This is what just transpired during rest time today.

Stella: Mommy, will you watch Bambi with me, please.

Me. : Sure, honey, why?

Stella: Because it's scary.

Me: Bambi's scary? Why?

Stella: Because Bambi's mommy doesn't make it. She tries to make it, but she can't. And then Bambi's alone.

I nearly burst in to tears. Right then. Right there.

Not because of Stella and the realization she gets more than I give her credit for. Or because of how I suddenly realized she is growing up so fast, and she's not going to want me to watch Bambi with her much longer and I need to cherish these moments.

No. I almost burst into tears for Bambi's damn mother.

Just keep up. That's all we're asking. Just run faster. Dang it Bambi's mom. Why????

It's sad though, right?

Ok, not as sad as the over-emotional-crazy-person I am thinks it is. But geesh, Disney, give us a break.

Happy Good Friday by the way!

Even though, I guess nobody really says Happy Good Friday.... Because Good Friday, definitely isn't the happiest of holidays.

When you look at it in like an hermeneutical standpoint sure. We wouldn't celebrate Christ rising from the dead, if we didn't in essence celebrate his death first.

So in that way, yes Happy Good Friday. But still.... it seems a little macabre....

Easter weekend makes me a little more emotional than I feel is necessary. And plus, no matter how hard I try to embrace this new philosophy that maybe I'm just an emotional person, really deep down I refuse to accept it. But I suppose, if I'm going to get all weepy, the death and resurrection of Christ is at least justified.

I more than suppose. I believe I'm justified.

As dark as these days were for Christ and the early Christians, thanks to the resurrection we have something to live for. Something to offer hope. Something promised to us through the blood of Jesus: Salvation.

Like Obama said, "There is just something about the Easter weekend...."

He wasn't wrong. There is definitely something about Easter. Our true promise for the future.

Also, I've got to find Easter outfits for the kids! I'm a little behind. Especially since we're going to church tomorrow night to avoid the Sunday morning mayhem and also have brunch with the fam.

Miriah will be horrified!

But in my defense, I thought I had dresses for the girls, but after trying them on today, they are just not going to work. They're too big. And my plan was always to find Strykey Mikey something but I just haven't made it there yet..... And I was hoping not to have to take the kidlets.

But I don't think its going to happen like that.


Finally. I can't believe they shot Helen. OMG.

And if you don't watch Justified. You need to. Like seriously. You need to.

It's kind of brilliant. Don't have cable? Hulu bitches.


Plus. Timothy Olyphant. Um. Yes. Please.

He's in my laminated five.

Oh don't judge me.

I can give you Zach's if that helps.
1. Tea Leoni
2. Mila Kunis
3. Natalie Portman (Not black swan related. This is all Queen Amadala and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.)
4. Kim Kardashian (I know.....)
5. Adrianna Lima

Ok. That's my list for him. He might not have ever had a single thought about a list before..... And what is that about? He definitely has a type.

Except for Tea Leoni.

Good thing I look exactly like them.


It's also a good thing I don't have an issue with self confidence.

I've had two guys recently tell me that I sell myself short.

In those exact words. That I am too hard on myself and don't give myself enough credit.

I just laughed at them.

One was my cousin, and we were talking about running a business, because he runs a very successful one. And another was a friend talking about bowling.

Yes. Bowling.

First of all. Bowling. I am terrible at it. Awful. I once bowled a 32. For the entire game. I need bumpers. And this is after I took a college class in it and should somehow be an expert.

I'm not.

But. I say that. And then I played in Zach's bowling league on Monday and rocked it. Like, seriously rocked the shy-za out of that alley. I had strikes all over the place and got over a 200, twice. (Ahem, with the handicap they gave me....)

However, I've never bowled like that in my life. I can't even take the game seriously. And if you got 9 pins down that counted as a strike.... So that helped....

And then to my cousin. It's not that I sell myself short. It really isn't. It's that I know myself. And I know exactly what I'm good at and what I'm not good at. I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses.

Such as. I am really good at writing. Just don't judge my blog.

I am really not good at initiative.

I am really good at not showering for days and still appearing clean and put together.... put together-ish.

I am not good at thinking ahead.

In a business, I am really, really good at taking directions (As long as they are step by step), delegating, and leading. Fine, in those ways I could lead a business.


I am also terrible, terrible, terrible at making decisions. I'm awful. Nothing would ever get done and I know that. I am also terrible at making other people responsible for their actions, being tough with others and standing up for myself.

I would be a push over boss that never got anything accomplished.

I have no foresight, I break everything I touch and I am a total scatter brain.

I'm not being hard on myself. Just honest. And so, No. I'm not selling myself short. I'm just saving myself from unreal expectations and years and years of doing a job I would never be truly good at.

Plus. I look too much like a hippie. Nobody would ever take me seriously.

And since most hippie professions, I don't take seriously, I'm kind of stuck.

A friend told me about a job recently.

An office job.

I would have to dress business casual and take out my nose ring.

What to do.....

More than childcare on a daily basis, these are my thoughts.

No, not seriously.

But really. Come on.

My nose would look so boring.

And what would I do in tweed trousers and collared shirts.

Lets be honest about that. My boobs are way too big for that....


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  1. LOl Rachel, you are a hot mess.... that's all I can say about you!!!!! :)