Hi, My name is Rachel and I'm a Workaholic.

Ok, that's kind of the farthest thing from the truth and we all know that. Unless you count the one day a week I find myself with tunnel vision, scrubbing down the house and cleaning anything and everything I can get my hands on.



One day a week... Might just be stretching it.

Since Stryker. Yes, lets blame it on the baby, he can't defend himself. It's more like once every two weeks.

And instead of once every two weeks.

It's more like two half days every two weeks.

Ahem. Just for the purposes of full disclosure.

Ok. What was the point of this blog? Oh my.

Oh, even though I am NOT anything close to being addicted to work, I have over the last week been very busy working.

Like actually working on my Writing Career, um, Dream of Being a Paid Writer, um, my time consuming hobby.....?

There is a lot of work that goes in to trying to get other people, who have never heard of you or your book and know that you are self-published and not represented by an agent or a publishing house and that usually means the work is crap and doesn't have the stamp of an editor on it, to not only be interested in reading your work but trying to convince them that it's not complete garabage.

Whew, I mean seriously.

Usually, my argument goes something like, "Um, hi, please read my book. I know I'm a complete stranger, and my opinion means nothing to you.... but trust me when I tell you that it's not crap. Well, not complete crap anyways. I promise. Or heck, maybe it is crap... Either way, I'm just looking for someone to give me an opinion..."

Compelling argument, huh?

I don't know why it's not working.

No actually, it is kind of working and I have been getting responses to the millions of emails I've been sending out.

Did you know that there is this huge community online called Book Bloggers. And they are totally influential to the Publishing World.

Ok, hello, we know we are at a point in this world where Blogging probably has the capability to make nations rise and fall, alter the course of time, stop anarchy, start anarchy, all in all change the world as we know it.

I mean, right? This blog? It's epic.

Totally ife changing.


But no seriously, In doing more research on how self-published authors became successful, I read that a lot of them have Book Bloggers review their books and that in turn gets the word out.

So I did my own research, I started perusing through these bloggers, particularly in the category I write for and I found that yes, they are totally influencing the whole publishing world.

It's not just self-published authors that are in need of their services. No. It is actual publishing houses and real-life paid authors! They send their books to them, sometimes after they are on the shelves, sometimes before they even have a release date and in turn the bloggers read and review the books, posting the book cover, the book jacket and their opinion of the story.

They aren't paid.

They aren't sponsored.

But they do have followings and their opinions influence the sales of books.

Some of these bloggers are 13, some are moms with families. But all of them enjoy the genre and have fair reviews.

There are blogs with thirty followers and blogs with 1500, but even if they have ten followers that's ten more people that hear about your book.

So I am trying that route.

We will see.

This is the part that makes me want to turn my head and vomit, dreading the negative opinion from one, or the universal opinion that I should hang this dream out to to dry, grow up and get a real job.

Oh my.

The only thing that has gotten me through this week and helped me push send on every email is that my Aunt, a shrewd business woman and someone who's opinion I HIGHLY respect but would NEVER have thought in a million years would be interested in a book like mine is reading it.

And she used the word. Riveted.

Such a high praise.

So. I'm pushing forward. Putting myself out there. And really fighting for this thing.


I'm like ten chapters away from finishing the second book.

Which in itself is a miracle.

And once it's been sent to editors, that means only one thing.... I fix a bazillion mistakes.

Ok. It also means that I get to publish.

The cover art is sitting and ready and just waiting for a finished product and at that point.

I will have TWO books published.

Or self published.

Or whatever.


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