Head Trauma

We are kind of a beat up bunch today. It's not pretty.

Well. Stella is still pretty.

And although I can't call Stryker "pretty," I mean, after all, he is a man. A handsome man. But not a pretty man.... His wound, due to one night too long of night getting his nails cut, is at least healing. Poor little guy with a fading gash down his right eye.

Think Scar from Lion King.

Ok. He totally looks Bad Ass.

Yes. He is a Bad Ass Baby.

But the real looker is my poor Scarlett. The girl walked right into a chair yesterday and gave herself a shiner.

In her defense, her Uncle Ryan was over and they had built a fort covered in blankets and she couldn't actually see the chair per say....

I mean.

The rest of us knew it was there. That Something had to be holding the blankets up.

But I suppose she is only two after all. So I'll give her a break.

I took a picture of her this morning.

Don't mind the fact that I haven't brushed her hair yet. Please don't mind that fact....

It's her right eye. It's darker now, but it was half swollen when I took the picture!

Poor thing.

And poor me too.

Ugh. I got a migraine last night. And I hate migraines.

Well, I think everybody hates migraines.... But I especially do. I get them too often to be friends with them.

So last night was miserable. And this morning I woke up with the whole nausea-want-to-vomit-can't-lie-down-I-hate-the-light-want-to-die-my-brain-hurts feeling. So Zach fed me some meds, kissed me sweetly and still left for work.

Even though I did my best to convince him to stay home with the kids so I could go out into the corn fields and just die.

Something about how he was sure I would be fine and out the door he went.


It turns out he was right.



I called the nanny, aka I turned Nick Junior on, and laid back down. Thankfully, as in Hallelujah Jesus thankfully, both Stryker and Stella slept past 9 and it was just Scarlett that I had to contend with. Although despite some post-daddy-leaving-screaming, she was actually very well behaved.

Or at least I think she was.

I can't be positive since I had to sleep off the remainder of the headache portion.

And now that it's gone I can handle the minimal natural light in this house and deal with the pounding music reverberating through the floorboards. Which I don't want to talk about.


So we are recovering today.

I am recovering today. Because we are getting serious about a house and instead of hives this time I got a migraine.

So I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to commitment.

It's a miracle I got married.

Zach said last night, in the sweetest way possible, while I'm hyperventilating during just a simple conversation that "I need to be able to have a grown up conversation."

He is unfortunately right.... I do need to.

Even if I don't like it. I need to.

I can say this though, I'll take a Migraine over a Week of Hives every time.





I have a story. But this blog is literally taking me forever. FOREVER. Like hours and hours and hours. And the baby wants to eat now and my brain hurts and I think I'm even bored with what I'm writing... SO. Sorry if you are too!


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