Dance Dance Revolution

It's been a long time.

Shouldn't have left you, left you.

Baby crying bizarrely in the background.

It's been a long time.

Shouldn't have left you, left you.

More baby crying.

And then Aliyah starts singing and I have no idea what she is saying. She is so totally one of those rare female artists that I'm like, um, what was that? Can you pronunciate a little bit better??

Yeah, her and Cher.

I don't even want you to know how long it took me to figure out the lyrics to Life After Love.

(Like. Years.)



Anyways. It has been a long time since the El Bloggo. And an even longer time since it's been consistent.

In my defense, which... I will always give you my defense, right? Come on. This is my blog.


I've been just trying to write write write that second book of mine whenever I have a free chance.

But now it is finished!!! I mean, it was before, but then I had to go back through it and just make sure everything was consistent and says exactly what I wanted it to say.

FYI it was NOT consistent and good thing I went back over it! Whew.

Silly things, like in one chapter a door is made out of stone and then in the next its wood.


But, what I didn't catch, is now up to the editors!!! And I have fantastic ones. Like, pretty much the smartest people I know!

Although, there are a lot of words to edit. 114,000 to be exact. I mean. Yikes. That's a lot.

Anyways, so today instead of just diving into the next book, which I totally have to do so that there is some kind of teaser at the end of this one for the next one that is due out in October which is only three months away which is completely freaking me out....

Take a breath.

Ok. Instead of all of that, the girls are going to have a private lesson at the house!!!!

For dance.

And I am SO excited!!!

Slow down, before you think I'm shelling out major dollars for dance lessons instead of buying milk and bread for my family let me explain.

My mom is a teacher at OCA and every year they have a student auction for the National Honor Society, where parents/teachers bid on students in exchange for work.

Usually my mother has a plethora of jobs, from moving heave equipment to grading papers, to painting to whatever, you name it.

BUT. This year, being the amazing Nana she is. Like probably the best in the world. She kept her granddaughters in mind and bid on a dancer.

Not just any dancer.

A fantastic, classically trained dancer.

And so, she is giving the girls (Mainly Stella because Scarlett's attention span is only so long....) a series of private lessons.

This is fantastic.

I am super worried about Stella this year in dance.

Ok. Before you go all You're-A-Crazy-Stage-Mom on me, let me explain! Yes, I know that Stella is only four. And yes, I know that dance, even though we are doing competition is still just to have fun.

If she's not having fun and not enjoying it, hell, if she's not loving every second of it, we just won't do it anymore. That's it.

But. As a mother I still WANT my child to be the best at everything she does. I can't help it. I want the best things in life for all of my children, every single one of them and only the best things.

And I want them to try their hardest, do their darndest and be their bestest.

I was raised to strive for excellence and that is what I want for my children. Even if they are four or two or 6 months.

Ok. Just kidding, we'll give Stryker a break for now.

Now. If they are not the best, I'm not going to hold that against them, but I'm also not going to let them half-ass it either. If they don't want to do it, that's a different story.

I am not forcing them to give 110% at something they hate.

Unless it's school.

Speaking of, this whole stance I take on wanting Stella do be her best at dance, is also the exact position I take with pre-school too. I want her to succeed.

I can't help that.

That's how God created me.

Anyways. I am not asking her to do this alone, or any of my children for that matter, although believe me... Scarlett would much, much, much, much rather do EVERYTHING on her own.

She wants no help from me.

I'm pretty sure she would prefer to be paying her own bills right now.

Child is self dependent.

Back to the point, I want to give my children every opportunity to succeed, to set them up for success and encourage them along the pathway too successfullness.

Do I sound like a Get Motivated Seminar????


But in dance especially i am worried about Stella. Not that all of what I just said is not true... But the team she is on is very unique. Ok, there are sisters on her team and one of them is younger and brand new to the team, but their mom is a dance teacher.

Another little girl is also the daughter of a dance teacher.

And the other little girl is the little sister of these two older girls who are like seriously the best dancers in their age group in like all of Omaha.

That is not even a joke.

Another little girl just joined who's mom knows nothing about dance either.. Thank Goodness! But still.

All of the other girls on her team are going to have some serious coaching at home. And not because their moms are crazy.

Because they are not.

This ain't no Abby Lee.

For real.


But because they have someone at home who can work with them that KNOWS what they are doing. Ok.

I can stretch with Stella.

I know how to stretch.

That's it.

I don't know what a needle should really look like. Or a leg hold. Or a turn. Ok, I don't even know what the technical term for a turn is!

It starts with a P....


And Stella dances all of the time at home, but I don't know enough to help her with the exact technicalities of every move.

So, going into this year, I have realized that private lessons will be a necessity for her. They have to be if she is going to keep up with her team.

I also know that they don't have to be this year. They don't. And every little technicality is also not a big deal this year.

But it will be.

In the future.

In the sooner future than I want to believe... Heck the child is going to kindergarten in a year. She might as well be putting a cap and gown on and graduating with a Masters of Business....

So anyways, the whole point was just that I am thrilled for her to get one on one attention and help.

Four lessons aren't going to change her into a Prima Ballerina.

But they aren't going to hurt her either.

Ok, fine. After all of that being said. Go ahead, call me a crazy dance mom. I can deny it all I want, but I know it's the truth.

I might as well pick up my bedazzler and hot glue gun and get the jeans out.

Ok, this in itself is why Dance Moms would totally reject me. I don't even own a pair of jeans with pockets. There would be nothing to bedazzle!!!

Oh my.


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