Back To Life

Back to reality.

Back to life.

Back to reality.

Oh, please have that song stuck in your head just like me!!!


Oh, that song could not be more appropriate!! Fearless Magic is officially out of my hands. And by that I mean, Amazon is in the process of publishing it and Smashwords already has it available for purchase.

This should be a good thing right???

Then WHY am I leaning over with my head between my knees breathing into a paper bag????

Oh, right. Because I have absolutely no self-confidence. That's why.... I remember now....

And the thing is, that I start out every book believing I am the next Jane Austen.

No joke. I'm always like, wow, this is really good.... This is the best I've ever written....

Something happens along the way though and by the time it's necessary to push the publish button, I have to literally have Zach hold one hand, and Kylee send me a bazillion text messages promising nobody is going to stone me for writing it!!

And then it actually gets worse.

AFTER. I publish.

We're in that phase now. The I'm a complete basket-case, everyone is going to hate it, somebody slap me across the face and bring me back to reality PLEASE-phase.

It's super fun to live with me right now. Good grief. Poor Zach. I'm going to have to send him on a vacay aren't I?

Ok. Enough freaking out.....

Seriously, it's time to land back in reality. Which means our lives can find some semblance of normality. These last few weeks have been utter craziness with this book. And not just the writing part of it, that's actually the easy part. It's the editing and then with me working a little bit now, our whole equilibrium is thrown off. And then this weekend it was like everything was stacked against us, including poor Z who got sick in the middle of it.

But now. Despite the hysteria. I can clean my house. And do my laundry. And go outside with the kidlets. And tonight, I'm going to enjoy a bottle of champagne with my husband and maybe order a movie.

The under R-rated kind of movie in case that sounded weird to anyone else.....

Also. My favorite Champagne costs 10 dollars... So don't think I'm some high-roller!

Lol, what does that say about my taste???? Yikes!!!

However much you may turn down your nose at Martini and Rossi and their Asti Champagne... Tonight is actually the first time we get to celebrate an actual book release with the Bubbly and so. I am. Super. Excited about it.

Ok, I'm getting more excited about this book. I just have to talk it out... Whew.... I just kind of love the story line. So. I hope everyone else does too! :) What's funny about this book, and here is me being completely honest right now, is that when I started writing it I had absolutely NO idea where it was going or what was going to happen in it. That is the absolute truth.

I was like that with the first one too, but that is kind of obvious..... And then the second one was just a natural continuance of that book. The third? Not so much. I mean, it felt like I could go anywhere and in any direction that I wanted to and it was almost too overwhelming.

But now that it's finished.

I know exactly where to take the fourth book. And I am so completely anxious to write it that I kind of want to start it this very second. I just have so many good ideas for it. Well... ahem... I think they're good ideas!

Still don't know how it's going to end.... But that will come.

I hope.

I won't though. Start writing it right now. My brain needs a break. It's pretty fried. Also. My Diet-Coke Hump needs one too. The computer cannot be good for my hunchback....

And it is for that reason that there is no preview chapter in this book. Mainly because I have no idea where it is going to start and I didn't want to force something and then hate it later. So. I think I will post one on my blog as soon as it's written. Just for fun!

I could have slowed down I suppose and taken my time writing a teaser and I was certainly advised to over and over. Which, I totally took the advice and I am just so appreciative of the support and grace. But there comes a point with me, when I like HAVE to stop working on the book. I like I have to finish it and leave it alone or I will go crazy. Like, I obsess and then I start to hate every single thing about it and then I decide that Stella could probably put a better story together than I could and that someone will actually publish it just so people have a physical copy of the book to burn in large bonfires of animosity.


Those are real thoughts.

I'm a little self-absorbed. Don't mind me.

But mainly, I just need to move on with my life. And so thank the Lord it is out!!!! And I mean that. Every book I write is a seriously legitimate miracle. And I am so blessed to have three books for sale.

I am also so blessed to have the editor I have!!! She is incredible!!! And I think the quality of this third book is going to blow the others out of the water. It certainly impressed me! I just love her so much and am so thankful for her time she puts into my books and especially for her patience with me and my poor grammar skills.... You can only tell a person so many times where the modifier in the sentence goes before you certainly want to wring their neck....



Tomorrows blog will have nothing to do with writing, I promise!!!!

But to end today... Here is the cover so you know what to look for! ;) And the book blurb. Which probably needs to be edited... But. I don't know what to tell you about that.

Eden Matthew's world is in shambles. Her grandfather viciously murdered, her twin brother held without magic, and her best friends imprisoned, all at the hands of the one man that was supposed to love her for eternity. She has been betrayed, and now she is being hunted by a king that wants her dead. Eden must pick up the pieces of her life and stand alone against the tyranny that threatens to destroy her world. Alone she must find a way to rebuild the Resistance, locate her missing parents, save her loved ones and take down the monarchy. Everything is against her, including forbidden feelings of a love that she thought was buried. She has declared war and now stands on the precipice of defeat. Losing is not an option however, and Eden must find a way to overcome her emotions, fight through her pain and restore the magic to her kingdom. Fearless Magic is the third installment of The Star-Crossed Series.


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  1. Yay! I have been waiting on pins and needles for this book and so has my daughter, we are always fighting over the kindle, for who gets a chance to read your books. SOOO excited for this! Thank you Rachel, you are wonderful and your mind works in fantastic and mysterious ways.

  2. How long till Amazon publishes it?

  3. I have been checking your blog all weekend! I'm so excited! Thank you for being such an incredible write with such am amazing story

  4. I just downloaded the book off of and am waiting for my apple sauce cookies to finish baking so that I can clean up and FINALLY get started on your book. I loved loved the first book and got Hooked on you... I know that the third book will be great (you can't please everybody)and I'm pretty sure that I will be looking forward to reading your 4th book!!! Thanks...

  5. I saw the book on Amazon this afternoon, but it wasn't available for sale yet. I've been refreshing the page every so often this evening waiting to see that "one click" button appear. It did, and I did, and now I am off to read. You DO have fans....

  6. I got very emotionally invested in your books. You are a great storyteller and I sincerely hope that I don't have to wait too long for the next book (I seriously counted the months between the first two books and honestly hoped I wouldn't have to wait until January for the third book). I look forward to going home this evening in the hopes that your book will be available for download. Keep up the fantastic work. As a side note, your blog is refreshingly honest and is appreciated.

  7. When will it be available on Nook?

  8. Just got done reading it and I LOVED it! I absolutely can not wait till the next one! Great job:)