A Day In The Life

I know!

Two blogs. Two days in a row! Woot woot for me.

But really, I am so dizzy from the medicine that I can't do much else.

Scratch that.

My cousin does this amazing job of putting pictures of her every day life on her blog and she inspired me to add more of my memories to this online diary.

Scratch that.

While those are both real and valid reason I'm blogging for a second time today. The truth is. The honest to God Truth is.... I'm avoiding laundry.

And you'll see why in a minute.

Laundry Day Equals My Arch-Nemisis.

For Reals.

So here is what a day looks like for me.

At least this week.

At least this day.

I wasn't kidding about the laundry, huh?


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