5AM Wake Up Call

5 AM.

That's what time the kidlets were up this morning.

That's right.

It's been getting progressively earlier this last week.

I think they have conspired against me.

Don't think I was up at 5 AM. However. Oh. No. Like my dear friend Lindsay says, "That's what cartoons are for."

I'm sorry. My two hour a day maximum of cartoons is extended on days like these. You honestly can't expect me to try to make breakfast at that ungodly hour? Or get up with them???

Hello, cuddling together on the couch whilst Wow Wow Wubzy entertains them, still counts as parenting.

Or, so I tell myself.

So. Now. At 9:30, we have finally finished breakfast and the girls are off playing Easter Egg Hunt (Their new favorite game since they found my garbage bag full of Empty Easter Eggs.) and Strikey Mikey and I are bonding with a teething ring. He is the cutest thing ever.


And I have two funny stories about the girls. Well, I, as their parent, find them hilarious. Whether you do or not, is not really my problem....

Last night at dinner, Zach and I started asking Stella if she was excited to start preschool soon. They start this month some time, I kind of wish I knew the date.... And she was telling us that she was excited and asking questions about who would be there. (As if we knew....)

All of a sudden, Scarlett stands up and slams both hands down on the table with the surprising power of a grown man and screams out loud at the top of her lungs, "I DON'T WANT MY SISTER TO GO TO PRESCHOOL!!!!"

Zach and I just paused and looked at her while she sat back down in her chair and continued on with dinner and then of course burst into uncontrollable laughter.

What a Bossy Pants!

Zach is convinced that she should get to go to preschool too. Which, she could go to like a one day a week preschool somewhere, but not at OCA, they don't offer that.

But she talks as good as Stella. She knows all of her colors. She can count to 15, if you count Eleventeen and Twelveteen as numbers... And she can dress herself and is officially potty trained.

She's brilliant. Right?

Why not send her away to school??

Well, first of all. I am so NOT ready for that. She is just wonderful when she is the oldest in the house. Like, seriously the sweetest, most responsible child.

I'm not giving up those two hours, three days a week.

They remind me, folks.


Second story.

This morning, I am making coffee. Or attempting to. When your kids are up at 5, coffee is a necessity.

At least for me.

I mean, I would not be here right now without it!

But, I was also way out of it when I was trying to make it and of course today of all days is the day that I have to grind the beans before I can brew it.

First things first, I spill the beans all over the floor.

I apparently was not functioning enough to get the beans from point A to point B.

So the girls come into the kitchen to see what all the noise was about and like the sweet little angels they are start helping me clean up.

And then Stella announces, "Mmmm... Yummy coffee beans! I want to try one!"

And I was like, what???

First of all, let me just say that I am amazed at what adventurous eaters the girls are.

Seriously, their favorite food is Indian Food. They love Asparagus. Stella just ate half a jar of Hot Salsa the other day. And they love Steak. Love it.

Like, they are not generally afraid to try new things.

But coffee beans? Really???

So, I'm like, you can't eat the bean Stella, let me grind it first and then you can try it.

Thinking that she is not really serious, and the curiosity factor will wear off by the time I get it all ground.


I for sure underestimated her!!!

Because I grind the beans in my Magic Bullet (That's right, I said Magic Bullet.) and she says again, ok, I want to try it.

And I'm like... Ok... Who am I to get in the way of her adventurous spirit?

So, I hold it out to her, thinking that she will only like maybe stick one little finger inside and not be brave enough to go through with the trying part.

I was wrong.

She sticks her whole hand inside, pulls out a full on pinch of just plain, ground coffee and before I can warn her, before I realize what she is actually going to do, she has brought her hand to her mouth and eaten the coffee!!!!

I just stood there for the second it took for her to realize it was awful and then of course she started with the gagging and the spitting and I swoop her up and have her under the sink washing her mouth out with cold water and she's screaming "I want a drink, I want a drink!"

Oh my gosh. I was dying.

Like the kind of laughing that makes it impossible to move and your laughter is silent for a while before taking that intake of loud-high-pitched-breath.

She is ridiculous!

What four year old wants to try coffee???? This girl is afraid to go near soda.

And now drum roll please.......


Oh, thank the Lord. I can stop working on it now! :)

I'm over the nausea, and onto the just being really excited about it part! It is such a good book.

Well, from the perspective that it's the best book I've ever written.

Like, don't pit me against John Grisham or J.K. Rowling or anything.

Someone recently asked if my first book was like Twilight. Which I usually tell people that it is, just so they have a frame of reference for the genre.

But this was my answer. It is exactly like Twilight, only no vampires. No werewolves. And now people that glitter.

So if that helps you.

Oh, and my love story is different.

Like. Way. Different.

Anyways. You should probably buy it. Like, it will probably make your life better. And maybe even make you a better person! :) Just kidding.

It's on sale at Amazon only right now for $2.99. And then hopefully this week it will go live on Smashwords.com, which means it will be available for all other eReaders.

And when that happens... I will be offering Reckless Magic, the first in the series for Free!!

Woot. Saving you that whole .99!!!!

Well, for a month anyways.

So go check it out. And enjoy!!


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