Confused Swan

That's right, color me confused, because I don't get it.

Black Swan, that is.


So last night, after driving for 11 hours, me and the girls finally made it home. We had a fantastic weekend. It was so wonderful to be with my family and get to know my cousins better and for the girls to get to know everyone better. And spend that time with my mom, she is just such a wonderful and generous woman!!!

But we were ready to come home.

I can't be without Zach for too long. It's like I'm missing half of myself and I just can't do it!

So anyways. We get home. The girls go right to bed because despite hours of napping on the long journey home, and sitting for the entire day.... they were exhausted!

And then Zach has this cuddly, little romantic evening planned. ( By the way, for us married, poor folks, that means Summer Shandy and a Video on Demand...)

There were also some hot wings and twizlers involved.

So, he picks the movie that both of us have been wanting to see, maybe something he thinks is a little more geared for me, and that was so hyped up for Award Season: Black Swan.

And I have to say, I.... don't know. I definitely feel lost now. And disturbed. And probably a little crazy myself.

I can say this though. I Loved the music!

Unfortunately I don't really think that's a compliment. I don't know. I need it explained to me. Like what really happened and what really didn't happen?

Seriously. If I could have a sit down with the writer and director I would love to just say, ok, what was your vision for this movie and how much was in her head, and what did she really do? Like, are there cliff notes? And if so, can I have them please?

I don't even really know how the movie ended.... Yikes.

Plus I had these weirdo dreams, half-nightmares the whole night thanks to Natalie Portman. I get why the girl got an Oscar. But seriously....
At least it has me thinking about it. Which I am guessing was probably the point. I told Zach that we are taking the girls out of dance today. That was frightening.

Oh boy. I think in general though, really successful creative people are crazy!

Like look at the really talented artists, musicians, writers, anybody who is anybody but has to be creative in order to do so, is crazy.

And a ballerina wouldn't be any exception, I suppose....

I just painted my nails. Huge Mistake.... You know how you're painting your toenails and fixing up with your fingernails and then at the end you think its a good idea to just go ahead and paint the fingernails too?

And then you sit back and say, "Why did I just waste my time...?"

Because its going to take about one hour for me to start chipping polish off and then become obsessed with ripping the rest off all by myself.


But there's nothing I can do about it now. Except try not to move until they are 100% completely dry. So blogging probably isn't the best way to do that! Oops....

Ok so today I am unpacking. That is my only goal. I am exhausted. The girls are pooped. And Stryker rode the whole way back strapped into a carseat so he is extra clingy.

I mean we are even skipping dance today! Can you believe it?

I can. I have no energy to deal with all of that.

But then the rest of this week is dedicated to Spring Cleaning. I'm pretty excited. One room at a time until this house is spotless!

It will definitely take me two weeks. But I am determined. Slow and Methodical. Take no shortcuts and possibly organize my life.

Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Crazy. I'm crazy. Just put me in there with the Van Goghs, Picasso's and Nina Sayers of the world.


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