Chapter Nine

We are watching Kill Bill 2 right now.

Love it.

That's what chapter we are on. Nine.

I had a point with yesterday's title, and I totally forgot to say what it was.

Made In Mexico. Because through this whole Lent thing, Zach and I are really trying to give up pop. But he isn't as convinced as I am. So he bought some Glass Coke Bottles the other day for himself. They were made and bottled in Mexico.

I gave him a hard time at first. But....

The great thing about soda made in Mexico is that they don't use fake sugar, they use real sugar.

Anyways, I thought that was a better way to drink pop. More natural and less sweet. So I forgave him.

Speaking of pop.

I cheated last night!!!!!

As soon as I blogged about it. I cheated.

And it was a TOTAL accident. You might not believe me, but trust me, this was a complete moment of forgetfulness.

It was out of a 2 Liter and I had two glasses of Dr. Pepper Cherry. And it wasn't until the end of the night that I realized I had totally violated my Lent commitment.


I was like, Oh yea. I gave up pop for Lent.

Dang it.

But vows renewed, and hopefully I can abstain from here on out.

It's just so darn good.

The kids are with my mom right now. Hallelujah! All three of them.

And in lou of a date, we are just spending the afternoon relaxing at home. Without kids.

It's kind of heaven. But it also makes me wonder what Zach and I would be like without kids. I'm thinking Boring....


Seriously though, if we had been able to carry out our five year plan like we intended, where would we be now?

Would we really have gone overseas like we thought we would? Would I have finished out my internship, gone to Africa and then came home and started a successful and promising career?

That probably would have meant I would have stayed liberal and become an activist for Global Warming. Can you imagine?

Not that that could happen to somebody. But that it could happen to me!

Or would we pretty much have lived the same lives we have lived sans kids?

Zach at Greenlife. Me still nannying?

Who knows really.

Who really cares.

I'm glad life happened the way that it did. Glad doesn't even cover it. I am thrilled with the way things turned out. Fulfilled. Happy.


And even though the silence is relaxing and peaceful. Zach and I wouldn't even know what to do with this easy existence.

We thrive on the chaos. The dance classes. And Preschool. The Diapers and Spit Up. The Boo Boos and Barbies and Dress up and Sleepless Nights. It makes us who we are. Gives us character. And certainly keeps life interesting.

And now I'm going to go make the best of the quiet. Before I get bored!


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