School House Rock

She did it. She made it through. Stella had a fantastic first day of Preschool.


Who am I kidding?

I was the only one nervous. I was the only one worried. I was the only one stressing out about her outfit and hair and whether or not she would make friends or listen and pay attention to the teacher or even acknowledge her existence.

Zach finally got a little more insight into just what kind of crazy he married.

I'm pretty sure he's officially terrified.....

Ok, but the outfit. Seriously. I wanted her to look cute. But not too over the top with a million accessories that she wouldn't be able to keep up with. Or that she would take off and/or lose and I would never see again.

Like a headband.

And I couldn't dress the child too warm either, because as shy as she is, she apparently has no qualms about stripping down in public when she gets a little warm.

For real. First thing she does is take off her shirt. And the child runs hot blooded.

We've had some issues.

"Stella you are not on an episode of Girls Gone Wild, nor will you ever be. Put your shirt back on now!"

On the other hand, do kids this young judge each other based on appearance? I have no idea.

See? There was so much to worry about.

Or I really am crazy.

We settled on a long sleeved t-shirt and her favorite pair of jeans. Casual but cute.

I also had to worry about my appearance. Not just because I felt like I was playing dress-up in order to convince the Preschool teacher, whom I have known since at least junior high and saw me through awkward phase after awkward phase, but because I had to have an interview with the School Administrator.

Ah! I'm not grown up enough for those things. My last date night outfit, I described to Zach as "Hippy-Chic-Cowboy-Cute." Those are not only not real things, but all oxymoron's. Kind of like me....

I of course went to my Go-To-Mom-Outfit. You know the one, I know every young mom has to have one. The outfit you feel the most mature in, while looking semi-professional, but still casual enough to pull off spit up if necessary and at the very least you can bend over easily enough with out a Whale-tale or Serious Cleavage issue, and pick up any size of child without exposing the Ever-Forbidden-At-OCA-Mid-Waste-Skin.

Also, the Grown-Up Hairstyle was also called for. It used to be a side bun, but my hair is too long now and its so large that I look like I have a planet growing out of the side of my head. So now its a braid.

And its not really grown up. Just more grown up than the craziness of other days.

However, my eyebrows still needed work and lets not talk about my nails. They seriously have been frustrating me lately. They break at any small touch to a hard surface and are impossible to keep manicured!

Anyways. Stella was SO in her element as soon as we walked in the door. She even stuck out her hand to shake the Principals. I was floored. My child who always shies away from all strangers and even adults she knows. She actually shook his hand and nodded to his questions. My child.

I was so proud.

And then into the classroom we went and she was gone. She took the tour, found the bathroom, made a friend and was off.

When I left, all I got was a kiss blown my direction and an encouraging smile from her that she was ok, and I shouldn't worry.

Shouldn't I have been the one encouraging her???

I guess not.

And then she got to do all kinds of fun stuff in school, while I was off to the Principals Office for my "Soft Interview."

Oy. Part of me felt like it wasn't necessary at all, since I talked with the secretaries who have known me since I was eight for a good fifteen minutes before the interview. And one teacher, that I've had over to my house and am friends with her daughters. My mom the teacher. The years Zach and I spent at the school. Geesh. Interview? Please. I'll be the one conducting the interview!

But the other part of me knew it was necessary!

And so I hope I made a good first impression. Although he asked me the number one question I never know how to answer, "Tell me about your family."

I never know what people are looking for. Never. I never know how much is too much information or too little!

It's awful and I'm sure I never answer it right.

I always start with how Zach and I met. Second grade and all. That usually amuses people. And then I finish too sentences later with and now we have three kids.

What are people really looking for when they ask that question? Please somebody tell me!

Anyways, it looks like we're doing this Preschool thing and it turns out we love it. Stella was born for school. And I like the more focused time with Scarlett and Stryker.

Scarlett however has a really hard time understanding why Stella gets to go to school and she doesn't. Like she's pissed.

But secretly I think she loves being the oldest at home too.

Zach said, after we left this morning, she ran into the kitchen, grabbed Stella's LeapFrog, which she is absolutely never allowed to touch when Stella is home, held it up high and declared loudly, "This is mine now!!!"


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