Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Oh my word. Do you know what an awful time is? Like, maybe the worst time of the day???

6:00 AM.

Yes, it is an ugly time and I hate it.

But do you know what makes 6AM even worse than just being awake at that hour?


Ok. Well, I'll tell you!

Being awaken at 6:00 AM by being spit up on all over your face.

Yes, that is right. Like, I just got the grossed-out-shivers. How terrible.

Stryker wakes up with Zach every single morning. Every. Single. Morning. So that means, I don't even know how early.

Early. That's all I know.

I also know that Stryker will play and giggle and do whatever it is the two boys do until it is time for Zach to go to work. At which time he will hand him to a still sleeping me, I will groggily mumble some kind of acknowledgment and usually feed the child, trying to convince him to go back to sleep.

The last couple days, he has been, um, not really... Convince-able.

So. This morning we are having this argument. I'm all, STRYKER GO BACK TO SLEEP. Through brain power only of course. I try not to talk AT ALL until at least after 7:30. It's not good to remember my voice sounding the way it does before that....

And he's all laughing and playing and clawing my eyes out because apparently we went one day too long with the old nails.

I'm not kidding. I wouldn't be surprised if I looked like I had just had a death-match with a stray alley cat and lost.

Looking in the mirror is another thing I avoid until closer till 8. Closer until I am ready to do something about the look.

Sometimes that means like 5 PM.

Don't judge.

Anyways, Stryker, being his sweet little self, digs his sharp claws into my face, pushes himself up into standing, gives me the sweetest slobbery kiss so that I want to totally forgive him for being awake so early but before I get the chance to do that, he throws up(It was actually just spit up but the amount was so catastrophic I refuse to let you think of a tiny little baby dribblet.) all over my face and neck.

UGH.... GROSS.... I am shivering again. It was so gross.

So. I've cleaned up. Whether or not I'll officially need a shower before Bible Study has yet to be determined. I can't make those kinds of decisions this early in the morning.

I need to get the coffee well into the bloodstream first.

Because taking an early morning shower is also something I hate. It's so cold. And I never feel like I get a good shave. My hair takes forever to dry. My make up never turns out right....

Well. Enough of that. That's probably an entire blog in itself.

Also, I was actually, and this is almost hard for me to admit out loud.... or on paper.... or on the internet... I'm not really sure who I'm talking to right now I guess, but anyways.

I was so enjoying the morning. Like the look of it. Outside my window the sky was so gorgeous. Like every shade of Morning Glory. It was really breathtaking.

But then. Something happened. Like a cloud descended upon us or something because now it's super foggy and I can't see past my cars.

It's bizarre how fast it happened too. Like, I looked out, admired God's creation and then I looked down at the El Bloggo. Looked back up, searching deep for some inspiration or something along those lines and the beauty was gone and all that was left was fog.

Like. Is Jesus coming back or something? It's weird.

Ok. So anyways. First of all, oh that's right, that was the introduction.

Buckle up.

First of all, we had dance last night after a long break and Stella loved it. She was crazy and wild and I think her whole class was nearly impossible to wrangle, but she loved it again.


I was worried.

But more than worried for her.

I was worried for myself that I was going to have convince her to go three times a week and it would be hell. So thankfully, we're just back to regular old stage mom stuff.

That's not selfish. Don't worry about it.

I ordered a t-shirt last night. Like for me, with the studios logo and stuff on it to wear to competitions and stuff. Most of the moms did I think. And Lindsay is going to stone hers, which I'm sure all the cool moms will do. Like Rhinestone theirs. So I have two options. Order a Bedazzler off the internet circa 1999 and go at it myself and turn it into an obvious homemade craft project and wear it loud and proud. Or amp up the black eyeliner, the clunky jewelry and rock my so-not-hip-goth-hippy-gyspy-bag-lady-look like I'm a high schooler trying to find myself.

Maybe I'll even put in some blue highlights or something....

