Books and Bachmann

So it's still dark out.

Don't worry, (Although I just misspelled "worry" five times before I typed it correctly... So maybe worry a little bit....) But don't worry about this being another monologue for pages about how early it is and how I hate the mornings and all that jazz.

Over the last week. I've become an adult.


That's right. A real grown up.

Or, at least I hope so anyways.

All I know is that I have been up, every single day this week at 6:00 AM. Like, awake, awake.

Not turn the TV on, snuggle in between my girlies and go back to sleep pretending I'm awake, awake.

Like. Actually Awake. Like, set the girls up, go make coffee, kiss The Hubs at the door goodbye, awake....!!

Do you kind of feel like your witnessing a real life miracle????

I do.

I feel like I'm part of something special. Something.... real. Something.... ok, this is a bunch of BS. But I WAS up every morning this week at 6 and only like.... 30 % complaining about it.

So pat on the back for me.

Ok. Switch gears with me.

I felt like I should warn you. Because I am about to say something right now that is going to rock your face off.

Or maybe, piss you off.

It depends on who you are. (Oh, also Miriah this is so not meant for you although you did say something about it in your blog. This is a response to the uninformed chatter on my Facebook.)

Michelle Bachmann is not an idiot. She is a very, very smart woman. Just because you(As in a general-public-you) don't want to take her seriously, doesn't disqualify her credentials. Because at the end of the day she is still smart, you are just the one who hasn't heard what she was saying. You may have listened, but you did not hear.

And I don't know who I support for Presidential Candidates at this point. I don't. I like them all. Well, most of all. Romney seems kind of like a douche. But that doesn't mean he won't be a good president. It just means it's hard for me to listen to him talk.

Anyways. That being said. I think we should all look at the reason Gas is so high before we start calling Michelle Bachmann an idiot for promising gas to get it to $2 under her.

It is not impossible. It's not even remotely near impossible. And it has nothing to do with the Oil Companies Greed.

Does anyone remember what the price of gas per gallon was when Obama was elected into office?


That's right, I said $1.73.

So what has changed?

Is it that in the past almost three years the Oil Companies have gotten so outrageously greedy and callous that they would spike this great hike in gas so that we are now paying $3.79/gallon in a Great Depression?

Oh Yes it is. Lets just be honest with ourselves.

At the very least it's STILL a recession. Don't listen to the media. At the very least.

Ok, I'm not saying the big, bad oil companies, just like the big, bad guys on Wallstreet aren't greedy. Sure. They're greedy. Whatever. Should we crucify them because of that?

No. They are not the entire reason for the destruction of the American Economy. They may have contributed in small ways, but they are not largely responsible.

End of story.

Actually, that's just a different blog all together.

My point here is that the Oil Companies are not in the way of cheaper gas. Oh. No. It's the government. Since Obama was elected (And I'm not just saying this because of my opinion for him, this is actual truth.) there has been a Moratorium on drilling here in the US and regulations. Regulations. Regulations. Regulations.

And when that happens. Voila. Almost $4.00 a gallon in gas.

In a recession.

It's robbery. It's literally stealing from the American people, refusing to create jobs, refusing to create TONS of jobs and asking the to pay out the wazoo with money nobody has and a dollar that's about to fail.

It's disgusting.

And so when Michelle Bachman says she can get gas back to $2.00/gallon. She can. She can lift the moratorium. She can reinstate drilling here. She can create jobs. She can de-regulate the industry. And she can make gas affordable again.

And if she were to get elected, or really, if a Republican, any Republican were to get elected, I would expect them to do that. Not just want them to. Expect them to.

What is so scary is the American People, or at least those American's on my Facebook thread that scoff so condescendingly at the idea simply don't believe it's a possibility. The media and government has scewed their opinions so much that they don't even believe it's a possibility and when someone tells them it is they call them crazy and laugh at them. Why shouldn't we want cheaper gas when it's possible??? Why should we elect officials who know how to fight for cheaper gas? Cheaper everything??

The whole attitude is part of the reason gas is so high in the first place. The government has overstepped it's bounds, and is ripping the American Public off and instead of directing righteous anger towards those that did it to us, we are laughing and making fun of people who offer change. We are accepting it and refusing to believe in change or a better way of life.

I thought that was the whole ticket Obama ran on in the first place, CHANGE.

Well, we got change and it kind of sucks. We are borrowing unfathomable amounts from the Chinese, we have sunk so deep into a Recession that the media can tell you it's over when the unemployment rate hovers just under double digits, and there are people, a lot of people in this country that want to destroy the constitution.

Is this really the Change you voted for?

Anyways, the main problem here is (And this was Zach's original argument for Socialists that I am stealing from him and applying to the entire country....) is that instead of asking yourselves, "Wow, if Michelle Bachmann really wants gas below $2/gallon how is she going to get government out of the way to make that possible?"

That's what you should be asking.

Instead of, "Michelle Bachman, how are you AS THE GOVERNMENT going to fix the price of gas?"

Just like they're fixing Social Security and Medicaid and Health Care and any other program they get THEIR greedy little hands on.

Because asking those kinds of questions will only, and always, contribute to the problem. Like, get ready to stand in line for hours for bread kind of problem. (Ok, maybe that was a little dramatic...!)

Anyways. Just some food for thought. :)

Told you I would be getting more political towards the coming election.....

On a lighter, more wonderful, more fantastic, more mind-blowing note.... As of this morning I have sold 8,500 Reckless Magic books!!!!!! And I'm number 17 on the Top Free Downloads List!!!

Most of the books surrounding me are actual published works.

Last night it was a back and forth war between Reckless Magic and Math for Grownups. Well, let me just say, I put Math for Grownups in it's place. :)

Up next. Logan's Redemption.

Logan's Redemption you better watch out!

Just kidding!!


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  1. Oh my heck - I just got on your blog so I could email you about your books and now I'm reading all your posts! I totally agree with you about Michelle Bachman. I just wanted to add a little known fact about oil. If there weren't so many freaking government regulations about building refineries, we could also build more refineries, create more jobs, and get gas even cheaper!