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Ok, every time I go to write a new blog with the darn new format I always, always hit the create a new blog button.

It's so irritating.

Which might not make sense to you if you don't use blogger... But I promise you it's annoying. And I do it every single time.

I am a literal person.

I am a person that uses words. Not pictures.

If you give me two options. The first one saying "New Blog" and the second one a picture of an orange pencil. Or excuse me, a white pencil in an orange box. I'm going to go with the verbal directions.

Every single time.

And maybe that's not common sense. But that is so quintessentially me.

Whew. I'm a little sassy this morning.


It's probably because I'm already on my second cup of coffee and it's only 7:30 AM. OMG. That is so early. And what's earlier is the actual time we got up and out of bed. And then I had this argument with Scarlett about pants.... Oh my.

Actually. No. I'm not over our argument. She just looked at me from across the table, whilst doing her Dora puzzle (Because apparently we do puzzles in the morning before breakfast....) and complained about being cold.

That is why we put sweat pants on in the morning!!! It's freezing in this house. And your mother has this complex about the seasons and how we embrace every singe one and so it's going to be cold until the novelty wears off for her so put on your stinking pants and stop complaining!

Ok. I'll take a breath and calm down.

Have I ever mentioned how I am so not a morning person?

Anyways. I have some exciting news.

And I've really, really debated whether or not to share this on the blog because.... well.... the truth is.... I don't want to sound like a total douche, and I know that I am going to.

But the direction this blog was headed in, and that being a crotchety nowhere, has made it necessary to turn the tides.

Yesterday. I got. My first. FAN MAIL!!!!

Well, like a Fan Email. Ah! I was just so excited. I'm still kind of excited!!!

Ok. I'm still really excited.

And what makes it even better is that it was from someone I don't even know! Just a reader!!! Just a reader that liked my books.

Actually, and I quote :) she called them, "an absolute burst of sunshine!"

Oh my word, she had the sweetest things to say!!!

And it felt good. Because this whole Writing Dream feels more like an epic failure most days rather than the road to success.

And if it weren't for my family and I really mean that, I am not totally sure I would have been brave enough to continue. Without Zach pushing me to take every next step reminding me that "Who cares if nobody reads your books, it's still what you love to do and so why not do it?" and Kylee approving every sentence I write, saying, "No, really, it's good, stop worrying...."

Or my family in California and Colorado that read the books and actually liked them.

I'm going to be really honest right now and tell you something you've never heard before (ahem...): I didn't think anyone. I mean ANYONE would read them once they went live. That is the truth. And I thought most people, including my family, maybe especially my family, would just think I was completely bananas. Like roll their eyes and say, "Poor Rachel, she thinks this actually might work...." But they are the most wonderful people. And they don't just support me. And encourage me. But they enjoy what I write. And that is the most wonderful thing. I can't even tell you.

And my family in Wisconsin too. Who read my books. Liked them. And then helped me make them better. Especially my Aunt Carolyn who took time out of her busy life to edit.

She is amazing.

They are all amazing.

And while I am re-thanking people I have to thank Arliss. And Nate. Who were like my test group and I asked them, Ok. Is this really.... Ok?

And really. Fan mail or no fan mail I'm not big news by any means. But it's encouragement. And that's what I need!

I didn't used to be this.... insecure. But something about trying to be successful with something that the industry shot down for years. I mean. YEARS. Has definitely planted the seeds of insecurity if we're going to be honest.

Miriah, was so sweet, and sent me this article on the author of The Help, who was shot down 60 times before she got a yes and agent that was willing to represent her.

I have her beat.

Embarrassingly so.

I lost track of exactly how many times, but it's like 80-90 I think. Maybe even over 100. How awful. And I am SO not saying I am on my way to Twilight Fame or ANYTHING like that.

But, I've never gotten Fan Mail before. And it was just kind of exciting for me....

It reminded me that this is what I love. And I am good at it. Maybe not the best. Or publishing-worthy good at it. But this is my sweet spot (Shout out to the Bible Study I'm in) and for today, I can relish in the email, read it maybe 1,000 times. Maybe more. And be encouraged to finish the third book that is slow going right now and very surprising with every chapter I write, thinking, wow, I didn't know they would do that, or go there, or say that.

So anyways. Douche or no douche, I at least restrained myself from copy and pasting the whole email on here. :)


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