Second of all, I am so excited for Bible Study today I just can't even tell you. The study we are doing is The Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado and it's not so much an actual Bible Study as it is an interactive book that we are discussing.

And I am only on chapter four but I already feel good enough to recommend this book to every single person I know. Like every single person even that I don't know.

It's amazing.

And this is coming from a girl that was raised in private school and private college, so when it comes to Christian literature, other than the Bible.... I have been known to roll my eyes and sigh with irritation.

I expect a lot.

I just do.

Like, the last study I did, a year ago, I was so over it. I loved going to Bible Study and the women and what I got from them, but as far as the actual study went I thought it was cheesy, overstated and unnecessarily emotional, like from the author's point of view.

This one had me weeping last night. Like ugly crying.

And no, it's so not one of those books, and other people totally wouldn't be crying. But I so was. And this is why and you will think it's so ridiculous. Just warning you.

Max Lucado wrote this lovely perspective of Moses I had never thought of before and it seriously broke me. I've always held a slightly contemptuous opinion of Moses. I'm all, Get it together. Man up and let's do this. Let's rescue your people. Stop whining, stop coming up with excuses and stop being afraid for goodness sakes, God just appeared to you as a Burning Bush!

It's not a very compassionate viewpoint.

I am well aware.

But, and this is something I never learned in all of my Christian Education or Church/Church Camp or Leadership Conference experience... Moses was chosen for the job, the "Let My People Go" job because he was a man that LOVED justice. And the law. And upheld it. And fought for it, long before God called him to go back to Egypt for the Jews.

When he struck the Egyptian for beating the Jewish slave while he was still a prince and unaware of his Hebrew History. When he broke up the fight between the two Hebrews. When he saved his future wife at the well. Those were all instances that showed how much he fought for justice. It's not wonder that God chose him to go back to Egypt and free his people from the ultimate injustice and slavery. And later be the first to write down God's Law.

That moved me.

So anyways, that's not even what the whole book is about. That was just a story he used as an example to prove his point. But, wow.

I encourage everyone to read it. Especially if you feel like you don't know what you want to do with your life or what your good at. That's what the whole book is about,like discovering your Sweet Spot.

And I know mine. Obviously it's writing. But the book has been so much more than I could have ever hoped it would be. In just like confirming, Ok, yes, writing is where I really do find that Sweet Spot.

Also, I feel weird typing that phrase over and over. FYI.

And just because it is that one thing that maybe I was born to do, it doesn't mean it's not hard work. And it doesn't mean that a life of doing it won't take commitment and sacrifice.

And finally that God has created each of us to live out what we love. That is HOW He created us. So you can say, oh I love to write, but I can't be a writer, God wouldn't make life that simple. But that is wrong. He wants us to pursue the gifts that he has already equipped us with.

Which brings me to my next thing. And if you're tired of reading about book sales you can leave now and I won't be offended. I promise. Go ahead, now's your chance to walk away.


I want you to guess how many books I've sold in the last 36 hours.

Go on. Guess.

Ok, do you give up???


That's the number.

Of Reckless Magic books that have sold for free.

Can you believe it???? I can't. Like I can't even wrap my head around it. It is insane.

And the numbers are still climbing.

And that doesn't even count the 40 Hopeless Magic books I've sold(30 of those being in the last 36 hours) and the 10 in the UK.

I have sold NONE in Germany however. I just need to say that.

Freakin' Germany....


I don't want to talk about this too long. Because I get how boring it must be for you. But I was literally blown away by that number. Like can hardly believe it. Or walk away from my refresh button. And so I just wanted to share....

Also, if you've happened to read it, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a review from you on Amazon, or Barnes and Noble or Goodreads or whatever!!! It would seriously make my day, even if you hated the books.

Like it's ok to be honest.

Ok. Time to get ready for the day. Maybe I'll be on time for Bible Study today...?

Probably not.

Most likely not.

But a girl can dream.


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