Say What?

No really, what did you say?

I think I lost a little bit of hearing after yesterday.

Not major amounts, but since I am a little hard of hearing anyways, the effects could be tragic.

But well. Well. WELL. Worth it.

Oh. We just had the best day. It started with the girls and a stomach virus... But ended with Food and Family and Friends and Fireworks and Fun and well most of the F's I can think of.

I said most. Like Freedom. And well... Never mind.


I just love those kind of days. And I feel so blessed by the people in my life and proud of the life I can live.

But today. I'm sleepy. Very, very sleepy.

And my kids? Well Scarlett slept in till 8, which says something in itself and Stella still hasn't rolled out of bed and we're going on 9:30.

Poor babies.

This is a picture of those poor babies yesterday. My little fireworks.

And with their little brother. Pure. Love.

Zach bought that outfit for Stryker as soon as I told him I was pregnant. We didn't even know if I was having a boy or girl, but Zach decided our new baby needed an outfit for the 4th of July, which at that time was more than a year away!

What a man, what a man, what a might good man. Oh yes he is! (A special shout out to Salt N Pepper.)

Ok, this is probably one of my fave pictures of all time!

Now I'm not kidding when I tell you that the boys, or as I found at last night, kind of resent the name "boys," so lets call them the men, build their own fireworks.

And not just small little firecrackers.

Oh. No. We are talking HUGE fireworks displays!

This is Zach and James building their legacy.

I love the smile on Zach's face because it was not even like anyone was saying anything funny. It's just the spirit of the holiday. The Fourth of July, well and Christmas, are the happiest you will ever see my hubby.

Aunt Kylee and my kidlets turning their attention back and forth between daddy working on the tubes and the destruction happening out in the street.

Kylee is Gorgeous. That's a fact. Not an opinion.

Thank God my children look just like her!

Oh. Folks. I have SO many pictures to share. So hope you are sitting tight!!!

The Aunts. His favorite ladies.

Here is the show. I don't know if you know a lot about fireworks. (I certainly don't.) But I do know that this. is. a. lot.

Uncle Ryan.

Love it.

Here is the carnage from the street. Not the show stoppers. Oh no, this is just the firecrackers that are set off during the day.

This is why I love the Fourth of July.

Well. We had made it through the day and through three fireworks from the backyard when Stella decided she had had enough. No more for her. This was too dangerous and she wasn't going to be a party to recklessness.


Her and I got to enjoy the show from inside, while Stryker slept through the sky being blown up and the sound barrier being broken, and Scarlett tried her best to help daddy light off the explosives instead of sitting calmly outside on her Aunt's lap.

Don't mind us. We were just a little hot. And for sure don't judge the eyebrows. I can't help it if I have curly eye brows! Also I can't help it if the last time I was working on eyebrow maintenance things got a little out of control.... I blame it on poor lighting and humidity.

If you have a serious problem, please mail me your concerns and I will do my best to address the issue.

On their way out with the finale.

The Homemade Finale.

This is the part where I usher the kids on the deck or inside all together. Just in case the homemade monstrosity goes south. Literally we were south of the display....

Hooray for an amazing show!!

The masterminds themselves.

My little firecracker and her first firecracker. Or I guess it's just a sparkler. Still the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Hands down.

Oh girls. What a good show!

Well. Time to go home. And to bed. Since tomorrow is a work day. Can you believe it? How awful for the Fourth of July!

They didn't even make it out of the driveway.

Tell tale signs that they had the best time of their little lives.

Believe it or not, I have MORE pictures than even that, but those are going to Facebook so this blog doesn't take you six and a half hours to read!

Hope everyone had an amazing Fourth.

And if you didn't.

Then next year you're just going to have to come and join ours.

I'll be making potato salad.

And Zach will be making explosives.

It's always a good time!


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