I Should Be Plucking My Eyebrows....

Whew, it's definitely been a while since I've found time for the Old Bloggo.

But in my defense, it's not the only thing in my life that's being neglected right now....

Please, nobody look at my eyebrows. I'm serious, it could cause lasting damage if you stare too long.

And I don't even want to talk about my unpainted pigs.

Or my jagged fingernails that are so bad, I'm worried people are going to take one look at my bag lady clothes and my fingernails and assume I'm homeless.

Hey, maybe they will donate generously to the Homeless Mom and her three kids.... Oh wait.

And my poor house. Which is technically not even that dirty, but it might need to seriously be picked up of kids' toys.

And. My DVR.

My DVR is getting the worst of it. We might need couple's therapy at the end of this.

I have at least four weeks of shows that have not even been touched. Maybe some of them, maybe... have like fifteen, twenty minutes of them watched if I sit down to nurse or something.

Let me tell you, I've always hated the Recap at the beginning of TV shows. For whatever reason, it's always irritated me. I'm like, "What? Don't you think I'm a dedicated enough fan to remember what went on last week????"

Nevermind that I have like twenty shows I consider "My Show."

That's besides the point.

Because all of a sudden I need a Recap not just for last weeks' show BUT for definitely for the ten minutes of the show I watched two days ago, or the five minutes I squeezed in folding a basket of laundry and now I can't remember what happened to save my life!!! I'm so totally losing it.

Which also, Moment of Truth... It definitely takes me longer than five minutes to fold a basket of clothes. Especially kid clothes, I mean everything is so tiny and inside out and basically a pain.

So my blog can pile right on top of the huge list of things in my life getting neglected right now all in the name of a book.

That's right.

The book.

And what I am about to tell you is very, very, very exciting. But I don't want to get your hopes up, so read with care.....

It's finished.

That's right! The book is finished!!!!!

Ok, so, like I said, don't get your hopes up yet or anything because it still has to be edited and there is work yet to be done... My original goal was next weekend for it to go live, but I'm thinking that it will be into next week just because I know my editor wants to do a really good job and she is just plain amazing so I don't want to rush her.

Although believe me, I've had LOTS of offers to proofread it!!! :)

But I seriously can hardly believe it's done.

Anyone else have some serious doubts????

Ok, good. Glad I'm not the only one!!!

I typed the last sentence and I was like Holy Crap (Excuse my language... :)) I'm finished. With another book. Who am I????

No seriously, who am I? I'm for sure not a real author. I barely feel capable of writing an entire book. And what is the most flooring aspect is that it's not even my first novel. It's my fourth!! My fourth full length novel!


How did that happen.

Oh, I should say, the first book will probably never see the light of day. It's so not that inspired.....

But here I am with this book. That's done. That just needs a few tweaks from me and then a TON of tweaks from the editor.

Oh. And it needs to be read by my lovely sister-in-law who is constantly there to hold my hand and reassure me that it is not in fact terrible.....

I had issues with the first two books. Like severe anxiety when I published them and that was when literally no one was reading them.... This third book might have me sitting on a couch, sobbing childhood traumas into my hands to a therapist begging for a prescription to Xanax.

Oh, I so want to be joking right now!!!! :)

Anyways, I just thought you might be excited to know that we are super close to the release date!!!!

Which is exciting from a Reading-Viewpoint.

But it's even more exciting for my husband who would like his exceptionally attractive wife back (haha...) instead of the homeless cave woman he has been living with the for the last two weeks.

And for my poor DVR who is literally on the brink of sending a nasty breakup text.

Don't worry. My kidlets are NOT neglected. They would never stand for it. Although, Stella did crawl up on to my lap the other day and lay her beautiful little head down and say, Mommy, would you write me a book?

And then my heart melted and I promised her that I would.

I've started to train them to tell people their mommy is a writer, so that when people ask them if I have a job they don't just laugh uncontrollably as if that question were the most ridiculous thing in the world.

Which, ok, it probably is....

But a girl can dream, right?

And now, I should probably go wake Stella up for preschool, except it breaks my heart to disturb an obviously exhausted peanut. I'm the parent right?? If my daughter needs to sleep in on a Monday morning, I can take her late to school, it's allowed, right???

Dang-it and my rule-following-obsession.

Nope. I've talked myself into it. She's tired. We will go when she's ready.

That's right. That's my rebellious act for the day. And you should definitely have one every day. So at the very least, I am starting this Monday off right!


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  1. This is so exciting! I've recently been addicted to YA novels but yours are really some of the best I've read in a while. Thanks so much for writing such an awesome series! absolutely cannot wait for the next book! here's to hoping i wont have to wait long :)

  2. OK, so now I'm all excited! Congratulations to you on finally finishing it too!

  3. you have nothing to worry about your books are fantastic!!!!! i finished each book in a day because they were sooooo awesome that i couldn't put them down, and i am anxiously awaiting this new one to finally come out!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Wow! I can't wait. But let me ask you something. I am reading on my nook and i downloaded both your books from barnes and noble. When willnthe third be available on b&n. Great great series.

  5. Yuppie! That is like the best news all day :0)
    Can’t wait for it to go live! I will be one of the first one standing… I mean downloading!
    Congrats on finishing the book, and enjoy getting back to “normal”.

  6. OMG! This is the best news ever!!! I can't wait for the 3rd book! Honestly, your book is so awesome you have no idea how awesome it is! It's so good that it deserves more hype and deserves a movie! Im not even kidding! But before the movie, I'd love it to be on paper so I can collect them and worship them! lmao!

  7. i stumbled on your saving angels series a couple of weeks ago, finished both books in 2 days...can't wait for the 3rd one!the ending of 'Forgotten Souls' had me in tears!

    great reads both of them!!

  8. I'm an avid reader and I love your books, just came across the free one on my kindle and then purchased the 2nd book the next day. My kids pretty much parented themselves while I was engrossed in the books :) I LOVED them and facebooked for everyone to read them, I cannot wait for the 3rd to get released. You really need to charge more for them, I'm cheap as can be but a good book is worth $$$ and yours are good books :)

  9. I have really enjoyed your characters and the world you have created for them. The idea is fresh and for the teen to adult, probably mostly female audience, an incredibly satisfying read. I read a new book almost every day since I got a kindle and I've been looking forward to the third installment. Thanks for sharing your creativity and go enjoy your family for a bit :)

  10. Thank you everyone for your compliments! I am so happy to hear you liked them! Seriously!! The third one will be out soon. Like, very, very soon. And I am very anxious to see how it is received :)

    To answer a few questions. The Nook itself takes a while to upload self published books to their website. BUT. When I upload it to Smashwords, which is the first step in getting it to the Nook store, it is available immediately from that website and then you can download directly to your nook. I will announce when it is live on smashwords and kindle on my blog and the Reckless Magic Facebook page.

    Ok and honestly I don't know if my books will ever see a hardback/paperback copy or not! That is of course my goal and I would just die to see them in print, but.... I don't know. I would love to get picked up by a traditional publisher and someone has also mentioned a website called createspace. So at this point I am just kind of waiting and exploring other options!!!