Have you seen Dan in Real Life?

The movie?

It's one of my faves.

Ok. The first time I watched it, I hated it. Oh, it's so awkward, I could barely watch the screen at times. BUT. After the movie was over, I kept thinking about how funny and smart it was and how I loved the love story.

And then Zach bought it for me.

"For Me" because he actually loved it too, but needed an excuse to purchase the chick flick.

Well. It was on TV like last weekend and we started watching it in the middle over some homemade Pad Thai, that was less like Pad Thai and more like one of my concoctions of everything I have in the kitchen over rice noodles.... but then Zach was like, lets watch our copy, from the beginning.

And I fell in love with the movie all over.

But anyways. To the point.

At one point in the movie the supporting cast asks the heroine, "What is your perfect day?"

And she responds by saying, "My perfect day would be waking up in a new country with a language I didn't know and discovering that culture all day."

Or something like that.


I used to think that was my perfect day.

Literally, I thought the writers took my would-be answer and adapted it for the silver screen and I was getting screwed out of royalties.

Because up until... yesterday? No, up until five years ago. That was my perfect day. And there are days, when still that is my most perfect day ever.

Especially if it means I can wake up there alone. Completely alone. And go from there. That I can do whatever I want in that foreign country. Whenever I want. That the only language I'm trying to figure out is actually a written language and not the Sanskrit of Toddler and that the only culture I will be discovering is tradition and architecture, not a potty-training little girl pooping on the floor and baby spit up all over my house.


But then yesterday happened.


At the end of it.

I decided I just lived my perfect day.

And that was that.

There was no dreaming of traveling. And alone time. And thinking. And doing whatever I wanted to do.

I was in the middle of perfection and happiness and all things good about this life and it was bliss.

There was still poop.

And spit up.

And I'm going to show you some pictures of the day. And this morning, before I loaded them, I thought: "Oh man, yesterday was so perfect, these pictures are going to be amazing."

But. When I went through them... they are not so amazing. More like normal, every day things.

I don't know if you can capture perfection in pictures. Or if its just that phenomenon that hits you in the every day, average, dad to day blessings that make you think, this is what life is about.

Ugh. And sometimes. Sometimes. We are so poor. I just think to myself, nobody has ever been this poor before. Nobody. Not ever. How will we live?

I've never been over dramatic before. Don't worry.

But then, I look around at my little family and just dwell in the blessings that this life has showered me with and I am so thankful.

So thankful for every part of it.

Even the poor part.

Because that's where the real stuff is. The stuff that blesses my soul and gives me a glimpse into the Love that God feels for us. His children. His creation.

In this imperfect, wretched existence we are all just trying to make it through, God is there, reminding us that He has a perfect plan for us. A perfect Love for every single one of us that is enough. Enough for it all.

And as unlike God as I am. In every single way possible. He has still created us in His image. In His likeness. And in inspiration of Him.

So my family. My children. The love I have for my husband. And kids. Although imperfect, is still a reflection of the Goodness and Perfection that is His Love.

And I think, when I stop to remind myself of that, then I realize that although this life is so far from good. There are great moments.

And although it is so far from easy. There are blessed moments.

And although the life I live is the farthest thing from perfection than probably when Adam and Even sinned.

There are perfect moments.

And so here is my perfect day.

It started homemade pancakes in the shapes of hearts, triangles and fish. I am really, super creative when it comes to pancake shapes.... And then the day continued with just bumming around the house. We had been up until Midnight the night before at our dear friend's house and so.... we were all tired. To say the least.

Isn't she gorgeous?

This is Stryker bumming it. We gave him this soccer ball. And it turns out he LOVES it. I can't even describe to you how happy it makes him! It is his most favorite thing in the world.

Next to me... :)

Oh. Thank God for Zach's sake we have one that loves soccer!

Stella can take a big breath of relief now... Haha.

After we rested. And everybody took a morning nap. Even me... Well. Ok, Me, Stryker and Scarlett took a morning nap. Zach and Stella went out on the riding lawn mower and got some yard work done.

Stella had her last Soccer game of the season.

And it was hot.




And Stella hated it.

Not the heat part.

The soccer part.

See that face?

She didn't lose it the entire day!

Silly girl.

This is Stryker in the heat. He didn't last long in the car seat before he became a giant sweat ball. And then I had to hold him. And he was hot. And then I became a giant sweat ball.

Because before I held him, I was totally cool and dry....

This is Scarlett.

She didn't love the game either...

Mainly because she was hot.

And couldn't play.

Or go to the park.

And she was hungry.

This is Zach giving both of the girls a pep talk. He was convincing Stella to get back on the field. And convincing Scarlett not to run away and join the circus.

We still love you Scar Baby. Just stick with us a while longer.

I was holding the baby. In the shade.

Oh. Stella.

That picture sums up Stella's whole take on the universe.

Not. Even. Kidding.

But. Then we got in our air conditioning car and drove home. We stopped at Sonic Happy Hour along the way so the girls could cool off with 50 cent slushies and Zach and I could share a Large Strawberry Diet Coke.

Our favorite thing.

And sharing it made it feel like a date.

Except we just ended up fighting over who had more....


And when we got home. We thought it would be a fantastic idea for the girls to run through the sprinklers.

Except we don't own a sprinkler, consequently.

Or if we do. We can't find it.

And it turns out, you don't water farmland. You just count on God and the weather.

So this is our "Sprinkler System," AKA Zach and The Hose.

But the girls didn't complain!

Ok. Scarlett Complained.

And then Stella complained.

But can you blame her?

So we made a "Water Slide....?"

But eventually, Daddy gave in and ran out to solve the Great Water Debacle of 2011.

And they fell in with the Slip and Slide. And the evening reached perfection.


There was not much slipping.

Or sliding....

But rather more. Running. Stopping. Jumping.

And then Army Crawling....

And there was a lot of this.

I call this. Summer Happiness.

And one of my Strikey Mikey.

It kind of looks like he has teeth....

After the slip and slide it was an amazing meal outside of BBQ Kabobs, Baked Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, a super yummy Salad, and Fruit Salad.

Zach lit the Tiki Torches and we relaxed in the coolness of a glorious summer night.

After it took all of three seconds for the kids to fall asleep. Zach and I even got to cuddle in bed with some Rhubarb Crisp and Ice Cream.

Does it get any better than that?

Not for me.


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