Has Anyone Seen My Brain?

I need serious focus in my life today.

Like. Blinders.

I might just get horse blinders. I feel like they would help. They could keep me focused on exactly what I need to get done today. Which, isn't all that much, really.... And it's Friday, and Friday's tasks always feel like they can flow into the rest of the weekend, right? Like, I actually have three days to do everything, there is no exact deadline today.

Actually, I can't live today like that.

I have got to focus.

This is how much I need focus. I was just momentarily interrupted, by what else, the kidlets, and instead of just walking away from my computer in anticipation of returning shortly... I shut the whole thing down.

Why would I do that??

I have even had two cups of coffee today.

Oh. My.

Anyways, I have got to pick up the house. And here's the thing, I cleaned the WHOLE thing on Wednesday. I mean, we are talking spic and span, sparkling like in Disney cartoons, squeaky clean.

And now it's a mess.

Part of the reason is because last night I got to go to a jewelry party with my dearest M. (Oh, have I told you my new thing is all first initials?? Because it is. But also, that is from a movie... and I cannot think of right it now because my brain is not working.... but it for sure is. Or a TV show. Or a book. Or.... maybe a dream... I really can't remember.)

Anyways, it was a perfect girl's night. Jewelry. Cream Puffs. Homemade Artichoke Dip. Wine. Lots of Laughing. Wine. Oh, and. Wine.

I mean, what else is there in life???

But. I was gone the whole night, and missed bedtime for two out of the three, and Zach was in charge, so I came home to disaster.

Not that it's his fault. I mean, is there a wife in the world that can leave her husband in charge for the night and come home to the same order that is normally present when she is there after dinner?

Seriously, is there a wife? Does she exist? And can I get her phone number so I can figure out what she is doing that I am not????

Just kidding!

He does fine. I mean, he did get them fed, settled down and to bed, right?

Ok, so after the picking up of the house, which will inevitably take me much longer than I estimate, and feel like I'm cleaning from top to bottom all over again... All that's left on the To Do List is to write.

Yeah, right. All that's left.....

Do you realize that Tomorrow is October??? TOMORROW.

Um, I have a book due out in... OCTOBER.

Sorry, I don't mean to shout at you.

Someone messaged me and they were like, I hope the book comes out October First. And I'm like... I hope so too... Cough. Cough.

I mean, there is no way. Right now, I'm shooting for the middle of the month, just because the book, well, it might not be exactly.... it's not completely.... It's not finished yet.

There. I said it. I have to come to terms with it too!

But don't worry. I'll get there. Ahem.... I will get there.

And then the editors. And the covers not finished yet. And then I'll have to spend at least 24 hours completely freaking out about releasing another book, and hoping it's well received and getting so nervous I vomit and this time I want a bottle of champagne after it goes Live. Not to celebrate with. Oh. No. I need it to settle me down!

So let's everyone, let's just burn a candle for the middle of October! :)

Tonight, we had planned to take the children camping. But I don't think it's going to happen anymore, because I swear, mother's intuition and all, that we are days from the entire family getting sick. I can just see it on the kid's faces and the fact that they will just randomly lay down on the floor (Except for Scarlett, somebody for sure slipped her crazy pills today. She has broken a picture frame, dumped every single puzzle we own on the ground and I have had to repeat, "Scarlett! DO NOT even think about biting your brother's head!!!! at least a thousand times this morning).

But Zach is worried we might all turn into Popsicles. Especially the babes.

Although, that is much less work for me, so he will find no objection here...

The girl's on the other hand...

At least I'll have time to write. Fifa 12 could not have come out at a better time for my marriage!


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  1. Looking forward to your next book! Very excited! Right up there with Harry Potter on my list :) It'll be hard waiting two more weeks but I guess i'll manage... Hoping she ends up with Jericho! ;)
    You have a wonderful imagination, Thank You for sharing it with us!


  2. Just finished your last book, and I have to say, you have become one my all time favorite authors! Some of the best books I've read in a long time, I couldn't put them down! I can't wait for the next one, I'm sure it'll be fantastic like the others, and I'm sooo impatient to see what happens. You have a beautiful imagine, and you're a beautiful person :) Thank you for all your hard work in bringing these books to us!

  3. I have one of those husbands...
    Seriously, my husband is annoying like that. I will leave him alone for a few hours with the kids and come home to a spotless house.

    BUT, then I pick up my daughter and have to ask him "how long has she had a poopy butt?" Normally, I get a blank look. I keep telling him that in order to determine whether she needs to be changed, he really does need to actually pick her up and sniff her rather then letting her run around with her brother the entire time so he can get things done!

    Anyway, eagerly waiting on book 3! By the way, sorry to be pushy but when are you expecting book 4 to be out?

  4. Lemme just say that I've become a fan since Reckless Magic and I'm looking forward to your 3rd book. Im from The Philippines and I've been telling everyone I know here about your book which is for me at par with Harry Potter and Twilight but a lot cheaper. Do you have these on paperback? I'd reeallly love to own a hard copy! :)

    I'm glad I stumbled upon it on Goodreads.com.

    Thanks so much for the adventures!

  5. I agree, would love to see them printed so I could share them with my mom & daughter! They don't have a kendal or anything like it...

    Tori again

  6. Thank you everyone!!! It is so hard for me to compare myself with Harry Potter or Twilight because those are books I definitely fell in love with! AND because I am working on a much needed edited copy of both books out there so far!!! Which, by the way, I will be releasing freshly edited second editions of both books very, very soon.

    I don't know about printed books yet. My whole goal with self-publishing was to get picked up by a traditional publisher since when I tried the traditional route I couldn't get anyone interested... It is definitely my dream to have my books in bookstores, so for now I am just playing patient and looking into websites like createspace, although I don't have any definitive details on that for now.

    Mina, I am so jealous of your hubby! Maybe we should get ours together and they would rub off on each other and then we would have created the perfect men! :) Is there such a thing??? Haha.

    As far as book four goes..... And what I am really, really, really hoping for is.... December. Oh my, I need to take a breath after that! Lol. I have most of it in my mind... everything but the ending! :) So, the struggle is to just get to writing it. At the very latest it would be January!