Late Stage Puberty

Alright, first things first. I have finally.... After all of these years.... Hit, what I think is similar, if not the exact version of.... Puberty.

Yes, that is right. I am 27 years old. And a FEMALE. And yet here I am, waking up in the morning, finding bizarre hair growth and pimples.

If that's not enough to make you quit walking out into public settings, or stop reading this blog...., I don't know what is.

Seriously, I have sideburns.

Like, not soft, little delicate shorter hair near the ears, like most girls.

No. Suddenly, out of the blue, completely unannounced, my hair decided to grow this thick, straight(Yes! Straight!!!!), gross short little bushels of sideburns!!!

If you gave me a mustache right now I would look like either a 70's detective, or some creeper that belongs in a windowless van, driving around inconspicuously.

It's not pretty.

And I've been trying to hide them. Like, spraying them severely with Hair Spray. Like, I didn't used to believe in Man-Made Global Warming until the sideburns and now I am starting to believe I am single-handedly responsible for glacial ice-melt.

Or. I try to tuck them back over my ear.

Guess what. That doesn't work.

And it's been going on for weeks. Like weeks!! Zach even said something a few days ago. He was all, "So, what exactly is going on with your hair???" And I'm all, "Oh. Shoot. I thought I was hiding it." And then. He just laughed. And then he walked away.

I get that I kept a lot of hair during the old prego period. And then, ok, I lost all of that hair not too many months ago in the post-prego shedding phase. But now what is this?????

Seriously, if someone can google Spontaneous-Side-Burn-Growth and report back to me... That would be great. Thanks.

It is so out of control! I'm thinking about taking Zach's razor to it. Have you seen Project Runway?? Anya(I can't remember how you spell her name, so that would be phonetically...) has my favorite hair style of all time. It's like super long, but the sides are completely shaved.

It doesn't hurt that she's completely gorge, but, I'm so thinking about it. The hairstyle, that is.

No. I won't really do it, trust me, my hair.... Oh, lord. My hair..... but I seriously have to do something about these side burns. Dance Moms so don't understand Sideburns.

Trust me.

Ok. Whew. I needed to get that off of my chest.

Now on to really important matters.

I just have to say Thank You!!! To everyone who has Facebooked/commeneted on my blog/emailed/tweeted or found any other way to get a hold of me and said beautiful things about my books!!!

I am a little bit socially-handicap in that I'm not really sure if you're supposed to reply to blog comments or not. It's just that, I'm not sure if people really go back and check them.....


I'll respond on here!

And really, thank you! I honestly, never thought anybody would read my books and I am just floored that people like them, that they like my characters and that they like the world that I feel like I am seriously living in and can't get out of...!!!

I especially love the debate over who Eden should choose! I can't get enough of it!

And to answer all of the questions about when Fearless Magic is coming out, I am thinking, hoping, praying, sacrificing....(Ok, maybe not sacrificing any other than time....) Mid-October.

I have a date in mind that I like to think of as my "Goal." But I don't want to get your hopes up because if I ever finish writing it.... ahem.... I mean, when I finish writing it, some things are out of my control, as in the cover design, and how quickly the editors can get through it.

Right now, I have them going back through the first two books because there has been some, um, healthy discussion... on the poor grammar. Which I have to apologize for.

I hate it too.

Honestly, I do.

So, anyways, there will be announcements on my blog and facebook and twitter and maybe even Google+ if I'm feeling sassy, when it gets close! But right now, just so you know, I am loving the story. Loving it!

So we will see.

Ok. Also. Don't forget about my Blog Giveaway!!!! Seriously! You have to check out My Memories Suite and fall in love with it! I just cannot believe how easy it makes life and putting pictures together and getting them into albums, printed off and in my possession. I am amazed!

So, check it out and then comment on yesterday's blog and let me know which page is your fave!

You have until next Sunday at 5:00PM.

Alright, I have to get ready for preschool. Since when did I become the mom who is up with her husband, dressed, with the kids ready to go, 30 minutes ahead of schedule??

Seriously.... When did I become this mom?

Oh, don't worry. We will for sure still be late for school. That is the inevitability of my life. I've come to accept it. Now if only, the rest of the world would!

And Stella has her first like, fund-raiser thing going on.... So I have to contact people and make them(Oh, yes I did say make them...) donate for the OCA Serve-a-thon.

And I have to raise a TON of money. Because we all know, Stella is going to get to that Nursing Home and hide in the background and not really do much serving.... So I'll have to make up for it with money.

Any volunteers? Hmmm....? No?

Well, alright, I guess it's off to the relatives. Thank goodness she's the first grandchild, we are for sure going to get the best fundraising potential out of her!


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  1. I was reading your star-crossed series and just finished the 2nd book today. Loved the books. I'm super excited about the 3rd book. Loved all of the main characters in the book. You gave me all the details I needed to picture all the places but not to much. Some books make you want to cross your eyes with all the details. Character personalty was wonderfully defined.