The Morning Paper

Scarlett demanded a frozen waffle for breakfast this morning.

Demanded it.

And I don't mean, like a frozen waffle in the sense that she let me cook it for her, cut it up and drizzle syrup on the top.

No, I mean, she wanted it frozen. Like. She ate it frozen.

Can she get sick from that?

I reasoned that no, it wasn't like frozen pizzas or chicken fingers, there was nothing left to cook. It only goes in the toaster to warm BACK up, but since I'm no expert on frozen waffles, I thought I would check.


I dropped Stella off at preschool this morning, for sure in my pajamas, and for sure with only two of the three kids ready for the day. I figured 50% of us were good to go should their be a zombie apocalypse and we were suddenly on the run and that was good enough for me.

Zombies, from what I've heard, don't really care what you're wearing.


Anyways, I dropped Stella off at preschool, feeling for the one millionth time how grateful I am that she gets to go the school she goes to. I just look forward to her education there and trust the teachers and the staff implicitly.

It makes everything else, the sacrifice, the parents I'm going to be forced to get to know, the volunteer work that comes with the territory, the constant fundraising, all of it worth it.

And then I came home.

And got on the old Facebook. (Which by the way, I mean that figuratively as in like, you know, oh the Old Stomping Grounds or whatever, I do not literally mean the old-style Facebook even though I would much prefer that one and understand it infinitely better.....)

Also, Here's a random thought. If you ever want to understand just how much human nature HATES change, read your Facebook News-feed after they've just done an update.

You might actually start believing that there has been a Zombie Apocalypse.

Anyways. I came home and was reading through all the brilliant things my friends had to say this morning. (Just so you know I'm using the word brilliant sarcastically and the word friends, very, very, very loosely...)

And there were the normal articles posted. You know the articles. The ones that stand in direct opposition to everything you believe in. Or is that just me? My friends list for some reason is filled with very, very vocal people that believe the exact opposite of what I do as far as politics go, how the country should be run and who should be leading it.

Which is normally fine.

I LOVE a healthy debate. I am not kidding you, I love a good argument. Especially with an intelligent person that actually knows what they're talking about and isn't just spitting out Jon Stewart (WHO IS NOT NEWS BY THE WAY!!!!). I'll even take Rachel Maddow, or ok, maybe not. I'll take legitimate news sources.

Anderson Cooper.

Ok, regurgitate Anderson Cooper that is fine with me.

But really, I firmly believe this country, well any country, needs a two sided coin as far was what people believe, in hopes that a median is found, agreed upon and upheld.

I get how too far right will effect people. And honestly, I am TERRIFIED of too far left. And you should be too, but that's besides the point.

Where was I?


Ok, really, I love debate and it doesn't bother me at all that people believe differently than I do. I'm always surprised that they're still my "friend" on Facebook and haven't completely deleted me and chosen to forget my existence all together, but that's a different blog post.

What irritates the begeezus out of me is when they post articles that say absolutely nothing. Ok. So the journalist didn't like such and such person on the right. Who cares. Why doesn't he/she? Why is he/she writing the article? What is the actual point we're trying to get to here besides that such and such person on the right is an idiot according to and only according to you???

Give me something to question, something that makes me rethink my own personal views, something that makes me go out, do my own research and come to new or back to the same conclusions.

Don't give me pointless fodder that others will read and go, "Oh, hey, that's brilliant. That person just said nothing and I am completely convinced by it!"

Basically don't be lazy. I am 100% positive there are TONS of articles out there that actually do say something about whoever you are wanting to slander for breakfast. And that lay out a convincing article.

Don't just read the headlines and copy and paste.

Whew. I think I'm finished with that one.

That Rant was brought to you by the fact that that is one of the million reasons I am in LOVE with where Stella is going to school. From personal experience I know that her teachers will not let her get away with that ten years down the road.

I know that, because I wasn't allowed to. Current Events was a huge part of my education and reading and dissecting articles almost a requirement for at least one class every year.

And not even like the journalism class I took.

Like, history and English classes.

And the teachers didn't just accept what I cut out as busy work, they made me think about it, write about it, discuss it and explain it.

I got some of that in college, but I don't know what happened to the rest of my college classmates....

Anyways. Sorry.

Nobody likes an angry woman. :)

And I'm not really angry. I just wanted to vent.

I dreamed about France last night. And now I'm heart sick.

Ugh. I had my whole little family there and I was taking them around Paris and St. Louis and the house I lived in and I woke up disappointed that I was still in my own bed and not sharing a bunk bed with Zach.

Oh. Europe in the Fall, oh how I miss it. Today might just be one of those sappy days where I sit and reminisce about Europe for 24 hours straight, I'll for sure have to text Melinda a million times today, "do you remember this? or this?? or lets rob a bank and escape there right this very second!!!!"

And I'm writing. About France. (Little hint for you if you're anxiously awaiting the third book) and I know that's why I had the dream but now I'm in trouble.

It's time to travel again.

I need to go somewhere.

I need my children to go somewhere. Experience something new!

In the car this morning, on the way to school, Scarlett out of the blue starts screaming (and you know her, so you know how true this is!) "I want to go to the beach!!!! I want to go to the beach!!!!!!"

And I'm like, dang it Nick Junior, how did she learn about the Beach?????

But ok.

Let's go.

I'll pack, Scar you break open the piggy banks, Stella you call daddy and get him home and Stryker.... Stryker you just sit there, k?


On Three. Let's go.

But instead, I'll just take a few breaths, remember God's sovereignty and find solace in writing about it all instead.

Which by the way, some people... want a definite date for the third book.... Oh. My. I am too terrified to even speculate!

There is a certain point in writing a book that I can assume I will be done at such and such a time. But I'm not there yet.

Probably should stop blogging then right?



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  1. Hi,

    I just finished book 1 last night. I started at 6:30pm and finished at 1am KNOWING that I had to wake up at 5:45 and take my two kids (1 year old and 4 year old) to daycare. You're a horrible influence! :)

    Anyway, I haven't had a chance to start book 2 yet though it has been bought. I figure it might take me a day or two. But yes, I just wanted to say I would love for you to hurry up and finish book 3 so that the anticipation of the next book does not kill me!

    Kudos to you on writing so awesomely and taking care of all the rugrats!