Oh Be Careful Little Mouths What You Say....

I woke up with a lot of opinions today.

I mean.



And not all of them are nice and none of them are funny... I am debating how much to share and what will get me into trouble.

Part of the problem is I was up late last night. Like Super-Duper-Late. I had a girls night with my sister-in-law and my (Hopefully!!) soon to be sister-in-law :) and we were up so late. Like 1:30 kind of late.(It was amazing. Period.)

Which would have been exhausting in itself.

But then Stryker woke up.

And didn't want to go back to sleep.

Oh. No. He just wanted to play. And play. And. Play.... He is such a happy child and I am just in love with him, but really, child, we sleep at night around here.

He probably does this once a week, wakes up in the middle of the night and just wants to crawl all around Zach and I. And now he has his Mama's and his Dada's down and so I am trying to keep him quiet without leaving the bed, God forbid I have to leave the bed at night..., and he is yelling, trying to get to Zach, saying, "Dada! Dada!!" and I'm really trying to let Zach get some good-working-man-sleep.

It was a nightmare.

Plus the night before, there was this cow.... Mooing! The entire night!!! And I didn't get any sleep that night either.

So this morning, the girls wake me up, bright and early and needless to say, I woke up with some opinions.

Watch out people.

First, and this is just because I was just doing my morning catch up on the news segment.

It's time to get informed.

There are people, an entire movement of people. Actually, several movements.... That are bent on the destruction of the United States of America.

That is the truth.

And they have a following. And they are moving. And they don't care about you, or me, or freedom, or the Constitution.

They want to burn this country to the ground.

And I am not just talking about foreign terrorists.

Although... But that's a given.

I am talking about Americans, inside America.

It terrifies me. It really does. And I kind of feel like I need to say something. Now is the time.

And you can call me crazy, but this is not some regurgitated talk show I am giving you, this is from the news and the media, and members of Congress and Hollywood, and organizations across the US, infiltrating everything we see, read and do.

But please, do not take my word for it. Please start investigating on your own. And really, please look at every argument and every side. I can sit here, on my Conservative Republican platform and tell you that the other side of the argument hates you and disguises it as a love and concern for the poor, but in reality this is the worst kind of manipulation.

In the end, you have to be the one that decides that. And maybe you look into it and agree. Or disagree with me. Or think I'm crazy. But at least be prepared. At least know what's coming.

Whatever you do, don't just believe what you hear or read. I mean, really, look at every side. So yes, read some Glenn Beck, listen to some Rush, watch some Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, follow interviews with Nancy Pelosi (In which she says things like rich people won't pay taxes because they want to be immortal....), follow interviews with Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, but listen. Listen to it all. And decide for yourself.

They, and I mean, those that would really like to see the destruction of America are banking on you not being informed. They are praying you don't have an opinion, or viewpoint. And they want to just run you right over. I promise you that.

And whatever you do, don't just listen to me.

Ok. Next controversial opinion of the morning. Stop calling White people racist.

Just stop it.

I really, truly believe that we are beyond racism. That we are post-racist. I'm not completely naive that I don't believe there are still racist people out there. Because there are. I get that.

But it's on every single side of every single race. It is so far beyond just white and black people.

And I am done apologizing for Civil War Slavery. I'm done. I can't continue to apologize for it. It's over. Done. Long. Gone.

I'm not trivializing what happened, because obviously slavery in early America was horrendous.

But my issue is that it is still happening today. Slavery still exists at the worst and ugliest form of it all around the world and by continuing to focus on the past, we are detracting from real live slavery issues today.

Sex Slaves.

Diamond Slaves.

Drug Mules.

Sweat Shops.

We have reached the ugliest time period of this entire world and it's time to give up apologizing for the past and start focusing on today and the issues this generation is facing.

So stop calling the white people in this country racist, CBC, we are not.

You are.

And if you really believe white people still want to see black people hung up in trees you are disgustingly dillusional.

They are our friends, our teachers, our pastors, our leaders, our presidents... our brothers.

This great nation would not stand if we did not all exist in it. And not just black and white, but Asian and Hispanic, and every other color and race out there.

The race issue is to me just a distraction technique to manipulate the public away from issues that have a greater effect on our future.

Please continue to report on Hate Crimes, because obvoiusly, obviously they are NEVER ok. And please, please continue to punish those involved to the greatest extent of the law.

But do not call the Tea Party racist (as a whole) when they want to invoke change that is completely seperate from Racism. Look at what they stand for. Look at what they are fighting for.

It has nothing to do with Race.

And it's time we are honest instead of manipulative. It's time we are courageous instead of decietful. And it's time we stand up for REAL justice instead of the fabricated-BS fed to us by people who are promoting class warfare and violent rioting.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Sorry, if that was a rude awakening this morning....


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