Road Trip Over Spring Break

Well, Stella had Spring Break this week, and so my mom and I brought all of the little children up to Wisconsin to visit mom's side of the family.

The Moon Side.

And that is why I have been absent on the blog for a while.

But we are having a lazy afternoon today. And since I've already gotten my nap and a little reading in, I thought why not blog?

It is wonderful to be up here. Wisconsin is a different landscape than Nebraska. Nebraska is beautiful. Don't get me wrong. I will defend that fact against anyone who might find our cornfields boring and flat geography monotonous. We are the amber waves of grain and fruited plains. We are America the Beautiful.

Have you seen our sunsets?


And Omaha. My Homaha. Favorite city in the world. Hands down.

Ok, Paris is a close second. Very close. Very, very, very close.

Vienna is a nearly tied second so it will sit at third.

And I seem to have left my heart in Timisoara, Romania and my soul in Galle, Sri Lanka.

But Omaha is my home.

Anyways, Wisconsin is beautiful in an entirely different way. With, tall, rocky cliffs that form walls around their long winding rivers. The dense forestry and abundance of wildlife on every open body of water or deep inside a cluster of old pine trees are breathtaking. And the easy, unaffected way of all Wisconsonites make the State in general very welcoming and always a joy to visit.

Because my mom is from here, and all of her family still resides here, I've been coming up here since before birth. But now its fun to bring my own children back. Introduce them to my wonderful family and enjoy all of those special things I've loved since childhood that Omaha can't provide.

Pizza Pub. Noah's Ark. The Dells. My Uncle Clyde's House that is virtually the Mecca of all Childhood Dreams: Four-Wheelers with plenty of forest or farmland to explore, a river to cross and a beach to get stuck in , Unlimited Soda, A view of the winding Wisconsin River and Eagles. Eagles every day. A giant trampoline, a huge play set, cousins to play with and of course my Uncle Clyde and Aunt Carolyn that make every day an adventure for these kiddos.

My kids are seriously in heaven and every night need reassurance that we won't be going home tomorrow but will in fact, be staying for all of eternity.

Oh, its so nice to get away every once in a while. And this is my perfect idea of vacation. Nothing crazy. Just family and relaxation.


So anyways, no funny stories. Just peace. And that's what I love.

Peace to you as well.


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