My Best Friend's Wedding

Oh my word. It has been FOREVER since I've blogged.


I have a couple half-written little dandies but I won't publish them because lets get real here. They are nonsense.

Not last week, but the week before we ended up really busy with tons of super fun play dates and that's about it.

My laundry suffered.

Big. Time.

Like, so bad I thought Zach was going to file for divorce.

Of course, he would have had to do so Commando Style... But I think that would have just hammered in the point.

And last week we didn't have internet.

So. Not a fun way to live.

Also. At least one fun play date with Kimbra and the boys!

But This Week, we have both internet and a more relaxed schedule and this morning free.

And maybe ONLY this morning.

Stella starts school on Wednesday and I am so sad about it, I hardly recognize myself. I should be excited with her or at least look forward to what it will be like with only two kids for a couple hours, a couple days of week.

But I can't help it.

It makes me sad.

And next year she'll be off to kindergarten and Scarlett will be starting preschool.

And the year after that they will probably both be getting married and moving to different states.

Ugh. It goes too fast.


I was just talking to a friend yesterday that I hadn't seen in 9 years!! And we couldn't believe how fast the time had gone. I don't really feel a whole nine years older than the last time I had seen her, but somehow the time has passed.

The days go slow and the years fly by.

So. True.

The friend that I saw yesterday, actually, was my childhood best friend, Bethany. This is a big deal people.

Like. If you know me. This was a big deal for me to see her.

Her and I were best friends from second grade, that's right when we were eight years old until we graduated high school at eighteen.

Ten solid years of the best friendship I have ever had.

And then.

We had a huge falling out and didn't talk for like eight years.

And then finally saw each other yesterday after nine.

A huge falling out.

Oh my, like so many of my friendships.

For whatever reason, I can rarely leave a friendship without their being a "huge falling out."

I don't know what it is about me. And by this point, I completely understand that it is me.

I mean, one time, ok maybe blame the other person.

Two times, let's call it mutual.

Three. Four. Five. Maybe even six times?

It's not you here, it's me.

There might even be more than that. Who knows....

Anyways. I kind of blame it all on what happened with Bethany. (NOT THAT I BLAME HER for all of my failed friendships since her.. Because believe me I don't.) But what happened was, I lost that forever friend. The one that was supposed to be able to go through it all with me. And I don't think I honestly ever recovered.

I've certainly never had a friend like her since.

Not that I don't have good friends. Because I have AMAZING friends. I really do. The best girls out there.

But they all have that with somebody else. Like the "best-friendship." And I don't.

Or they have sisters. Don't even get me started on sisters.


Mainly because I have still always wanted it to be Bethany. I'm not going to lie.

This sounds really sappy. Sorry.

I'm just glad that we got to see each other. And talk the day away, like old times. And laugh. And catch up. And I really hope we do it again.

A lot of time has passed between us and we have gone off with separate lives, and that's fine.

And I don't expect us to be as close as we were in our youth. I don't know if once you're married you can ever be like that close to a friend. I don't know. I don't know how you keep your marriage close to your heart, protect your husband first and still open up to a friend completely.

I haven't figured it out anyways.

But getting together with her was right. And I cannot tell you how happy I am that we got to see each other.

And eat Red Mango.

Hello. Heaven, right????

Ok, I have a million random thoughts that probably would have turned into blogs had I been blogging every day. So, instead they are going to come off like a list.

Get. Ready.

1. I woke up with a UTI. And honestly, when that happens I feel like I turn into a Sailor. Or come down with a case of Tourrettes. Or maybe become a Sailor with Tourrettes. The point is. It pisses me off!

2. I officially think the Fresh Beats Band has the best songwriters in maybe song writing history. And not because their songs are so amazing. But because they get stuck in my head for days. Weeks. Years even!

Wiggly, giggly watermelon.....

Here we gooooooo. Oooh. Ooh. Here wee gooooooo.....

Told ya.

3. I had two options for a movie last night and one was My Best Friend's Wedding, which I kind of thought was ironic after seeing Bethany during the day because that movie was like the movie we watched a bazillion times over and over in High School. (That one and That Thing You Do.) Oh man. But I watched the beginning of it and Julia Roberts is supposed to be 27 in that movie!!!! That's how old I am now! And that felt surreal for some reason. And I hoped I looked younger than her.

Not prettier of course.

But at least younger because there is NO WAY she is actually 27 playing a 27 year old. Right????

4. Ok. My other option for the movie, the movie I actually went with was Country Strong. Only. That movie did not make me feel very strong. In fact, it made me feel like a very, very, very weak person whilst I sobbed through it from start to finish. The moment Tim Magraw said he had just taken an Ambien until the moment Leighton Meester walked into that bar. That's right. From start to finish. Oh my word. I'm crying now.

If you haven't seen it.


Unless you like being a hysterical, crying, sobbing woman.

I guess, then go ahead.

5. I told Zach last night that I feel too much. Like, WAY TOO much. I think this is true. Nobody should get that wrapped up in a movie. Not ever. And they should especially not still be crying about it the next day.

I just feel so bad for her. This fictional character that doesn't even exist in real life. Yes, I feel bad for her!!!

6. During one of my busy weeks the girls and I got to spend the day with Miriah at the zoo. And we had the loveliest time. Miriah is the sweetest girl. And Lulu and Stella are just the cutest together. And they totally understand each other! They are scared of the same things. And they like the same things. And at four, that's pretty much all there is to life. Anyways, I wanted to blog about our day with them, but I got sucked up into the vortex of life and couldn't find the time. So just know. I love those girls.

7. I think I'm starting to like Country Music more than is appropriate for my Pop-loving-Soul. I happen to be obsessed. Obsessed. With that If I Die Young Song, by The Band Perry. Plus. I was just thinking about buying the Country Strong album, because I Looooved that Give In To Me song. But now I'm thinking about Gwyneth Paltrow again and I'm crying again.

Good Grief. She's not real.

Those are the conversations I have to have with myself.

On a daily basis.

8. Between If I Die Young and Country Strong, I am very, very afraid that this third book I'm writing is going to be unnecessarily depressing.... Yikes. Oh, that's the other thing though. Geesh. I have got to write some of that book! It's due out in... Umm.... October. Do you know that we are nearly at the end of August? Oh my.

9. I've been thinking lately that people joke about how small talk is all about the weather, or if you don't know what to say: talk about the weather. But between Facebook and Twitter, when people aren't even talking face to face or back and forth, really most people talk about the weather like all the time. I'd probably say like half my Facebook feed is weather related.

Ok, that might be an exaggeration... But still. It's a lot.

Oh, also, Zach deleted his Facebook. And I'm not going to lie... I'm kind of jealous. Also. I kind of can't believe it. He said he wants to like people again. Which, I'm not sure I remember a time when he actually liked people.... but, be that as it may, Facebook certainly is the anti-people-liker. He said he likes people until they start posting things on Facebook and then he can't like them anymore. So, he got rid of it.

I'm proud of him. :)

10. Speaking politically. I have a link I kind of think everyone needs to read. You'll think it's about Glenn Beck and it kind of is, but not really. I don't care about the Glenn Beck part. There is important information that is very concise and stated clearly that every American needs to be aware of. So here is the link, it's a short article. And you need to read it.

Oh gosh. I think that's it.

For now....


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