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I am FINALLY recovering from the worst UTI of my life.

Seriously, this afternoon I thought I was dying.

I get them often. Its like this chronic problem with me. If I could get a Urinary Tract Replacement. I would. Believe me.

But usually they aren't this bad. I mean, they all start out bad, but after like one dosage of medicine, they go away. Sometimes I don't even have to get a prescription because I use these over the counter things that work pretty well.

And turn your pee orange. But that's a different story.

Anyways. It started Saturday Night. And I stupidly just hoped it would go away. It didn't. Birthday Party Sunday rolled around and I was mildly miserable. Tried the over-the-counters and they did nothing. Nothing.

So going into Monday. And my weird fear of going to the doctor, and my even weirder fear of taking any kind of drug and/or antibiotic, I kept putting it off.

Until. Mildly Miserable turned into Absolutely Miserable.

So. I drug myself to the doctor, with two kids in toe and sat through the exam process. I knew what was wrong with me. I knew what I needed to fix it. But doctors have this thing against patients self diagnosing themselves. Which ok, I understand.

But what they need to understand is, that if I'm at the doctor, if I've already made myself go then chances are, I know whats wrong with me.

Zach too.

Like his appendicitis, we knew exactly what it was. Still, they can't just start surgery. First they have to charge you up the yazoo with tests and scans and x-rays and whatnot.

I also had pink eye once and really irritated the doctor trying to convince him that's what it was. I'm like. I was just around friends who had it. I know exactly what it is. And he was all, I need to run tests, I can't just prescribe you medicine based on your theory.

Ok, I do get that. But still....

And then of course UTI's. Trust me Medical Community. I get them way too much to have any sense of confusion when one occurs. Just give me my damn medicine!

But no. First they have to take a urine test that they can't even read because of the over the counters I had been taken.

Anyways, they finally did give me something.

And then I had to go somewhere else yesterday because what they gave me didn't work. And when I say didn't work. I really mean, made it much, much, much worse!

I'm better today. Thank God I'm better! I was not doing good.

Plus I've had this headache for the last three days, that I'm classifying as a mild migraine since no medicine will take care of it! ugh. So irritating.

Which leaves me with no coherent thoughts just lots and lots of random ones. Yes, apparently lack of sleep plus consistent and uncomfortable pain equals nothing normal, rational, or consecutive. Sorry.

First. My children do not understand when things are not a touch screen. Apple has totally destroyed their view of reality. Whether its my laptop screen or my brand new Kindle, they are constantly pushing on the screen in hopes of pulling up games or icons that seem interesting. Is this what the next generation is going to be like? A whole generation of future adults that only use touch screens and voice recognition?


But doesn't that seem bizarre? This isn't Star Trek the Next Generation. And I haven't seen a flying car yet.

Second. I'm back in the Saladmaster Game. And I was reminded of how important eating healthy is. And not just healthy, please, I'm a dessert fanatic. But the point is to use natural ingredients and to stay away from processed food. Which, I know, is all stuff you've heard from me before. But what Zach and I have started to realize over the last couple of months is that not only do we notice how heavy Salt is used when you order from a restaurant, something I think our tainted palates hadn't realized before, but also the terrible aluminum taste from silverware. Saladmaster makes Silverware, and I'm pretty sure that's going to have to be my next purchase from there because it ruins the food!

Third. Since I am back doing Saladmaster I can officially say I hate Salesmen. Hate them. And I know that's strong language, but its how I feel. And the more of them I meet, the more my feelings are reinforced. So I'm sorry world, that is about to meet Me the Salesman. I'm sorry for all of the negative connotations that I bring with my title. But I hate them too...

Fourth. I love my Kindle. Love it. Love it. Love it. It is the most amazing thing I've ever been gifted! (From my mom for my birthday!) It is just everything about technology that I love and it has changed my life. If you don't have one, you need to go buy one now. Like, for real now, because I'm very close to publishing my book on there and you will need one in order to buy it! :) Unless you have an iPad, or iPod, because then you can just download the Kindle App and buy it from there! haha!

Fifth. I am old. Old. OLD. Seriously Old. And not only do I feel it. But I look it. Turning a year older for me is always a struggle every single year. But this year was especially hard and I'm pretty sure I tried to mentally block it from happening. It still happened. Oh don't worry, I am that much closer to the end of my life. But whats worse, is that my birthday this year didn't just come with a seven in replacement of a six, but also Grey Hairs and Crows Feet.

I just threw up.

Yes. Grey Hair. I'm like Salt and Pepper Grey. And its bad.

So bad. I just started crying. Ok. That's an exaggeration. But I have decided its time to start dying my hair for real. Like, making regular appointments and keeping these little grey bastards hidden.

Zach noticed them probably two weeks ago and then I met a friend of mine who is about to be a hair stylist and I mentioned that I needed to come see her and have her do something about them. At first she said, "You don't have any greys." And then she looked closer, and said, "Oh my gosh, yes you do! They're everywhere!"

And I'm like, I know!

And everyone I talk to about them says, well, you have three kids, and a lot on your plate.

Ok. Yes, I will give you that. BUT. I don't know any of my friends who are the same age as me with just as many kids as me that have this problem. In fact, I don't even know friends that are a few years older than me that have this problem.

I asked my mom, when she got them. And she said, Oh, not until my 40's.


So now, here I am, 27 going on Over the Hill, with Grey Hair and Wrinkles and Chronic Illnesses.

I am thinking about going either super dark, like almost black. Or something with red in it. And maybe I'll even get a trim while I'm there. If I can ever find where there will be. A place that I can trust, that doesn't cost too much and can not only handle my hair but understand how it works. I'm pretty sure a place like that doesn't exist.

Almost positive.


At least I have this. The same night my friend confirmed the greys. My other friend said to me about getting older, "At least you're getting prettier. Remember what you looked like in high school?"

Oh yes I do. Thank God for Eyeliner. And Thank God for friends who are honest with me. Lord knows, I need it. And Lord knows I need some color on this mop.



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