I'm getting a late start.

Mainly. Because. I turned cartoons on for the girls this morning, since we were up before 6 and I may... have fallen back asleep for an hour!

Which. Is awful. Because it messes my whole day up and then I blog mid-morning instead of get work done. But in my defense, I was up late last night... Working!!!!

And then this morning I was back at it, but today that meant answering emails and messages. Which I pretty much love to do. Mainly because there are so many sweet, sweet people out there.

And actually... I kind of want to write to every single person that has read my books, whether they love them or hate them, a hand-written thank you note that just tells them how much I appreciate them!

Not realistic?

Ok. Fine.

Anyway, this is not where the blog is headed today.

While I was in the middle of returning messages and taking care of kidlets, I received a not so good email from my Bible Study Leader.

One of the girls in the study, her brother... Has a Two Day Old Baby that was just rushed to the hospital for surgery. The baby has something called a Wilm's Tumor. Which is basically Kidney Cancer that only occurs in children.

Ugh. Are you sick yet?

Two days old. It's just heart-breaking. There's no other way to describe it.

I completely broke down then, at that point. I just can't even imagine. And I just wanted to share with you so that you could pray for this little newborn and his family. The baby's name is Colter.

The surgery was this morning and I haven't heard what happened but please pray for healing and wisdom for the family and doctors.

As a mother, I cannot imagine anything more terrifying than a child that sick and facing death. My heart just goes out to this family and this tiny, little peanut that deserves a full life!

Thank you for praying!

And if you are looking for news about Fearless..... Then how does this weekend sound? :)

Ok. So cross your fingers then, that everything gets finished!!! At the very latest it will be the beginning of next week.

Not going to lie, I cannot wait to stop working on it! :)

Also. If anyone wants to volunteer to babysit.... Um. That would be great! Thanks!!


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  1. He is in my prayers... Its times like this that remind us how lucky we are... I am so excited about your next book(s)! I can handle this weekend :) if longer it's ok... I don't know how you do it! You are so gifted! Don't stress, you'll get it!
    I'm reading #1 again at this time & will read #2 again before #3! I just enjoy them so much! Just as good the 2nd time around!
    Thank you sooo much!


  2. He is in my prayers, I have a friend whose child was just diaganosed with leukemia so it breaks my heart to hear about other people going through this. As for the books, I have to say stumbled across your first book by accident (free on amazon and decided to try it)and I have to say I have been hooked. I started reading #2 right after finishing #1 and have been eagerly awaiting the 3rd. I actually stayed up until 3am (on a work night) to finish #2 because I couldn't put it down. Whatever it is you do, it is magic, and I love it! Thanks so much for writing these amazing stories!

  3. I'm a day late and a dollar short, but a prayer is going Colter's way....

  4. I will be praying for Colter, as well! I'm looking forward to reading Fearless. I've been stalking for it on Amazon! Can't wait!