Those Summer Nights


First things first.

I just saw a commercial for Turkey Hill Iced Tea.

And I feel like I can take a big sigh of relief.

Ok, because this is what a sucker I am.

I always buy Turkey Hill Iced Tea at the grocery store. Always. Mainly because at Bakers I can get it for 10 for 10.

And you know I'm cheap.


Also. Because they have amazing flavors like Half and Half, and Pomegranate Iced Tea, and Black Cherry Sweet Tea.

Ok, but I always feel bad about it. I'm all like, Why is it only a dollar? What is wrong with it?

Am I drinking cancer????

Seriously. Those are my thoughts.

I still buy it of course.

But I have all of those thoughts.

But now I feel validated. Oh praise the Lord, they have enough money to run a commercial.

Who knows what the company is actually like. At least I feel comfortable now that I've seen the product on TV. They can't be that bad if they've got a commercial!

Oh. Good. Lord. There might be something wrong with me!



But to the real point of this impromptu blog.


Oh, my gosh. I am soooooo soooo soooo excited. Yes, all of those O's excited.

It's beautiful.


I would buy the book. Just for the cover.

If it wasn't already my book....

And of course, the title has changed too. From Reckless to Reckless Magic, which makes SO much more sense for the genre and book itself.

So. If you haven't already bought it.

Buy it now.

I promise the cover won't change again.

In fact, I already have the cover for book number two and it's like a theme. So this is it folks.

Unless of course, I get picked up by a real publisher. But then again, everything would change at that point.

I probably would pretend like I didn't know any of you if that happened.


That's why it's never going to happen, huh?


Pipe Dreams.

What can I say?

And if you've already bought the old one.

Just go ahead and buy it again. You NEED the new cover!!!!

Need it, I tell you!



Just a little update because I am like so excited.

And I've had a couple Long Islands.

And it's amazing.


That's all.

Isn't it beautiful?


Oh. Also.


Speaking of commercials. I SO want to be in all of the Bravo Summer Commercials with like all of their realty stars.

Mainly because I want to be friends with them ALL.

But also because the commercials look super fun.

The end.

Amen. Amen.



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