannot wait just to have it written down, on paper and out of my head!! And of course, I cannot wait to share it with you, so that you can either hate it or love it or throw something at your computer screen, or whatever! :)

Oh geez. I really meant to go in a completely different direction this morning! Geesh.

Tomorrow. We talk about hugs.


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  1. Loved it, loved it!!! I did absolutely nothing today because I could not put it down (I did pick up my kids). I just can't believe I have to wait to finish it. You did great, bless your family for letting you write. I need it:)

  2. I finished the book last night (way past my bed time because I couldn't stop) and throughout the day as I worked my emotions kept going back and feeling very... in tune with Eden. What a way to end the book. I have to give you kudos again for writing a series that seriously pulls the emotions of the reader so that they can easily feel what the characters feel. Your series is very addictive and I just cannot wait for January to roll around. By the way, on those grammar problems, I would happily proof read the next book for you... free of charge (~_^)

  3. Your books are perfect! I wouldn't change anything. I love where the story line is going and can't wait for the next book. Way better than Twilight!

  4. I'm team Jacob too, although I don't care for Twilight. But I'm team Jacob because he is that OTHER guy that loves her and will do anything for her, while she is still in love with the MAIN snob who probably should take some lessons in caring. I read a lot of manga and I'm always "team Jacob" because the main character girl (almost) always ends up with the main character guy (except Peach Girl, which was so cool and surprising), who treats her like crap and doesn't even appear to care for her half the time.

    So I'm renaming myself to Team Jericho! I was rooting for him from the very beginning.

  5. I totally agree, WAY better than Twilight! I hope they make a movie out of these and you get millions for it, so you can have money like the Immortals! Wahoo! Appreciate all of your hard work. I can't imagine with 3 little ones that you can get everything done and a book written and still have time for a happy marriage. You are truly amazing. I am on pins and needles waiting for the next book!

  6. Ok so this is way off topic. Kind of. But i have to respond to what lyuba-chan said. I am not sure if she read twilight but that description does not fit edward at all. What she had was a choice between two wonderful men and she went where her heart took her. We do not know where the whole eden-jericho- kiran thing is going. But these books similarities to twilight end with the girl with two love interests. Yes i am team kiran only because i think sometimes you have to be bad to do good. Isn't that what the resistance is about? Maybe he is playing his hand close to heart. Only Rachel knows who these caracters really are cause she created them. But i know from real life experience that true love is a hard road to travel and sometimes we may try to replace it with a generic sub that feels close enough to the real thing and will make travels easier. But thats the cowards way out and eden seems no coward to me.